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Tuesday, July 03, 2007



Hmmmmm, my guess is spools of ribbon. I think the center "dot" is the middle of a spool and the "eyes" and "mouth" are maybe printing on a label. Maybe the loose stuff in the center is loose ribbon? I am a ribbon lover, so that is where my mind went. :) LOL

scoopy (Emily)

YAY ELENA!!!! Welcome to the team!

Lyndsay Neumann

Awesome! Welcome to the A Muse team, Elena!


congrats to elena--she'll be a great addition! and like scoopy, my mind went to ribbon too--well, cookies first, then ribbon! :) lexi


Congrats Elena!! Can't wait to see what all you create, I already love your blog.


congratulations elena ... i know you are thrilled with your new opportunity! best wishes! :)

jenn shurkus

congrats elena!!! welcome to the team :)

Amanda B.

Congrats Elena!! You are so creative! What a wonderful addition to the team you will be!


Yay, Elena! So happy for you!


Yeah!!! Happy dance for Elena!! I LOVE your work and am addicted to your blog. So exciting!! Congratulations!!!


Congrats Elena. That is so awesome and I love your cards and blog. When I read your blog I alway think to myself, ohh she's so sweet and how does she do it all with so many kids?? I'm very happy for you Eleana!!!

I know what the surprise is on Linda's blog so nan-nah nan-nah boo boo!!!!! I'm an A Muse teacher!! I will not say anything more but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!! Talk about doing the happy dance!!!

Best wishes to you Elena. I loved your announcement card. The stamp is so perfect for the BIG and SWEET Elena news!!!

Becky (twoboysandagirl)

Welcome to the team, Elena!


Yay!!! I knew you would get a spot on the Design Team eventually! I love your work..it's always so fabulous and I check your blog every day. Congratulations to you, Elena!!

Kristina Lewis

Congratulations Elena! I love your work!

Elizabeth Bird

your mystery photo is a box of your new beautiful ribbons in spools and ties.
I hope I win a prize

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