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Sunday, January 04, 2009



Yippee! I'm soooooo glad Rhonda is the guest designer - her cards are always my FAVES! She is one talented little mama! :)

Elizabeth V.

Wow! These are darling cards...wasn't ready for hearts and valentines but now I'm there! I love the chocolate stamps! If only the USPS would commission this idea!

Stephanie Jones

AMAZING! wow, her work is out of this world. she is so creative. these cards are fabulous. thank you for sharing and adding rhonda to the team!

Rachel Hope

RHONDA!!!! Hi Girlie!!!

I Love the Victoria's shop!!! ;)




a-dorable...congrats to rhonda for being the guest designer!!!

Lisa Chapman

I am absolutely blown away. What great cards - each of them!! Just wonderful work, Rhonda. I love your style!!

sherry czarnecki

Wowzers! these are great cards, TFS!


How cute! I love the postage stamp one.


You have such cute ideas. I love the lingerie store.

Shannon C

Oh, those are so stinking cute! Now that Christmas is over (sniff, sniff) I am in the mood to play with some Valentine's stamps! I can't wait.

Alanna (al_silver2)

those are all such clever cards...love the candy heart card the best!!

Karen Vandewalle

Oh great cards! I love the postage card with the special delivery message! Perfect in every way. Way to go Rhonda!


I love Rhonda's creations...she is so uber talented...thanks for sharing these beautiful cards with us! You rock, girl!!!!

Dawn Nikol

Super cute! Can't wait to see more!

Karen M.

These are absolutely adorable! Especially the faux chocolate postage! So glad to see Rhonda's creativity on the blog.


Adorable and so creative. Each of these cards has been thought out so well! Thanks for sharing these with us!

~~Tami  :-)

Love these ideas! The polished stone/feather card is my favorite with the "candy" heart and chocolate postage right up there as well.


Feathers. Brilliant!


I just "love" these ideas....you're giving me some great inspiration for Valentines Day!


Wow...these cards are so adorable! Love how she used the new stamps.

Kelly A.

I LOVE the "be mine" card! So cute and clever!

nancy l.

These cards are way cute!! Love the candy heart and chocolate cards. They're all great! : )

Louise Glynn

What clever cards! Love the dogs on the dog bone and the chocolate stamps.

Susie P

These are fantastic ideas! I cannot wait to get my hands on these new stamps:)


Such great cards. My favourite is the first one with the birds. I love the feather!


Congratulations Rhonda! These are beautiful!!


Oh my! I LOVE them ALL!!! I can't wait until I can get my hands on these STAMPS! the cards are AMAZING!!!! I feel so inspired can't wait!!

Sandra B.

These cards are just fabulous! I can't wait until the new stamps are released!


Bravo! I love all of your cards Rhonda!! Can't wait for the next batch.


I love these clever ideas and am so excited to have these cards to help me design something of my own. I went to 2 lss and neither one has the a muse valentine stamps for sale. I will have to struggle and wait until 01/07

Jennifer Moore

Congratulations Rhonda. Awesome job!


Congratulations Rhonda! Love all your cards..especially the chocolate postage stamps!


more from rhonda? can this week be any better?? kids back in school and yummy fresh eye candy! thanks!!

Annie B.

Celebrating our "56" wedding anniversary and yes you guessed it ....on Valentines Day. AHHHH! Love any and all Valentine stamps and these are just too cute, can't wait to see them all

Nancy Landauer

Just love all of the valentine cards! Very creative and sweet. Looking forward to your other designs.


Thank you for selecting Rhonda as the guest designer! Her creations are fantastic, just like her! I can't pick a favorite, I love them all. Congrats, girlfriend!

Tina W

Rhonda, love all the fun creations you come up with! Congrats on being a guest designer and how lucky for you to work for the fab A Muse store! :o)


Great job, Rhonda! I love the sneaks. TFS!


Love the cards! Love the sneaks! Love the Guest Designer! Way to go Amuse, you never disappoint!!


OMG! It's THE RHONDA! Awesome cards as usual - she is a genius and a ham (or the whole hog?)I adore her sense of humor and her style. I will be awaiting these posts eagerly. Thank you for choosing such an A Muse prodigy for GD!


Oh my goodness! Rhonda, your cards are FABULOUS!!!! You are so creative! I love them all!!! :)

Laura Bassen

Great ideas! I really love that shadowing effect on the be mine heart card. Can't wait to try that!


I love the chocolate bar card and the Victoria card! They are soooo cute! Rhonda is so creative and she's just my style too. Way to go girl! I can't wait to see what you cook up next week!


Great ideas Rhonda!! I'm ready to move out of the Christmas mode for sure now!!


Rhonda's cards are absolutely gorgeous! I need to make some of those cute heart shaped cards, and the dachshunds MUST come to play with me because we have an adorable "weiner doggie"!!! Thanks for sharing!


LOVE the little dogs-so cute together.

Annie B.

Celebrating our "56" wedding anniversary and yes you guessed it ....on Valentines Day. AHHHH! Love any and all Valentine stamps and these are just too cute, can't wait to see them all

Annie B.

Celebrating our "56" wedding anniversary and yes you guessed it ....on Valentines Day. AHHHH! Love any and all Valentine stamps and these are just too cute, can't wait to see them all

Annie B.

Celebrating our "56" wedding anniversary and yes you guessed it ....on Valentines Day. AHHHH! Love any and all Valentine stamps and these are just too cute, can't wait to see them all


too darn cute!!! I really LOVE the Victoria's boutique. Just what every girl needs!!!

quinnie V.

How adorable!!! such a talented lady. I love them all. can't wait to see them in my LSS.

quinnie V.

these cards are amazingly CUTE!!!


OMGosh Rhonda!!! These are so breathe taking and fun. I just love your creative style. Thanks for your inspiring and creative ideas.

Debbie S

All of your cards are great, Rhonda. I can't wait for the new stamps.

Erika M

Just fabulous - really love the card with the dog bone! I'm having to wait for the stamps until Jan. 7 because my LSS doesn't care many stamps.


I think that Valentines are some of the most fun and whimsical cards out there. I especially love the added feather, the puppies, and all the eye popping color and ribbons. This is why girls just swoon over valentines!!!!


FABULOUS!! Love the dog bone card and the chocolate postage stamps!! Can't wait to see more :)

Beth Rang

Wow, so many cool ideas!


As a lover of animals of all kinds, I am madly in love with the litte Daschund couple! They are soo sweet! I absolutely adore the simplicity of the "be mine" cand y heart!!! Rhonda is a sweet one for sure!

Kelly Braund

So cute! I have a mini doxie so i'm sooo excited!!!


The candy heart is so cute. I could see several of these bound together to make a book. Can't wait to see more.


Love the feather!

Amanda Beers

Yeah for my home girl! You rock Rhonda! I'm so glad you get to show your stuff!

shirley wong

very cool ideas

Sharon in NE

Rhonda, you've got talent girl!

Stevie Leong

Rhonda, you rock! These are so so cute!!!

sus n.

How clever and simple are these cards to make? Sheer brilliance! Will have to revisit the faux postage too.


Oh My Gosh, Rhonda! These are awesome! You are SO talented and I'm glad that you got to showcase some of your work! Can't wait to see what else you came up with.


You're amazing Rhonda! I loved how you cut out a bone for the dogs. Now I really can't wait to buy the new Valentine images.

Donna Hitz

Oooohhhh! These are sooo cute! I love the chocolate postage!!!

Anita Young

Love the cards- especially the chocolate postage! It's so clever!! Rhonda, you are so talented :)


These are gorgeous card samples! I love her style! And I love Amuse stamps! So they're perfect together!


Kathy D

Cute stuff - love the chocolate postage!

sue wisniewski

The cards are wonderful! Candy heart card is simple and clever. Faux chocolate postage is fantastic! Rhonda keep up the great stamping. stamping sue


Each card is wonderful, but I think I like Victoria's best! So talented...


I am in love with fancy feathers. Those birds are adorable.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing...very inspiring! Looking forward to seeing more of your work here.


I want and adore the PUPPY LOVE! Now can we do one with a Pug? :) There is a whole subculture out there with pug love!

Sarah Pendergrast

Amazing cards!!! The dog one totally stole my heart....

Chris Hauck

I just LOVE the candy heart design. It's perfect and I love how perfect the sentiment is. It's like it was made for just that very design. Clever girl!


I heart the heart Be Mine card. So simple, but so sweet. Thanks for sharing and the chance.


I just adore the first card with the feather! Clever! I am dying to see more!


These are all awesome Rhonda! My favorite is the Chocolate Postage card!


All of these cards are so great! My favorite is the heart shaped one. The little heart shaped crystal for the dot on the "i" is just a wonderful touch!


Love the Ruff U card. I'm such a sucker for daschunds.

Cathy Whiteman

I love the simplicity of the be mine heart card (though it was hard to pick as they're all fabulous)

Dana Klinkner

Love these cards, Rhonda! You have a great eye for adding just the perfect details to make the cards stinkin' adorable. Love your style - thanks for sharing your ideas.


i LOOOOOVE the puppy card:)

mary D

Thanks for taking the time to share these great card creations with us.
Simply inspiring for the New Year!


These are so darn cute! They inspire me to get back into the stampin' groove. Rhonda has a real flair for design, creativity and variety. I love her style.

The "puppy love" card really shouts out to me. I hope you'll consider doing a Pomeranian stamp sometime soon.

Thank you for inspiring me!

Kate W.

I love that card with the birds and the feather! And the Chocolate postage!!! And...oh heck, I just like them all!


Congratulations, Rhonda! These cards are great! I especially love the Ruff U card!

Nancy W

I am salivating at adding another "storefront" to my collection. 's marvellous! Just in time for Valentines.


I love the chocolate postage stamp card, please can we have instructions!!!!!

Judith Gowdy

What fun cards, love the stamps. Can't wait to see more!


Yay!!! What a GREAT surprise to see Rhonda as the Guest Designer. I've always loved Rhonda's work - she is a true gem! I love all of these cards. The feather accent on the first card is too, too cute. And the dog bone.... SHUT UP!

I can't wait to see more of Rhonda's stuff!


Rhonda - you are so deserving of this. All your cards are SUPER cute!!!!! Congrats!
LOSTie Debbie

Joan B

Oh my goodness, these rock. Tear drop twinkles?? Candy box card? I'm loving these cards! And the feather is cracking me up! So clever.

Gwen P.

Love your cards Rhonda. I love bling and so the little touches like the added rhinestones got me...sooo cute... Love the dog bone idea also...

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