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Friday, October 24, 2008


shirley wong

Love em all. thanks for the inspiration.

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

I love all of these - especially the chubby bird card. Hmmmm, might be adding the moose to my collection soon as well...

Chris Hauck

All of these are so very cute! She really does create images that make you want to hit yourself in the forehead. It makes you wonder why you didn't think of that yourself. Thanks for sharing all her great ideas.


OMG! These are all FANTASTIC!!! So creative!!! I gotta know- Can someone tell me where that die cut snowflake is from? Is it a Cuttlebug die or something else?


What fun! What fun! I just love how much personality each of these cards has. Thanks for all the great inspiration! I have to admit that I'm a bit worried, though... What if I win? I don't have any hats for the moose to wear ;-)


Oh these are fabulous! Love the chubby bird card!

nancy l.

These cards are awesome!! How fun. I love, love, love the one with the three cars with presents on it. That saying is one of my favorites. Makes me smile everytime. : )


Such Stinkin' FUN!!!!

Louise Glynn

Greta's cards are so creative and clever. I need to add the moose to my collection!

Mary C

I just love you ideas!!! I want to leave work and run home and create!!!!!!!!


Wow, I love the use of the clear stamps in these. I would have never thought to curve mine like that!!! I will have to go home and try it now!!

Thanks :)


I love love love that Moose with leafy wreath card. Super-cute!


Love the little bird on the snowflake. Does anyone know what the background dots are from? Is it a sizzix die?


Wow - gorgeous and the way she uses things blows my mind. Thanks for sharing her work and I hope she gets blogging sometime so we can see more of it! :)

Dana Klinkner

Love the card ideas - Greta! It's fun to see all the different ways you've used the moose stamp. And I love the chubby bird card - so cute. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! :)

Stefanie Rico

Greta, your cards are so "amoosing." Definite wows!


Awesome cards! Love the snowflake bird.

Betty T.

More really cute cards. To the one who asked about the dotted background on the Chubby Bird card, it's Swiss Dots, an embossing folder from Cuttlebug.

Jenn Ryan

I love the idea of using just the moose's head and using bling as a collar! How cute!

Kate W.

I love the snowflake card! I need to learn how to omit with embossing.

Susie P

Love Love Love these ideas and can't wait to try them all! Especially the snowflake/bird one!


What fabulous inspiring cards. I really like the cute bird with the snowflake.


Great cards, I love the embossing!


These moose ideas are divine! I love the wreath with the moose head, very cute. Thanks again Greta for another great batch, I will miss your designs!

Kim Raymundo

I love all these cards, especially the first "moose" card and the one with the cars and presents. Love these color combos and how some of the image is left uncolored.
Thanks for the inspiration! Kim :o)


These are all just amazing!!! But I *love* Chubby bird!

Nancy Landauer

Just loved all of your cards. The snowflake card really is perfect for the holiday thank-you notes. So "frosty and bright." Thank you for sharing your talents with us!!

Kelly Braund

Very cute! Love them all!

Patty W

I love the Moose !! But, I also really am loving snowflakes! So cool with all the details !


Thank you so much for your inspirations. I am terrible at looking at a stamp outside the box. I appreciate your combination of stamps working together and creating a new image. I will try to incorporate this trend into my card making!

Jennifer Moore

The eyelets for tires is a fabulous idea!!!

Cathy K.

Loved seeing all Greta's cards - thanks for all the inspiration!


I love the big snowflake card! It's so cute! I don't know how she does it every time...makes such cute cards with such good ideas. Good job and keep it up!

Carolyn Williams

Awesome creativity! Love the moose!!


Thanks Greta - every idea has been great!


Love the car caravan of packages!


I want that kind of VISA shopping spree!!! Love it!! Love the use of the moose too! Great cards :)

Jill Grace

Amazing work... you are my stamping hero!

Marcia Butler

Love the gifts on the back of the Moose! Priceless!


Great card ideas! My fave is the chubby bird one with the snowflake!! Thanks for sharing yummie blog candy. Smiles.


Oh, I so love that green Chris-Moose card! The leafy garland around the moose head looks great. Thanks so much for sharing Greta's art!

Jennifer Love

What really fun cards! I love the moose!


I love the snowflake card and totally love the embossing on the one side of the card in white dots! IT is totally dotally Cute!!Thanks for the chance at the drawing.

Theresa Dalzell-Wells

I just love the merry christmoose card. It made me chuckle.
Theresa Dalzell-Wells

Kelly A.

Love the cards!!

Erika M

I love the Christmas cards! I have this set and will be trying some of Greta's ideas!!!!


Thanks for the holiday inspiration.


Absolutely gorgeous! My head is spinning with ideas now! Thank you!

Rochelle Schiffbauer

I love this moose!
I recently flocked his antlers with light brown flocking.
Happy Chris-moose!


Ilove the cards. Thank you for sharing.


Loved the Visa card. Thanks for sharing with us.

fran heupel

Such wonderful cards! So much inspiration.
Thanks for posting these. The one with the cars is just so much fun and so true about the visa! Have a great week-end.

Fran H.

Debbie Fagnant

Love the Merry "Moose" - it would be a great one to send to my sister who didnt have luck moose hunting this year. It is so cute


Love the cards...thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas :-)


Wow! There are some ideas there that I will definitely be incorporating into my stamping. The card with the cars just cracked me up, too. What a talented designer!


Love the cards in particular the bird one, great ideas.

Carol Thelen

Love that moose! Thanks for countin' me in!

Carol Thelen


I love the cards - especially the cars with the gifts on top and the moose with the gifts!

Jill Papadonis

Greta, it was so hard to pick my favorite. I loved them all. You have to love Chubby Bird perched on the snowflake. How simple and how beautiful!


Wonderful cards. All very very cute.


Oh my gosh-how did she even think up these ideas? I LOVE them!


Greta, I think, though it's hard to decide, Merry Chris-moose is my favorite! The tree background makes me think of the "Northwoods". Thanks for sharing your creative ideas!


Clever, clever, clever! I am in awe of Greta's talent!

Pauline Hasund

What great cards. I love your creativity. It inspires me. Thanks

Kathyc on SCS

These are soooo cute! Love them all, especially the last one with the snowflake!
Kathy Camasso

Alanna (al_silver2)

I love all the moose cards Greta made!!


You are so creative. I can't wait to make some christmas cards.


Oh, that Moose is sooo cute! I love the cards!

Carol B

Such fun cards, Greta! Especially love the snowflake/penquin card....I feel some inspiration coming on!

Fran W.

I love all the cards, but especuially the one with the car. How clever is that!! Thx for sharing the ideas!


Mr. Moose is so cute in your cards...have fun in the North Country!


fun cards, thanks for sharing! Have fun in Canada (good thing you're practiced with saying 'eh' now, eh?) heehee.

Karen T

The Moose is absolutely adorable. Love him!


I saw my first live moose - and then several more in rapid succession - on a summer camping trip this year. So the moose makes me smile every time. Especially when I think of getting the ladder out to put a shiny collar on one. . . Brilliant.


The embossed snowflake card is the best! love your ideas - thanks

Claudia Piegdon

These cards are adorable!

ann I.

All the cards are so cute! Chubby bird is my favorite! Thanks for sharing with us!

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

What PERFECT winter holiday cards -- it's Halloween, but you definitely have me thinkin' Christmas! Great job!


Such fun card! Thanks for the inspiration.


Love the popped up moose, but the gift bearing VW is sooo cute!!

Elyss jennings

Loved seeing all of your creations! Beautiful work!

Nikki S

Cute cards!!


Greta, very cute cards. I especially love the chubby bird on the snowflake!


I like the amusing aspect of these cards....very creative!

michele huey

all great cards! While I was not initialy drawn to the moose, I am now, thanks to greta!! I think I have to have it! I have enjoyed all of her cards, when can I see more?

thanks..michele h...


cute cards.

Jacque Nachreiner

The penguin on the Snowflake is an absolutely adorable card!!! I am always looking for cute ideas for Winter thank you cards. I make them for gifts I receive from co-workers. They look forward to the new one every year.


Love the Moose! Love the snowflake as a layer! Absolutely incredible that I never thought to "imboss around!" I will have to buy the supplies and stamps to put your inspirations to work. Many thanks for wonderful designs!


I love the penguin card: simple yet elegant. All your cards can definately rival any Hallmark or American Greetings card!


Wow, Greta, thank you so much for showing us so many wonderful, fun and creative cards! The snowflake penguin one is so precious! Tinla


I really like the embossing- how did you get the blank spot for the sentiment?


These cards are darling! I love them all!


I LOVE the moose. My girlfriend - and fellow stamper - and I have a joke between us about spiders and, yup, you guessed it - moose! We are picking up little moosey things for each other whenever we see them. Guess what she is going to be getting in her next gift bag?! Such a cute card. The moose definitely has personality - and attitude!


that moose iz wa to qute i thinc he wud luv to cum and sta at mi howse thanxs for the chanse

Tracey A.

OMG!!! I love moose and your moose cards, but I about fell over when I saw the Chubby Bird card...how sweet!! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!


Your creations are adorable! Absolutely love the moose! And the Chubby Bird card just makes me smile. Thanks!


I am the woman who stopped in your shop in ME on Oct 18. Thanks for telling me about this website - it was delightful to see all your wonderful designs and read the stories behind them! Ladies, if you ever have a chance to see how creatively stamps and Gretas cretions are displayed together, don't miss the opportunity!

Julia S

Just adorable cards! That moose is too fun! Although the penguin card is simply stunning! LOVE THAT! :-)


Great cards! I am now feelin the Moose! I picked him up this weekend.
Thanks for sharing.


Love the moose, but I think I like the car card the best!

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