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Friday, May 16, 2008


Mary Duffek

too cute! Lovey the owl....Awesome cards!

Kim Lenhart

I so love the vespa and the cherry blossoms...must have them!


I like how you used the wide ribbon with the pink bottom on the Zoom Zoom Zoom Card.


WOW Dawn is so creative. Love the cards and that owl is just to cute.

Doreen Schostek

Love the use of my favorite note cards.....all of the kitchen dot!! Great cards,Dawn.

elyss jennings

More beautiful cards! Love all of your creations!



I love Dawn's simple , yet super elegant style, but especially her lovely color combos!

Lyndsay Neumann

I'm pretty sure that Dawn is my new stamping idol. Yep!


Gorgeous, Dawn! The green owl card, in particular, is just fabulous!


i am particularly fond of the vespa card - kraft and pink are so refreshing together!

Molly V.

I really love the cherry blossoms on the "just a note" card. the green and the pink are so great together.


They're all adorable! I love how Dawn stamped the owl onto the notecard and cut it out instead of just coloring it in.

Pam Wilson

Great job, Dawn! These designs are so "lively". Love all the colors used and the dimension on the cherry blossom card. Super Duper!


Lovely cards! Too cute :)
I would love to travel to EU too!


Love all 3 of your cards Dawn, but the last one with the owl and polka dots...my favorite!


Fantastic, Dawn! I really love the vespa one!


i love what dawn did with the just a note..i ahve a similar stamp and cant wait to try it out!

Riza Almanza

Such clean and uncluttered design on these cards! These are really great design. I hope I can achieve these type of designs someday. :)
Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Amy, Ottawa, Canada

Your cards are clean and simple & that's what I love about them. TFS, Amy.


Beautiful cards! My fav is the Vespa Girl card...so cute! TFS, Dawn! Tinla


Sooooooooooooo cute! Love the pink scooter! Wish I was in Paris on a pink scooter! As always inspiring, and you made my shopping list bigger again!

Amanda H

I love the showcased owl over the open daisy stamp! I'm going to go try that out right now!

michelle infantino

I love the vespa card. The color combination is perfect! I am loving your creations.


Dawn, as always, your cards are just wonderful! I love the colors on the cherry blossom card - green and pink are such springy colors!!

young c-m

I love the vespa hb card! I always wanted to ride a vespa. Maybe this is the year! =)


Thank you Dawn for sharing your wonderful creations. Thanks for the inspiration.

Shelly Kettell

So cute! Love the owl and the blossoms! Love them all!

Malissa A

Fabulous cards as always Dawn - I love the little details you give to the cards that make them pop (and so special)!


I love the Owl card - how cute that is! And the cherry blossom is very pretty! Great job once again Dawn!


Super cute and colorful as always, Dawn! mmwaah! :) Kym


I love your choice of colours...so cheerful!
Bon Voyage!!! BA


Beautiful Cards! Love your color combinations!

Brenda H.

Adorable cards Dawn! Thanks for sharing!
~Brenda H.


That owl is fab!


Beautiful cards! I love everything Dawn creates!


Great looking cards! Love your style.


Gorgeous cards....love the colors you used.

Jen Daloisio

oh wow, these are so wonderful! Your designs are just beautiful- thanks for sharing!


Love your cards Dawn!


pretty cards...like them all


Super cute cards!

Candy aka cwilliams

There all so cute, Fabulous job Dawn!!


The colors are great, and I LOVE this owl. He may come home with me this weekend.


Your cards appear simple at first glance, but I think what makes them so wonderful is your attention to detail.
Love them all!


Such cute stuff Dawn! What a talented lady :o)

Dana Grothaus

Thanks for the chance to win some goodies! I am a stalker of Dawn's blog. I just love her clean and simple style.


I love Dawn's simple designs. They are clean and simple and VERY inspirational!


I love Dawn's designs. She always has beautiful cards!


Like Dawn, I love "bling" so the floral card is perfect with just enough sparkle to make it special but not so much that it's overdone and tacky. To me, this is where Dawn reigns supreme! She never goes overboard. I also love the ribbon. Just enough colour to add that extra little something yet it doesn't distract from the focal point of the flower branch. A lovely card, Dawn!


First time visiting this blog. I will definately bookmark this one!
Love Dawn's work. Get's me motivated to get stampin!

Erika M.

I just love Dawn's cards. I read Dawn's blog every day. Can't wait for more.

Ann I.

I love the simplicity of them all and yet so sophisticated!


Very simple, very nice! Thanks!

Tina W

Love the cards...so clean and elegant! :o)


Love her style and her blog! She is a cutie pie!

Nicole Ireland

You go girl!! I've always liked Dawns style but it's nice to see her getting the recognition for her work. :)


I love you style and it works so well with A muse images!

Barb W

Love every one of them. Since I found Dawn's blog, I have been so inspired and can't wait to try her designs. The simple, uncluttered, and elegant designs are just perfect. I think I'm a Dawn groupie!!! :)

Ellie Augustin

Dawn you know I love it all! You are wonderful and I love going to your blog because you always have something that makes me smile!


I loooove all of Dawn's designs. She is a top-notch designer and her talents fit in wonderfully with the beautiful style of A Muse stamps! Great work!


Dawn, your cards are terrific! I love the fact that you take a simple element and make it dazzle!


Dawn's stuff rocks! LOVE that vespa girl card!!


These are absolutely wonderful! Such a talented gal!


I love the owl! All the cards are great.

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

Lovin' that scooter! Wish we could all drive one...

Lisa L.

I love the pink scallop on the scooter card. Super cute style.

Karen (stampin3)

Love the clean and simple designs! All of the cards are great - the owl is too cute!

Lindsay Fitzpatrick

Love the colour combos and they style... these cards are too cute!


Wow...what beautiful cards. This is the first time Ive been on this site and also the first time I have seen Dawns cards. Great work I cant wait to see more.


Janet S

I love the cherry blossoms. Your cards are great! Thanks for sharing with us.

Peggy Biggs

Hi Dawn all of your cards are just gorgeous. I really love your little owl card! I just love little owls~ Thanks for sharing your ideas! Hugs...

Kim Rohner

Love your cards Dawn! (and of course you have such cute stamps to work with!) ;) I love the clean simple design though to keep the focus on the stamp.....They are all so cute!

Bonnie aka raduse

Awesome Dawn, as usual. You also just sold me on the sushi set. How'd I know you'd have that set? :)

Ashley N

What lovely cards!!


I LOVE the cherry blossom card! The colors and the overall soothing effect are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Leesa Berry

Love your owl card with the unexpected accents, really makes the card cute and fun! All your creations are the best!


I love your owls. They feel so interesting. Thanks for sharing your creativity.


Love the cherry blossom and the owl:)
Make me smile just looking at them :)
Definitely going to stop by here more often :)


Zoom, zoom, zoom is absolutely adorable! VERY nice work, Dawn.

Jo Ann F.

Dawn, once again you have fabulous designs! I love the Vespa card.

C Burke

I like these clean and simple cards!


I love the cherry blossom one too. The dimension is really great!

Linda T

Adorable cards! Thanks for sharing.


wow, dawn! i love your use of colors!

Regina Davis

More amazing card from Dawn! Too beautiful, but my favorite is the girl on the Vespa. Love the color combo.


More too cute cards from the soon-to-be world traveler Dawn! There is always "a little something" that takes them from simple to sublime. Thanks for sharing!


I love the way that Dawn makes things "POP" out! It makes her cards so exciting and invites me into her creative world. I look forward to seeing more of her designs!

Cass M.

Oh, I love the pink Vespa card ESPECIALLY!


Dawn! I can't believe how much patience you have - cutting out each and every blossom from the Sushi Set. Your time & effort certainly pays off. Your attention to detail is amazing and makes your designs unique.

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shirley wong

I love the vespa card.


Super cute cards Dawn! I really liked your Just a Note, the colors and the dimension with popping out a few of the blossoms makes such a simply beautiful card. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Kristin Z.

Such fun cards- love all the colors!

shirley wong

love the pink and brown


mounting the cherry blossoms so they pop is so cool.

Julia (Artystamper on SCS)

Beautiful cards! I love the popped up flowers on the branch particularly!

Julie Miller

Great cards. Love the colors you used and the dimension. Wonderful! ~Julie


O.K.--now I need the vespa and owl stamp! Very cute!

Amy L. Weber

I'm a big fan of owls lately...love the color combo, too! (lime and blue) Dawn has an awesome style!


love the color combos!

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