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Friday, May 02, 2008



Thanks for the stamping tips. I'm off to play and will come back and let you know how it goes! I had a good laugh over your Magical day card! LOL!


Wow!!! I never knew all this. I hope to stamp a bit this weekend so I will DEFINITELY try your suggestions. Thank you for always sharing your crafty ideas - I love it!


OK, I'm sneaking a peak here from work and my co-workers are wondering why I'm laughing so hard!! Your card is too funny! I know a few friends that I could send it to so if you are looking to find a home for it please let me know. Now I HAVE to get the new mushrooms stamp. Thanks for the *anatomy* lesson!


Love this card! So cute! I was stamping with my 8yr old yesterday. He says "Tap, tap, tap" every time he inks the stamp. It's so funny! He has a hard time stamping up and down, too. Usually manages to smudge something. Oh, well. Practice, practice, practice!

Sarah Jay

Great tips. I have one to add: use a solid work surface.

If your desk or table isn't smooth, flat, and rigid, you're much more likely to see shadows from the edges or blushing. It's especially important for larger images (backgrounds) or solid color stamps (the skinny oval).

I've been struggling to get crisp images at home for ages but didn't realize it was my work table until I had a great stamping experience on a solid counter surface at a class. A glass cutting mat or wood cutting board will do the trick without having to toss your current table.


Thanks Linda. This is very informative. I love your card and of course the new mushroom trio stamp. I sometimes do "stamp suregery" on my non-A Muse stamps if they repeatedly catch the middle of an image and make a mark where there shouldn't be one. I just carve the stamp out with a fresh blade using my Exacto knife but I haven't had to do it with my large A Muse collection!! Thanks again for explaining all this Linda.


Thanks for the tips, Linda! And that card is too funny!

becky rusher

Such a cute card, Linda!

Betsey Terry

Thanks for the tip Linda. I wish i had read this when i started stamping 15 years ago..many of my older stamps would still be clean and usable!

Holly Harris

Thanks for the lesson... I will take it to heart... but I was wondering what is the best way to clean a stamp after you use it... with just water or is a baby wipe good again... just wondering... Thanks!


Thank you so much! I think of myself as the "World's Worst Stamper" so I am going to play a little with your ideas and see how I do!

Can you include a post on types of inks and what they work best for? I am never sure when to use which kind.


(already ordered and anxiously awaiting Mainly Men!)

Pamela Fredrickson

Thanks for all the great tips Linda. I think we all need to be reminded from time to time!

Sue M

thankyou so much for this information! I really appreciate it. I JUST got done ordering a new Memento ink pad while I had your page open...LOL. I need it to use with my alcohol based markers. This was some very good info and I agree just by the experiences that I've had with stamping. Have a great day!


where can i get that stamp?

scoopy (Emily)

Here is the link to the mushroom trio stamp:

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