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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Lori Barnett

GASP!!! MORE CUTE STUFF!!! WOWZERS! And a chance to win!! YIPPEE. OK...I don't like picking 1 fav...but I'll do it. I'm gonna go with Classic Christmas. I like them all, but if I had to ONLY buy 1 I guess that would be it. hummmm....or maybe Holiday Lights :)


Ooooohhh, these NEW sets coming are fabulous!! I'll try to pick just onee (I like them all, really). I sooo love the HOLIDAY LIGHTS!! Very versatile..love it!!
Much thanks for the chance :o)

Sarah Sheridan

Classic Christmas is my favorite... hands down! I love the Santa in this set. We have a wooden Santa that looks just like him that hangs on our Christmas tree. Love him!


Very cute! I think my favorite set is Holiday lights. It looks sooo versatile!!!


They are so cute. Love all of it, but if I have to pick 1, it will have to be Holiday Lights.

Kelly A.

I love the "Brrr" set! So cute!


Lovely stamps!

Catherine Levy

Wow, LOVE those stamp sets :)! Thank you so much for this chance to win them :)!



Some more beautiful cards. WOW this is really a hard question. I'm going to use the Classic Christmas. Thanks so much for a chance.

Doreen Schostek

Classic Christmas is my favorite! It has a little of everything in it!

Cathy K.

Love them all, but my favorite is "Brrrr" just too cute.


Hand knit socks are the best. Good luck to your daughters on their knitting adventure.


I just love Brrr! It is so cute and would be so easy to use! A close second would be Joy to the World (Love the tree an the branch!)


I like the holiday lights the best. I am thinking of so many ways to make those candles sparkle.

Denise T.

I love them all! :) But if I had to pick a favorite it would be Holiday Lights. There is something about candlelight around the holidays that is so comforting. And in terms of stamping, I can't wait to get those candles to glow!

Sue Wisniewski

Can't pick just one! My favorites are Christmas Classic & Brrrrr.
Those mouse is so adorable and would make a cute card for me to send to my granddaughters. stamping sue

Patty W

OMgosh... I love them ALL...I love the prim look and always have!

but...if I could only pick one, it would have to be The Classic Christmas. Love Santa and Love the tree!

I hope I'm lucky !

Erika M

I really like all of them but my favorite is the Classic Christmas.

Jo Ann Fannon

No question - the candle set is my favorite. My husband once said that he blames my daughter for my candle habit. But how could he complain about a set of rubber stamp candles? Minimal space and no fire hazard!


My absolute favorite is classic Christmas!
All of the stamps are beautiful...


Fabulous cards. Classic Christmas is my favorite, but they are all very nice. Thank you for the chance to win such great stamps.

Karen M.

They're all fabulous, but I have to pick Classic Christmas as my favorite. The chubby Santa is just the cutest little fellow I've ever seen.

Kate W.

They're all adorable, but I think my favorite is the "Holiday Lights" set. It looks like such a versatile set - good for events all year 'round!


Classic Christmas may be my fave - fun to see the new sets!

Becky C

they are all cute, but my favorite is BRRRR! That little skating mouse is too adorable!

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

My favorite is definitely the Classic Christmas. I just love that sweet baby Jesus (and the Santa, and the ho, ho ho...):)

Susan N

Hard to pick just one but I have to say the Brrrr is my favorite. Love the card with the socks which reminds me of Seattle and all our rain, must keep our feet warm and cozy. Thanks for a chance to win.

Anita Young

It's so hard to choose!!!! I think I like Holiday Lights the best - I love the pumpkin candle. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Sharon Knitter

Love the Brrr Set. This is a hard one to choose however. Isn't the new santa wonderful!

Tanya A

I think they are all great sets! My favorite is the Church Mice set. It reminds me of the Church my mom and step dad were married in:)

Michelle H

Hi - they are all super cute but I LOVE Brrrr the best.


I think I like Church Mice the best--so cute! Tracy


hard to pick, but my favorite is holiday lights!


Oh, wow, these are great ... my favorite is Brrr, so CUTE!

Betty T.

Oh, it is just too hard to pick. They are all fantastic! Holiday Lights would be my pick if I were to pick one. Thank you, Linda.

shirley wong

This is a hard one but I would have to pick Brrrrr.


I like the Holiday Lights best. They are soooo versatile! This is fun - thank you:)

cathy tidwell

OMG, these are so adorable! It's sooo hard to choose just one...but since I must I'll go with Church Mice...love that church and the mice are too cute!

Cris in Canada

Hmmmm...difficult choice, but I'd say Holiday Lights is my fave, followed by Joy to the World as a close second. I love that you included Advent....love the Angel & that cute tree in Joy to the World. And Holiday Lights would be very versatile. Thanks for the sneak peeks and this chance!


Ooooh, I LOVE the Holiday Lights set!!


Ooooh, I LOVE the Holiday Lights set!!

Linda O

MY #1 would have to be Classic Christmas! i love the tree and the santa!

michele h.

All of the x-mas sets are great! If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the classic x-mas. Thanks for all of the great sneak peeks!

michele h..

Dana Klinkner

I love the holiday lights and the brrr set - both are so cute!

Beth Buss

My favorite is the Brrrr set. The lime polka dot card is so refreshing. Made me want to put my socks on right now....darling...

Patricia Hayrynen

Although all the sets are wonderful, I am partial to candles so Holiday Lights is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win such wonderful artwork. Pat

Nicole Miller

Classic Christmas and Brrr are so stinkin' cute! But they are all sue-pah sweet!

Kim Raymundo

They are all great, but my favortie is "Brrr". Thanks for all the great card ideas! Kim :o)


All the sets are fabulous...but my favorite set is the Holiday Lights. Thanks for the chance to win some new sets.

Amanda H.

I love church mice! This set would make adorable Christmas cards!

Amy Y.

"holiday lights" would make great Christmas cards, but I think you could use them for other types as well.

Diane Stocker

Love, Love, Love the BRRR set - the mittens on the line remind me of ice skating as a little girl and then coming home to place them on the radiator to dry...so we could go back out again :) Thank you for the chance to win!

Tara Griesbach

Classic Christmas is my favoite because of the cute and jolly santa!


I love the "Joy to the World" and "Holiday Lights" set - it's hard to pick one or the other as I love them both. Thanks for the chance to enter and maybe win.


ooooh - i am torn between classic christmas, because santa is so cute, and church mice, because i love the little old style church. thanks for the chance to win!

Nancy Landauer

Picking just one as my favorite is sooo hard to do! I really love little mice on cards. This set is just too cute. Can hardly wait to get it!

Kristin O

Love the Classic Christmas, with the twist on the Ho Ho Ho!

Elaine Yang

All of the sets are wonderful but I think my favorite is the Fall Banner set. It inspires to me make cards before Christmas!


They are all so cute, I have favorites from each set. So hard to choose, but I think I would have to go with the Holiday Lights set because it is so different and versatile.


I adore all of them. My favorite though is Classic Christmas!


Classic Christmas is my fav. I love the tree in it and can't wait to use it.


those stamp sets are so cute,
would be so hard to choose,
lots of different cards to make with them


All the sets are super cute, but I love, love, love Brrrr!


It is hard, but I have to say for me, its the Classic Christmas! So very cute!


Classic Christmas is my favorite.. it has everything that I love about that time of the year!!

Debby W.

I think my fave is Holiday Lights - I love all the different candles - so fun! Thanks for the chance to win!


My favorite is the holiday lights. I love all the candles! I have "this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine" in my head now. :)


Classic Christmas is adorable-it's a CLASSIC! lol- I would love to win them all. They are each cute in their own way.


All adorable but if I have to pick a favorite it would be Church Mice. It's the only form I like mice in :)


Oh boy what a decision I really can't decide between Holiday Lights and Brrrr.


Brrr is my favorite. Thanks!



Brrr is my favorite. Thanks!



Church mice is my favorite!


Oh I LOVE that adorable little set Brrrr!!! Of course they're all so fun!!!


My favorite set is Classic Christmas! They are all cute though! :-)

Kathy Hering

Holiday lights is my first pick...Thanks...


I love the Brrrr set. Those mittens are adorable!


Loving the new sets!

Nancy W

I love the Brrr set as it reminds me so much of the annual cold winters when the thick warm stockings and mittens are unearthed for the season and are constantly becoming wet and then are hung to dry.


Church mice is my favorite. They're just so adorable.

Quasar C

I love the Classic Christmas set. They are really cute!

Alanna (al_silver2)

Brrrr is my favourite set...those mitts and the sock are adorable!

Louise Glynn

It's is tough to make a choice, but I think pumpkin oak is my favorite set.


Love your new sets but I must admit that the Classic Cristmas is my favorite.


I'm torn between the classic Christmas and brrrrrr. My current sock knitting project probably pulls me in the direction of brrrr.. . . as does the weather!

Jill Grace

Great job on the new release. Brrrr is my favorite, I like how whimsical it is. :)

Nancy Banker

I'd have to pick the chubby Santa set, though it's really hard to decide.

Elizabeth Vollmer

These sets are all darling...it's hard to pick just one but I'll choose Joy to the World. I love the angel! Thanks for offering the great prize.

Marcia Butler

I Love all of them, but the Classic Christmas would have to be my favorite - I'm just a Santa Claus girl at heart!

Kim Foy

Holiday Lights is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! Thanks for offering this most fabulous giveaway!

diana anderson

Go santa! I love this website and all the cute cards.


Love the new sets...so many different looks amongst them!


Church Mice is my favorite. My husband's 2 aunts are nuns. I would love to make them some cards with these cute stamps.

Robin O

Church mice is too cute, love the navity scene.


Brrr is my favorite but a close second is Joy to the World.
Such adorable sets!



Jennifer Moore

I think my favorite is Church Mice followed by Brrr.


LOVE LOVE LOVE them all but am really excited about the Santa and the Angel, and the mice...can't pick just one!

Caren Weinstein

I love, love, love the brr set. Mostly because I'm a sock gal, and I am particularly fond of stripes! What could be cuter?


Joy to the World is my favorite!

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