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Saturday, May 09, 2009


Debby W.

Great card! I love the pink too, it is such a happy colour! My most memorable childhood memory is my grade 3 birthday party ... I invited a few girlfriends and 2 boys ... boys!!!!! The best part was when Jimmy Anton (who I probably havent seen since grade 3) was eating cake and laughing hysterically and Coke came out of his nose! Such a silly memory but one I will never forget!!!! Thanks for all these fun contests and chances to win stuff! I love Amuse!

sue wisniewski

Are you sure you want to hear most memorable childhood memory? O.K. here it goes: I was 5 yrs. old was playing cops & robbers in neighbors barn with all the kids. One of them lost balance on bike and fell on me in box. Unfortunately there was a nail that went into my lip. Had to get two stitches. Yes after all these years I still remember that even remember ER Doc telling me he was going to make me look like Casper the ghost with a sheet over my face while he stitched me. That's it. stamping sue

Amanda Beers

My best childhood memory is of my mom (how appropriate for this weekend!) She is an RN and used to work swing shift. When she would get home at mindnight, she would come in and wake me up and take me to the grocery store to get baking ingredients. We'd go home and make cookies and laugh until we fell asleep. I can't wait until my girls are a little older :)

Doreen Schostek

I remember going to the movies for the first time with my mom and sister to see the just released "The Sound of Music". We stopped at our favorite bakery and got big cookies to take with us. What a special day it was for us back then!


I remember the Christmas that Santa brought us a puppy--the cutest little Springer Spaniel you've ever seen!

Thanks for another fun contest!


My mom always had interestign craft porjects for us to do


My favorite memory was being able to go to a sleepover at my neighbor's house when I was about 9 years old. We stayed up late and watched tv and there used to be scary movies around midnight which I would have never been able to see at home. I'm not sure if that was around "Elvira" time but it was lots of fun.

jen shears

I used to LOVE spending what seemed like the whole summer at my grandparents house- in the pool! I guess it was only 2-3 weeks, but in my child's mind that was where we were the entire break!
Love this card too!


Many of my favorite childhood memories revolve around the beach. My mom would wake us up some Saturday morning, say "Let's go to the beach," and we'd pile into the car for a day of sand, shopping, clam chowder and more. Mostly it was just her, me, and my sister, but sometimes we invited friends or cousins along, too.


The childhood memory that I reminisce about most often is playing house with my best friend and her sisters. My parents were always out working so I would spend time with them and we would come up with some crazy ways to pass time! To this day, those moments make me smile :)

Robyn M.

My most memorable moments are the summer vacations with my family. Anywhere we'd go, we'd collect magnets. We now have a huge collection!

Suzie P.

My most memorable childhood memory was rollerskating(the key type rollerskates). My girlfriends and I would do this most of the day while we looked for and collected ladybugs. Who ever collected the most ladybugs by the end of the day got a box of crackerjacks. We also spent the night together alot of the time. Thanks for another great contest........

Christina Slaton

My favorite memory was being at my grandmother's house. She had the best yard, and a front porch swing. Of course she always made us feel special. Also the neighbor girl would come over and we would have a great time.


My favorite childhood memory is something my family did every weekend, we packed up our most needful things, and headed to the St. Croix river for a weekend full of sailing. We would stay from friday night to midafternoon on Sunday on the sailboat, and for an active family of four that could sometimes be very tight quarters. However I have so many memories of time spent out on the water!


my grandma ann, she was the best. any minute spent with her was always wonderful. when i was older i got her started on boyd's bears and we used to shop for them every time i saw her. i really miss her!

Patty W

I had a blue pedal tractor that I loved!

And we had a pet rooster that like to play possum! he would lay down in the driveway and act like he was dead! Too funny ~!


I LOVE the little dress on this pink card! And as for a favorite childhood memory, well here ya go: I grew up in Southern California, and regular weekend trips to the beach were favorite times. Our family dog (named 'Fancy'), and neighbor kids would be piled into our 1959 Ranch Wagon and off we'd go for a day of sun, sand, and wading into the waves. And the most curious part of this is that I apparently LOVED wearing little dresses to the beach! Not swimsuits, but dresses and yes, they did get wet! So, I LOVE the little dress, and all the dresses of A-Muse designs so just keep them comin'!

Jean in NH

We were on vacation in York Beach, Maine. I came running out of the water and said to my mother "Watch what I'm gonna do!" and then I YANKED OUT MY TWO FRONT TEETH! They had been wiggling for two weeks and I was sick of them. So I took the bull by the horns and extracted them myself!

The Tooth Fairy came three times that night! We were on vacation with my Nana and her sister Peggy and it seems that they all snuck in and put money under my pillow!


I have many wonderful childhood memories! One of the most memorable was the day I got my sweet little black English Cocker Spaniel, "Prissy." My parents were teachers and didn't have a lot of money, but I wanted a good show dog for 4-H and they surprised me with her!


My favorite memory is walking along the beach with my parents looking for seashells. The ones on that beach with glorious white sand were shiny pastels! I was allowed to put all of my finds into an empty lamp base so I could enjoy the shells when I got home. Thanks for bringing to mind the memory! And thank you for the contests, stamps, and fun. :)

Kelly Marie

The day I got my dog, Kokomo. He was a surprise from my parents. I had asked for a dog for so long that when they put him on the ground I thought he was a toy and asked, "is he real?" He was the cutest thing and my best friend for 13 years :).

Doris G.

I would have to say that my favorite childhood memory is sitting on the front steps of our house talking to my Dad. We would talk about school, boys, and what things were like when he was a kid. My Dad left this earth 15 years ago, and to this day I still miss him....and our talks. He was a great guy....


I would have to say the most memorable childhood memory is family vacations and taking my Grandmother along. Thanks for a chance.


My favorite childhood memory would have to be getting my first dog, a beagle I named Molly Brown. We had just moved to Rochester, NY and my parents had promised me a dog when we moved. I remember walking into the pet store, and it was love at first sight. I was blessed to have Molly with me for 17 years.


My favorite memory isn't specific but just
relates to having a father who was a wonderful person, a talented
professional musician and a loving dad.


My dad used to take me to the park for pony rides which I thought was the best. When I was a little older, my parents would take me and my brother to the amusement park as a treat after dinner a few times each summer.


i remember when i was little i was a flower girl in a wedding. well i had a winnie the poo animal that i carried all around with me back then. i couldn't understand why they wouldn't let me take it down the aisle with me. i raised bloody hell and i can't imagine what sorts of incentives were offered to me to get me to stop and just walk down the aisle with a basket of flowers.


My favorite childhood memories were spent with my family at the beach in Hawaii. We would spend the morning in the water, come out for lunch, wait 30 minutes till we could go back into the water and stay there till our fingers were shriveled! Fun and happy times!

Drea B.

I have many favorite memories but I'll never forget the year that my parents got me my first camera when I was about 10. It was a grad gift for completing that year of school with good grades. I totally thought that I was as good as any National Geographic photographer and ran around shooting photos of my whole family as well as many inanimate objects. Very few of the photos turned out but it was an amazing day that I spent with family and I have a few out of focus shots to remember it by!

Crafty Karin

This card reminds me of a cute little dress I had when I was small - it was my favorite thing to wear! It was pink with little strawberries all over it, and I wanted to wear it all the time.

Donna Hitz

One fun memory was a trip to Disneyland via train from Seattle to LA. for my 7th birthday. The other...was just that we lived 3 blocks from Grandma's & Aunties and if unhappy with mom & dad...I'd just walk to Grandmas!


My favorite memories of my childhood was going down the street to Gage Park with my mom, dad and two sisters. My mom would always pack a picnic lunch and my dad would wax his '74 blue chevy pick-up.

Amy L. Weber

My most memorable (though not necessarily happy) childhood memory: Speding a week with my Grandparents one summer, only to come home with my waist-length hair CUT short enough to look like a boy's. Yep, I'll never forget it!


My favourite memory was performing on stage for the first time. I loved it and studied theatre in University.

Lesley :)


So many to choose from... one of the best was the day I got my Powder Puff Big Wheel. I rode it everywhere!

Jennifer G.

My most memorable moment was Mr. Jinks the chimp performing at my kindergarten graduation.


My favorite childhood memory is when I got my first cat. I named her "Cosmo"...what a name for a cat!! I loved her dearly and after she left me cats have always been a part of my life.

Ann I.

Just being able to run around the neighborhood with all the other kids with no worries.. riding bikes, playing hide and go seek, visiting each other's homes till our parents called us in for dinner or it got dark...


I was about 8 or 9, slept over at a cousin's house. While my cousin was sleeping I was making a necklace using tiny tiny beads.


Baseball games with my dad. Now he takes my kids.

Karen M.

I grew up going to our lake cabin on weekends with my mom and dad. Back then the area was just a collection of weekend cabins. I'm an only child, my dad taught me how to fish. Fun times with my dad in the boat. As an only child, I ended up with the lake cabin after my parents were gone and now I live at the lake. It's so peaceful to return home to nature after a day at work. My husband is amazed that he "landed" a wife that likes to fish! Thanks for a chance to re-live some fun times from childhood.


Mine was playing musical chair with my Dad, and singing some "cheesy" song from a chinese TV show. My mom still make fun of me these days. :D

Rachel Shirk

I have wonderful memories of my family in CA. :) Cousins, uncles, aunts and grandparents. I miss them.

Denise Bryant

Trips to Disneyland. We got to go once or twice a year since I was pretty young. I still have my Cinderella watch, and it still runs! It no longer fits around my wrist on the original band though.... I must have been 7 or 8 when I got it.


One of my favorite memories would be summer and going fishing and having a bonfire to cook hot dogs when the fish weren't biting.


Spending my summers with my dad, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. I can still feel my grandma's hugs & can smell her perfume...


My best childhood memory is the day my elementary school teacher sheltered me from racism. She made my classmates apologize for racial slurs and cruel taunting (stretching theirs eyes out w/ their fingers) and gave a "grown up lesson" to everyone on the history of racism and the legal ramifications of then/today. My self esteem rose a notch from that day forward and has evolved me into a well-rounded, empathetic citizen ^_^


Mine would be the trip to Disneyland. I was so excited I couldn't sleep for days prior to the trip! But once I got there it caught up to me and I was sleepy the whole trip!!!


My favorite childhood memory was climbing the big tree with my friends in our front yard. It was the perfect climbing tree: the branches were just the right width and strong enough to hold us up, and there were tons of branches to climb on or sit upon once we got tired! :)


Spending time with my brother, who is nine years younger than me and used to place his toy cars or trucks in a long line when he was a toddler. I liked to watch how he did that. :)


MOst memorable childhood memory would have to be me, my sisters, and my cousin watching that movie Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt. I remembered us loving that movie so much so we would watch it over and over and dance and sing. Pretty hilarous! Okay, now I can't get the song off my head!


My favorite childhood memory is fishing with my dad. We would sit out in the boat and talk about everything. He would always put the worms on my hook and take the fish off of it, too. He taught me the names of the fish that we caught. And, he'd make a big deal out of every fish I caught - no matter how small it was. I loved spending that time with my dad.


I grew up in New York City in an apartment. On Sunday afternoons, my father would often take us down by the East River, where there is a path to walk/ride bikes on. I remember seeing the water and boats, and running my hands along the black iron railing, and the feel of the breeze in my hair. Also, walking with him, as he smoked his pipe.
Thanks for the memory!

Cindy Kraus

My best childhood memories would be on Sunday's driving to Green Bay, Wi about 30 miles away from where we lived and visiting with Grandma and all my Aunts,Uncles & cousins. Grandma would make her big sunday dinners. The kids now a days have no idea what that like, their were no Malls open, remember back then nothing was open on Sunday's. I miss that family time.

Susie P

my favorite childhood memories are spending each summer at the lake in MN with my extended family. We would stay in a friends cabin for a week (but when you are a kid it feels like a month!) and all the relatives would come over and we would boat, ski, tube, grill, and play lots and lots of games. I just love summer!


Rollerskating with my sister


Spending time with my grandparents and family during the summer at our mountain cabin.


Collecting caterpillars with my sister and watching them turn into beautiful monarch butterflies.

Nancy W

My favourite childhood memory was visiting the annual city exhibition fair grounds which included rides and fairground food staples. Yeah for cotton candy and Tom Thumb donuts!

Susan N.

The dress up birthday parties my mom would have for me. Great memories.

Celine de Souza

Spending the summers with my cousins in NY. We would put on a 'show' at the end of every summer for our parents and spend the entire summer rehearsing our song and dance routine. We would always beg for one extra day at the cousins even though we knew perfectly well the day we would be leaving.


My fav childhood memory would have to be my mother's cooking...she's the best cook!!


I remember going camping with my family and cousins, and sleeping in a big Camper by the lake, and waking up every morning to smell the burnt out fire from the night before. That smell I will always remember. And going out to fish on the lake, and using the paddle boats with my cousins and pushing them off into the water!! HAHA. Good times!!



Ah, those trips to Cape Cod for the summer! And I won a box camera in a grocery store coloring contest, so I could take pictures when I pleased. Perhaps that where I started my love of scrapping, choosing colors, and documenting family history. Thanks, Amuse for your great stamps that support those efforts.

Erika M

One of my most memorable childhood memories involves going to my grandma's house. We didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up and couldn't go on vacation - vacation was spending a week at grandma's. We arrived late at night and the next morning as soon as we were dressed and had breakfast - it was outside for us! I had so much time playing with my cousins.

Heather Bilhorn

I LOVED going to the mountains -- and making mud pies -- field daisy decorations - and baking them in the warm sun... riding my bike - and playing with my dog ... oh the days of childhood

Denise T

I feel so fortunate to have so many wonderful childhood memories to choose from. I guess one of my favorites would be making chocolate chip cookies at home, sandwiching them around vanilla ice cream, and taking them to the beach after dinner. :)

Jen T

I know it's Mother's Day and I have no specific Mother's Day recollections but every Father's Day we'd clean out the garage with dear old dad. Literally take EVETYTHING out, hose it out (pre-water conservation days, ladies) and move it all back in.


My favourite memory is having a picnic in the backyard under the lemon tree. The lawn was usually freshly mowed and we would be in our favourite clothes and my favourite BLUE shoes.


I loved it when my grandparents drove up from Arizona during the summer and my sister and I would drive back with them and stay for three weeks. We would swim and play and have so much fun. Then they would fly us back home. It was so fun! I miss them so much.

Tobey Shepherd

I loved Sunday drives! We would go on the country roads, sometimes stop for ice cream, or to a potato chip factory for potato chips and pickles.....or up to Vermont to visit cousins! Sundays were always a great day....go to church, come home, have a big dinner, then go for a ride!!

Cute card too!!!

nancy l.

When I was about 11, I won the grand prize at my dad's company dinner - an electric ice cream freezer! Our family made homemade ice cream for just about every picnic and gathering that we had at our house and up to that point, we had only had hand crank freezers. It was so much fun to be able to make ice cream without having to churn it by hand.


I read this post early and spent most of mother's day mulling over in my head some of my favorite memories. What a lovely way to spend the day with my daugthers, thinking about what their favorite memories may become! My most precious memories involve my paternal grandmother, who loved and adored me so unconditionally! I only was able to see her a couple of times a year (we lived thousands of mile apart), but I looked forward to those visits all the months in between. She was such an avid crafter and I miss her so much.

Laura Bassen

My favorite memory is playing dress up in the front yard. My mom kept a whole garbage can full of dress up clothes that we'd dump out onto the grass and have the time of our lives!


The first thing that popped into my mind was my 10th birthday. My Mom gave me a big party with all the family and even my grandparents that lived 3 hours away came. I didn't usually get birthday parties but this one is one I still remember --even 30 years later.


My favorite kiddy memories are the ice cream truck coming through our neighborhood with the loud music and then trying to pick out something to purchase by looking at the pictures on the side of the truck and going to the amusement park in our state called "Valleyfair" - fun times were had there!! Thanks for the chance!


My most memorable childhood memory would probably have to be of summer camp. I have so many memories from there, and I met my husband there too!

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