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Wednesday, June 13, 2007



happy anniversary! our 10th is tomorrow and i just can't believe it's been that long. time goes by so much faster each year (well, except for the katrina year, but that's a different story!). and as far as being bigger than psx--you're in business, they're not? i think that counts! back to packing for me--we're off to nyc for the weekend to celebrate... i haven't been there in probably 15 years, but that does seem like ages ago! :) lexi


happy anniversary!!


A very happy anniversary to you and your husband. My husband and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary today (I plan to post my card for him later). And I am glad that you enjoy your business - too many people don't enjoy their jobs, or notice seredipity in their lives!


What is it with June weddings? Great minds think alike I guess ... we're celebrating our 7th anniversary on Saturday. Happy Anniversary to all.


Happy Anniversary! So happy for your success. A Muse continues to produce a superior product and that's why we keep comin' back!


Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing your grateful musings, and thanks for bringing us all along for the ride. I certainly appreciate your business and your lovely products!

scoopy (Emily)

Happy Anniversary!!!


Happy Anniversary!



Happy anniversry Linda! My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary 3 weeks ago and I could not believe that I had been married for so long. Time really flies by.


Happy Anniversary and many more! :)
A Muse is going to grow even bigger ... much to love! :)


Happy belated anniversary, my cyber friend and inspiration! Lot's going on my world behind the scenes, and I am anxious to get back to things inky and creative. Thanks for creating a place that always a source of joy!

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