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Thursday, December 13, 2007


june g

thanks linda, i was emailing the company i ordered mine through.(before i realized a*muse had them). i'm having lack of glitter issues, but i shall try the flat trick.:) june


Just received mine today that I ordered from you. I absolutely love them! They are so sparkly and they don't bleed.


Thank you for this post. After I spoke with you I laid mine flat and have used them now on several cards! Works like a charm!

E. Lorien Shaw (aka Els)

I find wooden cigar boxes, which can often be inexpensively purchased at cigar/smoke shops/tobacconist, are the perfect size for storing these and gel pens (also need to be stored flat to maintain their reliability). Plus the boxes have a latch and can be decorated in a number of slick ways! My studio makes heavy use of wooden cigar boxes..there are stacks of them, each with a good label on the front.

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