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Friday, September 01, 2006



Ooooo, those look yummy! Have a GREAT weekend!


new colors? doh! I agree, the older type of skinny tips (which I have) seem to have a finer point, but they dry out quicker. Now if only I could find a good price for these suckers (at $3+/piece it get's pricey!) =)


I just picked some up today along with two Copic markers to test! Thanks - and have a GREAT weekend!


Oh noooooooooo!!!!! I am doomed.

Alright. That's it! I guess I *need* some of these. Gaaaaah!


I have never seen these markers before but maybe I will find them at Blick Art Supply in the Twin Cities area!! Oh no...not more art supplies to purchase but I'd like to at least try out a few of these babies!! It sounds like something I would really enjoy using and I like the NO lines you mentioned. I of course want what I don't have!! Thanks for letting me know about these markers Linda!!


If you have an Aaron Brothers art and framing art supply store nearby, these markers are 50% off through September 10. I also found some for $0.50 in their clearance. Pearl Arts and Crafts is another good (discount) retailer.

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