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Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Molly K.

beautiful cards! My favorite flowers are gerbera daisies. So colorful!


Oh these are lovely!
Hmmm...I love tulips and daisies!

Gerianne K. Patti

My favorite flower is the hydrangea stamp!


Love the flower card samples. My favorite real flower is the Rose as my grandmother's name was Rose and they are just so pretty and fragrant. My favorite flower stamp has to be any kind of daisy. Thanks for the chance.

sue wisniewski

My absolute favorite flower is the rose of course that could be because I was born in June. Although I like white or yellow not so much red....red is not my color of choice. great card! stamping sue


Wow! What beautiful blooms Michelle! My favorite flower is a Daffodill. The yellow pop of color in Spring always makes me happy. My new favorite flower stamp is Mini Flower! I just love it's versatility and that with a twinkle sticker or a drop of stickles it makes such an impact!


peonies are my fave!


I love those cards, so bright, cheery and
versatile!! My favorite flower is the tulip.

Susie P

I love Lily of the Valley, those little bells are so cute and tiny:) Loved them since my childhood, my mom had a HUGE patch of them.


Love the coloring on these cards! So pretty. My favorite flowers are tulips!

Karen M.

Such lovely cards! I can't wait for my order to be delivered so I can try out the Sakura stamp.

Being a born and bred Texan, I have to say that bluebonnets are my favorite flowers. When they cover the roadsides here, we know that spring has sprung in the Hill Country.

Sharon Knitter

My favorite flower are sunflowers. They always look so nobel and cheerful to me.

Amanda Beers

Gerber Daisies or Poppies :)


Those cards are so pretty!
My favorite flowers are daisies.


Hyacinths are one of my very favorite flowers... they're so pretty and smell heavenly!

Thank you for the opportunity to win! All the cards have been wonderful!

Christina Slaton

Beautiful cards Michelle. My favorite would have to be Iris. They were a favorite of my grandmother and she had them all over her yard.


Mmmm--favorite flower. A toss up between sunflower or black eyed susan.


My favorite flower is lilacs. So pretty.


Oh NO!! I've been out of town and be missing the fun.
Happy Anniversary AMUSE! Wow 8 years and going strong.
My favorite flower is tulips.
Thanks for a chance.

Anita Young

Cute cards!! My favorite flower is the red rose - it was the first flower my husband gave me when we were dating and has been our "signature" flower ever since!


Pretty cards! My favorite flower is Gerbera Daisies.

Kelly Braund

I love daisies, simple & pretty! But I also love when our lilacs bloom -they smell so fab!

Nathalie V. in CA

I love cherry blossoms!!


Sakura is my favorite for a stamp, but my all time favorite flower is an orchid. They're just so beautiful and they look so pure.

Donna Hitz

I love A Muse's "Mini Flower" - but growing in my yard...Pink Peonies

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

I really love the peony! Unfortunately they come and go quickly in the spring but they're sooo big and beautiful! I also love hydrangeas, lilacs & daisys.


That's an easy one.
Just about an kind of daisy. They're so cheery!


My favorite flowers are daisies. Simple and happy :-)

laura g z

My favorite flowers are lilacs. It the sure sign of spring.

Lori Frost

My favorite flowers are lilacs and hydrangeas.


My favorite flowers are roses, they come in so many different beautiful colors!

Susan N.

Great cards, so cute.
My favorite flower is Iris followed closely by Tulip's.


Wow beautiful cards! Peonies are my fave :) Even tho I never see 'em where I live :(

Tina  Mayo

my favorite is daises..love them all kinds and colors. Those are really cute cards btw..thanks

Cat Spicer

GREAT cards and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love all flowers, but my faves have to be sunflowers. I'm a midwestern girl and their sunny faces always make me smile.

Cat Spicer

jen shears

Oh my- hard to decide on a favorite flower! Tulips, hydrangeas, sunflowers- and Patty's Plum Poppy!!

Selena Swink

My favorite is the Astro flower of course! But for ones I can grow myself, the geranium.


All the blooming colorful flowers are beautiful! This season I've been captivated by poppies and gerber daisies. I was excited to see the modern poppy stamp in the last release! :)


My favorite flower is the sweet pea. Love the cards.

Eraina Ortega

Stargazer lily, it smells so nice.


My favorite flower (at the moment) is jasmine. I love how it smells!

Doreen Schostek

I love the fullness of hibiscus...gorgeous!

Alison Zamora

I love tulips! they're so beautiful and I love seeing them in the spring!

little one

I love peonies...the way they smell is heavenly.


wow Michelle! those are wonderful. they are very spring-ey for you. love the colors.
i don't know what to say for my fav flower, there are so many. i love irises, but they don't last long enough. i might have to say, gerbera daisies, because i can see them all summer(except when my squirrels eat them).

D. Petro

I love daffodils...so many different varieties!

nancy l.

I love, love, love these cards!!!! They are so fresh and spring-like. I like how you can just change out the accent color and sentiment and make a bunch of them. How fun would it be to make up some gift sets for teachers/friends/etc??? Great job!!
I have to go with either lilacs or wisteria as my favorites. They smell sooooo good!!

Rachel Shirk

There are so many flowers here that I didn't see in CO. Jason and I were at Home Depot last week to buy plants for the garden this year and we couldn't believe everything that was offered. Honeysuckle has always been one of my favorites. I love the way they smell. We just bought some that are called 'strawberry lemonade' and the blossoms are pink and yellow! So pretty!


My favorite flower is the iris. It reminds me of my childhood.


Absolutely beautiful cards, Michelle! My fav flower would have the be the tulip; messengers of spring:) Thank you!

Heather Bilhorn

My favorite is the dandelion. I love how innocent it is.. childhood to adult cards -- just a fun memory but elegant.


Here on Cape Cod, the daffodiles are beautiful. Not only are they a sign of Spring, but a sign of great hope.

Wonderful cards!!

Robyn M.

My favorites are hydrangeas. Love the cards!


My favorite flowers are gerber daisies and tulips. My favorite a muse flowers are wheelbarrow, mini flower, and daisy bunch (by elzybells).


LOVE the cards! So simple, yet elegant and beautiful! So A Muse!

I would have to say my fave flower is the "Mini Flower". Its so small yet so versatile!


My fave flower, or fave A Muse flower? My favorite flower stamp is the gerber daisy, hydrangea second place. My fave flower is the camelia!

Kathy K.

ALL-TIME favorite is still the Gerber Daisy!!


my favorite flower is the night blooming cereus. my grandmother always had one when she lived in florida. i would come to visit her and when i was little we would stay up extra late on the night it was to bloom. i can't describe the lingering fragrance it left in the air!

Doris G.

My favorite flower has to be the iris. To me they remind me of spring, and their color is just lovely...they make me feel happy!

Donna Crum

Now that's a tough one! Like choosing a favorite among your children! Today I would say an elegant Japanese Iris.

Kelly Marie

My favorite flower is the sunflower. So happy and bright!

Kelly Marie

I am glad you had such a wonderful trip!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win your gorgeous stamp set!


lily of the valley! I wanted this for my May wedding, now 18 years ago, but was told they are much too fragile. but so pretty and I love the scent!

Caren Weinstein

I love, love, love the Modern Poppy. I can't stop myself from using it!


Love this colorful foursome! My favorite flower is the tulip. It's simple yet makes a statement...just like A Muse! :)


Sweet peas - nothing smells more devine than a bouquet of sweet peas!


I love soooo many different flowers. But I think the mini tulip is the cutest little flower.


Oops! I mean mini daffodil.


my three year old son keeps picking me dandelions so to him, i act like THOSE are my very favorite. although, i really like the simplicity of tulips but don't want to encourage him to pick THOSE!

Kerry from PA

Roses are tope of my list, but I love flowers in general.

Dana Klinkner

My favorite flowers are tulips - I especially love the red ones!
Love these flower cards - so pretty and simple - it inspires me to go grab my stamps and make something pretty. :)

Lisa P

Another great card of course!! My favorite flower is the peony!

Denise Bryant

I love that kitchen paper! I have it in several colors and it is one of my favorites!
My favorite flower is the sweet pea. So fragrant and simple. Reminds me of growing them on a trellis in our backyard when I was a kid.

Lynn S

It's so hard to choose, but I think I really love those little blue lobelias! Roses are a close second, though!




I am definitely a flower person. I love fresh garden flowers. I love all types of daisies, especially the gerberas.

Love those cards by Michelle. Will be casing those for sure.

Tobey Shepherd

hmm, favorite flower, I love roses, the garden kind!! especially the antique varieties that are so fragrant!! Now, favorite a muse flower, that is another story, I love the spiral daisy because it is so versatile!!


Japanese cherry blossoms are soooo beautiful, one day we hope to go back to Japan at just the right time of year to see them in all their glory.


Cute cards! I love how Michelle outlined them - they really pop. I love tulips the best... so spring-y!

Kat G

I love daisies. My favorite A Muse flower stamp is the Spiral Daisy! Love the cards posted here. : )

Stefanie Rico

I love the hydrangea (stamp and actual).

Cheryl B.

My favorite flower is the daffodil. I love the sunny yellow color and the unique shape made by the petals. It looks like a mini teacup and saucer! I also love that it is any early spring bloom, a welcome friend after a long winter. Not much on fragrance but great color.

Anne Barclay

I just love tulips, especially pink ones. When the tulips start blooming, I know that Spring has arrived.

Tina W

My favorite flowers are gerbera daisies. They come in so many pretty colors! :o)

Erika M

My all time favorite flower are tulips!


Me too, love the sunflower! They're huge and bright and just pretty! Love those thank you cards by the way...


I *love* blue hydrangea!

Jennifer Moore

I love the plumeria blossom of my plumeria tree. Congrats on the 8th anniversary and thanks for the chance to win.


Hydrangeas all the way!

Crystal C

Roses & Tulips!!


I LOVE sunflowers but lately I have been drawn to cherry blossoms! Mind you, I ALWAYS love gerber daisies!

Alanna (al_silver2)

I love flowers...both real ones and stamps...I have way too many flower stamps! My favourite bloom lately has been the poppy. They are so amazingly beautiful!


I love all types of flowers, but my favs are
the Gerbera Daisies, Tulips and white or pink roses.

karen q

Cute, cute cards. My favorite flower is the daisy. I even had them in my bridal bouquet.


My favorite bloom is the freesia. I love their fragrance and their soft delicate look. Thanks so much for the chance to enter!


Love how you colored the flowers. My favorite is Lilly of the Valley. Thanks!

Isabel Z

These cards are adorable-so springy and happy:-) While I love all flowers my favorites are feesia, tulips, and pansies. Thank you for the opportunity to win such great blog candy.

Suzie P.

My favorite flower is the rose. I love their fragrance!! My favorite Amuse flower is the solid zinnia all the way!!


Yellow roses are the absolute best!!!


I love lavender. Some of my favorite A muse stamps are the wildflower bouquet and the tiny flower stamps. Yay, spring!

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