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Thursday, April 17, 2008



Such adorable items! Don't we all just love sushi?! :) My fave's unagi!!! MMmmmm..!

Kristin N.

I love Stephanie's creations! Are there any plans to show tutorials on how to make these lovely treats?

Argh! I'm all the way down in Los Angeles... I think I need to plan a trip up north to Sacramento, then even further up to Seattle! =D

Kathy D

More cute stuff by Stephanie!! Gotta love that mini viewmaster!

nancy l.

These are all adorable!! I especially love the 'sweet pea' onsie. What a fun baby gift. Very cool ideas!

Mary Duffek

OMG!!! to cute and inventive! I have got to say the magnets and baby gift are genius as well!!!

Jen Daloisio

These are so lovely! I wish I didn't leave clear across the country- your store sounds awesome!


EVERYTHING is so adorable! TFS! ( I wish I were going to Sacramento soon!!!)

kim lenhart

hurry hurry hurry...must know all of her secrets!!! She is the bestest at cool stuff with A muse stamps to boot!

Jo Ann F.

Stephanie, every single one of your creation is fantastic! I can't wait to try them. I know so many people having babies or grandbabies - that onesie is adorable.

Molly V.

Wow. I am really impressed with Stephanie's creativity. So many new and interesting projects that I now have to try! Also I had no idea about the existence of VersaCraft ink! I must go get that!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


How do you make that adorable box??!! I have to know!! Those are great ideas!!


Love the mini magnets! Such a good gift idea.

Riza Almanza

I love the baby gift, too! I just made a monogram onesies for a co-workers new baby and it turned out great! Great job on all these projects!


We were in the area last weekend and I had a chance to visit Stephanie's store. It is truly wonderful and filled with all kinds of goodies in addition to a zillion stamps and related items. I can hardly wait for a return visit.


Love all the projects! The baby gift is adorable! Her ideas are amazing!

kim lenhart

Just had an idea...you know the cute banner she made? How about a "blank" banner stamp that we could use to make our own banners on our cards!! Different sized ones too!!

Regina Davis

All of these samples are adorable, but I'm especially drawn to the onesie. We've got four people pregnant in our office right now and these would make great gifts. Thanks for the inspiration!

Regina Davis


Stephanie is such a creative person. Thank you so much for sharing all her inspiring creations with us.

Julie A.

Stephanie's ideas are fantastic- thanks for sharing them!


Oh so cute and clever! I love all of Stephanie's art!


Linda--Do you think you can get the template for the cute little box, too?

Thanks for sharing Stephanie's works of art with us!


Thanks, Linda, for sharing more of Stephanie's "goodies". She does have the neatest shop and am so thrilled to be able to shop there on a regular basis, well, sometimes too regular!! LOL.


I can see those boxes made into a set. First tooth, first lock of hair, etc.
Man I am in Texas... COME HERE!


Stephanie is so clever! I love her designs and ideas! So simple, so cute, and so quick (most of the designs anyway)! I always get inspired walking through her store with such wonderful ideas!

Erika Michaels

Stephanie's work is absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to investigating her blog. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Jennifer Moore

Stephanie's work is absolutely awesome.

Mary Ann (mastamper from SCS)

Wow, these are all adorable! I wish I could come visit Sacramento *and* Seattle now!


Thank you so much for sharing! I took two classes with you, Linda, and your mom when you were in Sac-a-tomato last weekend. I had a great time, learned some wonderful tips and spent a small fortune. Could not resist some of the wonderful things that Stephanie has in her store!

Elyss Jennings

All samples are so cute! I love the onsie with the matching tag. I may have to create one of these onsies for my little one :)


My grandma loves magnets so this would be a great idea maybe with some photos of the great grandkids on the magnets! Stephanie is very talented and creative! What an amazing mind! I am going to have to find a tutorial for the viewmaster cards, I am still relatively new to card making and haven't seen that before, looks really fun!

little one

I'm loving all of Stephanie's creations. How I wish I could quit my day job and craft all day long.

Kathy K.

Having seen Stephanie's designs in person, let me tell you the photos can't do them justice!! Her Make & Takes are so much fun to do and oh my gosh, her card classes are WONDERFUL!! The mini ViewMaster cards are so delightful and the recipient is always quite impressed with your handiwork!

Troy Louise

I'm so excited reading all about Stephanie and her wonderful shop in Sacramento. Her creations are amazing. I will definitely be visiting her shop in Sacto - home of many extended family members. I can hardly wait to get there. Thanks.


OMGosh, what adorabel projects! That onsie is so precious!

michele h.

Stephanie has such great ideas, love them! My favorites are the "onesie" and the little lifesaver box. I'll have to try those myself!


Love the onesie Stephanie! I will have to remember that should I need a quick gift!

Donna Hitz

I wanna make the box!!!! Sooo cute!

Lori Barnett

Lots of COOL projects!! And I LOVE sushi too ;) I don't know how you come up with such awesome goodies....oh....wait....you are talented!! Awesome stuff girl!


Very cute! I especially love the magnets--how fun!


These are all awesome! Love the mini viewfinder!

Pam Murray

i love the onesie. I have attempted to find the versacraft here but to no avail. I am going to attempt to find it on the web - I'd love to try it!!!


Wow...love all of Stephanie's projects!
I especially love her tiny oragami box...just too cute!

Mary C

Ohhh I wish I may I wish I might find a really, really cheap flight!!!!!!!!!
I could come and stamp the day away
without a care left in the way!
I'd laugh and create without fatigue
even working with designers out of my league!!
I am far away in the Minnesota timbers and logs
so will have to stick to reading your blogs!

Ha haaaa Mary Coleman in Minnesota!
Love all that you do....Stephanie.. This ones for you!!!! :)

Michelle Infantino

I love the Sweet Pea onsie! I'll have to keep this in mind. Beautiful packaging too. All your ideas are very original and clever.




These projects are so cute - I love the sweet pea onesie!

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