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Monday, November 12, 2007



Again, another great way to give tribute to worthy causes. Just curious, what is the selection process used when deciding philanthropic support? How did you come to learn about Scleroderma? Thank you for being a great company with wonderful products and a lot of heart!


So exciting! I can't wait to use these calendars! They will make great handstamped gifts! I'm so happy that you find a way to give back!


VERY cute! As always! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it :) Thank you for everything!


very cute and functional gift idea! :) love the little punched circle!


That is such an awesome idea!! (That wouldn't be a sneak peak of some new stamps would it?)


Thank you so much for donating the proceeds. I have Scleroderma and it's a disease that isn't familiar to most people. Just one more reason to love A Muse!!

Lisa V.

Jill Grace

You girls are so fabulous! What a great idea :)

Jenny (Penelope Pitstop)

my mother has scleroderma. I greatly appreciate that as a company you would bring awareness and offer support to a disease that isn't very well known.

Jane Mykleby

thanks..not only are the calendars great but the cause is even better. My niece has systemic scleroderma and we are praying for a cure as she is only 22.


While I definitely plan on purchasing a calendar simply to donate to such a worthwhile cause I am interested in one thing. Is the calendar that we receive a blank one with just the numbers on it or does it look like the sample in the first picture--the months printed in color and the stamped images? Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to support a wonderful cause.


Good for you. I have lupus, it is a related illness. Thanks for helping an illness most people overlook. I will be buying this soon. Great idea!

Denelle Hygrell

I have Scleroderma and am awaiting to hear if I will be able to have a stem cell transplant. I am 30. This disease is not something that I would wish on anyone. I pray the stem cell transplant gives me back the life that I had before the transplant. I applaud your recognition of an under-recognized disease.
So from the bottom of my sclerosed heart, I thank you!
Denelle Hygrell


What a WONDERFUL cause! My dear sweet daddy passed away 12/25/05 after a 3 year struggle with Scleroderma. It was so hard to watch this disease take my Dad. Kudos to A*Muse for shedding light on this little known disease. I will definitely be purchasing these - what a FAB IDEA!


i'd love to donate to this cause and it will useful too, but i don't have or need a google account. can i send a check? thanks so much.

Bonnie W

Another worthwhile endevour from a very caring company. I just bought one and they are wonderful (fit perfectly on coasters).

Rachel Hope

These are SO awesome!!!! I was able to whip up a set for my Sis very quickly!!!


Sheri Coleman

I cannot tell you how touched I am to see you giving money to benefit Scleroderma!! I lost a beloved aunt to scleroderma 5 years ago. It is a horrible, fast moving, relatively unknown and very under diagnosed disease. It robbed our family. Thnks so much for your support!!!

Debbie B

Great works!!! I had received a gift box from your mom and dad with several of your cards in it, everytime I have given one the remarks of how cute, where did you get the card,etc.follow the delivery. Congradulations, keep up the great creations. Happy Hoildays

Beth M

I love this idea! I purchased the calendar yesterday to make some gifts but then had the idea to make some invitations for next months book club meeting. I created a december 2007 page using your card idea.

Thanks so much for sharing your talent!


I would really like to see a 2009 calendar. do you know when these might be avaialble? I love them!!

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