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Friday, January 30, 2009



I just love the new stamps!!!


It's going to be a "bustier" day after seeing such "enchanting" ideas...

Vicki R in OH

I'm Loving the art this week on your blog -- Much talent!
The shops & building stamps are soooo cool -- Victoria's is perfect this time of year too! LOL

Debby W.

Wowee Zowee, I LOVE all the cards that Rhonda made ... these are so awesome ... I wish I was half as creative as her!!!!!


I purchased several Valentine stamps, however, after seeing thses clever cards, I can see I missed the opportunity to get these wonderful ones. I better get to my LSS to see if they still have more.


Good Grief...that Rhonda is absolutely **on fire**!!!! Yahoo for her out-of-the-box creativity!!!

"OH MYLAAAAAANTA!!!" ..........................THUD!!!

Julie...you crack me up!
Happy Fridy!!!

Molly B.

These are great. I LOVE the weiner dogs sharing the milkshake, very clever. -Molly B

Alex Duenkel

The bustier card is to die for! Love the Victoria's stamp ( my daughter name is Victoria! ). Thanks so much for the inspiration,

Laura Bassen

That last card was so creative. How in the world did you ever think of that?? I'm always amazed at the brain power behind you designers!! So inspiring.


Ooooh! I just love these cards and the stamps are fabulous!! Great job!


Love the bustier


sue wisniewski

what great ideas!!! The chocolate on top of the car ... fantastic! The Victoria's shop ... wonderful! keep up the good work. stamping sue

Kim Faucher

omgosh... those are amazing designs! I sooooo want to spend the day stampin away now!!!! or maybe a trip to the lss for some new a muse stamps??? hmm... either way... she has got me thinking!!!
Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Alison Zamora

i have loved all of your creative cards this past month! can't wait to see what you have to show us in the future!

fran heupel

they are all wonderful my favorite is the bustier. So inspirational thanks for posting all these beautiful creations.

Tina W

Rhonda, this set of cards just knock my socks off! You are sooo creative in coming up with wonderful ideas and making great use of your tools! I love it! Thanks so much for giving us a tiny peek into your world! :o)


These cards are so great! I love the originality!

Tracey A.

OMG!!! THEY ARE ALL AMAZING!!! You are so right...the bustier is over the top creative, amazing, hysterical, clever...
But I think my favorite has to be the weiner dogs sipping the milkshake...my bum hurts because I fell of the chair twice! Rhonda, you're amazing...thanks for sharing your designs with all of us and for providing such great inspiration! I really need to think out of the box more often as GREAT things can happen!


WOW! This is some amazing eye candy. I just love them all. Very creative and inspiring. I think I just got a bruise falling out of my chair. LOL

Lyndsay Breid

I think I've died and gone to heaven. SERIOUSLY RHONDA! You kill me, girl.


Super creative and gorgeous cards! I need to study these more closely! Thanks for sharing these!

Molly K.

I love how creative you were with these cards! Love love LOVE the Bustier! Well done!


She is so talented! Love all the cards but especially the Bustier! LOL


WOW, amazing creations!!


wow what a way to start my friday! amazing work Rhonda!


Wow! I've been keeping up with your site for the last couple of weeks and loving Rhonda's style of cardmaking. Beautiful and defintely out of the box!

Angel W

Oooh I love them all, but the weiner dogs are the best! Great ideas...thinking outside of the typical ink pad box!


Rhonda your cards ROCK! You are so creative!


You are so very creative! The perfume bottle was a clever idea.


So talented. What ideas. Speechless.

Janet H

Three cheers for Rhonda! You are so creative. I love the dogs drinking a shake together.

Janet Pendergast

My favorite cards are the weiner dogs and, of course, the bustier! Way to go, Rhonda!


I'm falling hard for anything with rhinestones! What adorable layouts and a great sense of humor.


That Rhonda is SUPAH talented :)
Loved all the cards for inspiration!!

Kelly Braund

Love em all! So fun!

Julie Tang

Great ideas!


WOW--very unique cards!

Rachel Hope

Rhonda is amazing!!! She constantly amazes me with the things she creates...thanks for sharing these wonderful projects with us all!

Carol O'Leary

I am just so impressed with the out-of-the-box thinking. The perfume bottle, the bustier, the dogs with the milkshake -- amazing! Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

Amy Y.

Yet again Rhonda amazes me with her creativity!! Wish I had an ounce of that. Love the bustier one.

Bonnie aka raduse

I love that bustier!! Totally original! Wow.

Jan B.

Such cute ideas! I love them. Thanks for the inspiration!


Wow! Rhonda, you have rocked the all get out! I love, love, love the weiner dogs sharing the milkshake! Too cute! And the pink swirly ice cream cone, just about had me running to the freezer! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful designs!

MU kat

I love the two dogs valentine. Really cute.

Anita Young

Such talent and imagination!!! :) Love these cards!!

Cat Lail

oh my! Rhonda's cards are TOOO cute :) the bling! the traveling chocolate! the OOH LA LA! i would just LOVE to win the love shack too :)

Shannon C

Those are WICKED cute! Thanks for the inspiration! I need to start playing with my valentines stamps too!

Louise Glynn

Rhonda is so creative and has a wonderful imagination. Her ideas use the stamps and punches in totally new ways. I liked them all. Thanks for sharing them with us.


Love the bustier card. Very creative.


I love the dog card. Thanks for the inspiration!


Ohmylanta is right. Wow, I only recently discovered A Muse Rubber Stamps and blog, and just blown away by the creativity! Keep it coming!


I love the two dogs valentine- what a great idea!!!

Sharon Knitter

At first I was gaping because of the weiner dogs drinking the milkshake -- How cute is that. But then, then, then, I saw the bustier with the lingerie shop -- truly inspired. I'm not worthy!

Sharon Knitter

Can we please, please, please have a template for the bustier? I will never be able to get just the right curves going.

Christine Hauck

Holy cow, these are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. You are a very clever girl, you are!

Jennie M

Holy Moly!! I totally fell off my chair!! Rhonda ROCKS!!!! Absolutely *amazing* cards!!

Jen D

Rhonda, you have outdone yourself! I totally love the weiner dogs, but the bustier is simply amazing!!! LOVE EM! :)

Eraina Ortega


Susie P

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Rhonda's new creations! What talent you have! I love seeing all the great ideas and can't wait to get my hands on these new Valentine stamps!!

Dana Klinkner

Oh my word is right - Rhonda you are an amazingly creative woman! I love, love LOVE these cards! I'm still smiling and just looking at them over and over they are so cute and creative and fun and wow! Thanks again for sharing your ideas with us - it's been so fun. :)


I just don't know how she does it! Her finale desrves a standing ovation. Rhonda, your cards are AMAZING!

Lindsay Spencer

Oh my stars! That bustier is AMAZING! My jaw literally dropped when I saw it. I so love the wiener dogs drinking the milkshake. Adorable.

june gibbons

i thought my favorite was the puppies sipping a milkshake, until....i saw the the double d's!! woohoo, what a rack:) i love it like crazy alot!!


wow what wonderful art/cards!!
thx for the chance to win! :)


Oh my goodness! These are just priceless. Love the last one. I think I'll be smiling all day.


Love the last card, what a great designer!

Kami Blackwell Kinney

What more can one say, but WOW. And, again, I say, WOW. I aspire to "think outside the box" like Rhonda did on these designs.

Jenafor Donng

Those are really cute cards, my niece would love the first one especially since she is a chocoholic.

Cheryle - Vancouver USA -

These are wonderful! Especially love the bustier card! Where did you get the form/die cut?

Thanks for inspiring!!


Thanks so much for sharing Rhonda with us! These cards are SO wonderful!

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

Rhonda, you are AMAZING!!! They are ALL sooo clever and cute!!


Oh my gosh! These are all great! You clever girl! I can't get over that bustier! It is so CUTE!!!

mary d

Rhonda, You are just so talented. I love 'em all but I specially love the glittery ice-cream cone. Thanks for sharing your ART.
I would feel very blessed to have a chance to win such a great prize. Thanks. :)


Wonderful creations Rhonda! Very inspiring indeed :)

Cathy In Chicago

These are as cute as can be!!


omgosh....that last one is just too creative for words! love it!


I love the humor that Rhonda injects into her card making. Her designs are great and help me to look at combining my stamp images in new ways. Thank you!

I just purchased "All I need", and that caption with the chocolate bar on the love bug is perfect!

Erika M

Rhonda is one talented lady! Love all the cards but my favorite is the bustier one!


Rhonda Love them all! Especially the Lingerie Shop. So smart how you combined the sentiments on the other card!

Kellene parker

wow, she's truly an artist! I can barely cut a decent square free hand. I wonder how she created the curved edges?

Denise T

Love these cards! Especially the dogs sharing the ice cream; might have to run out and buy those stamps! :)


OMGoodness! Totally in love with what she did on her cards.

Erin L.

I'm in the mood for LOVE with all these great cards.

Stefanie Rico

Creative isn't even adjective enough to describe your creations. Absolutely ingenious!

Susan N

Great cards, so creative. I especially love the bustier card, it made me smile. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Lisa V. (Lisabella)

WOW! I love your cards. I wish I was as creative.

Elayne Catey

I'm a fool for anything pink, so loved the ice cream cone, especially with the embellishments -- sparkle is always good! This card is absolutely yummy!

Beth Rang

Thanks to Rhonda. Those cards are so unique and beautiful!

erica m.

Very cute! I love the puppies drinking from the milkshake!


that last card is FANTASTIC!!! how clever! oh my, i wish i had some of those!!! hehehe

Carrie C

Awesome cards!! Love your creativity. Those puppies slurping a milkshake are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Carrie C

Antonella Bartel

I got a kick from that last card! I am always pleased to see new ways of using the "ohh la la" stamp: it's on of my favorites!

Alanna (al_silver2)

what an amazing series of cards...I just love the love bug card! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us, Rhonda!

Suzie Padrick

The bustier card busted me up!! Such creative juices running in your veins..........Thanks for sharing.

Ann I. in CA

OMG! Too stinkin' clever!! Thanks for the inspiration and the giggles!

Mary in Chicago

So super cute! Thank you!

Jenn E.

Oh, those dogs sharing the milkshake are just too stinkin' cute! Great stuff to showcase!

Lois E.

Super cute! Thanks for sharing. I especially love the ice cream cone!

Kristin O

Love, love, love the Bustier!

Jennifer Moore

I love the bustier card.

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