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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



LOVE the ribbon! I've been lucky enough to see it in person and it is super fabulous! I love the texture and the width of it! It is perfect for paper crafty. It lays beautifully! As with everything else, you guys have done a fabulous job! Now hurry back so can inpire us some more :)

Lynn Mercurio

I can't view your picture of the ribbon. Each time I open the blog I get a pop-up box asking for my password:

The server amusenews.typepad.com at Protected requires a username and password.

Is it just me?


The username box is showing up for me too....just x out of it. I'm able to click on the x box by the word ribbons and a picture of the ribbons appears in the corner. Very fun looking stuff by the way!!


We used this ribbon at our classes last weekend. It is the perfect addition to any Amuse card!


Love the ribbon!! Can we buy the ribbon online? I have some friends to share with.

N.Yvette P.

Ah yes...I can see it now!! It's SO PRETTY!!! I wish I could buy some by the yard....maybe someday. :)


Wow! I want it all!!! It looks so pretty! But, I wish you could purchase it by the yard. My husband would kill me if I told him I need $200 to buy some ribbon. LOL!


OOOOH, it's so yummy looking, can't wait to see it! I want some!!


I never crashing down plants years later. else woods and then did Behind crown.

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