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Tuesday, November 25, 2008



This is just to sweet! I just love the layout and the color combo. Another fabulous card.

Sharon Knitter

Since I don't have any kids, our holiday tradition is baking dog biscuits. My dog sits next to me while I make the batter (and yes I do let him lick the beaters - they get sanitized after that) and then he sits in front of the oven until his biscuits come out. They all get wrapped in the same crinkly paper and passed out to all of his doggy friends.


i never realized how important "tree day" is to our 6 year old until he was invited to a birthday party for his two best friends on that same day. the poor thing is tormented with the choice of cutting down our tree and decorating or going to the birthday. since i think it's cruel to make him choose (now knowing how important it is to him) we'll split tree day into two days. the best of both worlds i guess.


Hold on just a sec...I'm picking myself up off the floor. This is totally, awesomely, scrumptiously, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! Yup, I bake...a lot. That's my Christmas tradition.


I love this card.


I think this card is absolutely adorable! Great job Erika :)
My kids look forward to wrapping up cookies for their teachers each year or some other yummy treat, like pumpkin bread, caramel corn or biscotti. I love when my kitchen smells of baked things.

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