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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mimi M

Our phrase was always BFFs forever! Silly, silly girls we were! Wonderful card Jill!!


yeah right and whatever....and I still use them....don't know if that makes me young at heart or stuck in the past.

Thanks for a chance to win!


That is too cute! I always said "duh" when I was a kid - what kid didn't!

sue wisniewski

Hard to remember but think the cool saying when I was a kid in school was "cool"....everything was "cool man".
stamping sue

nancy l.

I'm the oldest of 4 and one of my dad's favorite shows was 'All In The Family'. I remember telling my brothers and sister to 'stifle it' (be quiet) a lot. LOL

Gabriella Schmidt

I used to say "awesome" to everything. That is also what I think all the wonderful creative ideas on your Amuse blog are!

Patty W

That was a long time ago!

Groovy! Far Out! yeah right!

Kelly Braund

I just, like, remember, like, using the word like, like a lot! :)

Wendy Fentiman

Well, growing up as the only girl, it'd probably be... "Dad....."

Sent by my daughter, Kelly Braund. Thanks!

Pat J

I used to say: "Nop that!" because I couldn't make the "st" sound for stop that. It was written in my baby book, because that was too far back to remember.


I love that card!!
A phrase I remember from childhood is "See you later, alligator, after while, crocodile!!"

Cat Lail

i've just loved reading everyone else's replies. i don't really remember anything specific from my childhood, although i'm always reminded of how poorly i spoke as a child. i spent several 'formative' years as an army brat, experiencing many different languages and dialects - i had speech lessons for years!


No way!

Now I like Rats! (like Lucy from the Peanuts gang)

Betsey Terry

I used to get razzed all the time for saying 'like' and 'totally' (shuddering).

The other thing we did when we were small..and even still today with the littles if holding hands and having to split or go over something..Bread and Butter..Toast & Jam. not sure where it came from..but learned it from my mom.


thank you,

~zoie in ks

Denise T.

I absolutely love this card; so adorable! I don't remember what phrases I used to say, but I remember that we all signed our notes "LYLAS" (Love you like a sister). Gotta love the 90's!


I think it was my youngest brother who coined the term "grody" to refer to something that was gross...I'm not sure where the "-ody" suffix came from!

Alanna (al_silver2)

I still remember running around the schoolyard in kindergarten shouting "you've go the cooties!!"


Hmmm... Trying to remember... "Can't touch this!" just popped into my head -- woo hoo for MC Hammer! ;)


Jennipurr sent me to your anniversary party! When I was a kid, we used to say that you were ""the cat's pajamas!


I would use the term "hella" a lot. "That's hella cool!" I don't use it much anymore unless I slip... :)

Julie Hunter

I would say "wicked" all the time and occasionally still do.


I remember writing "stay cool" in my year book messages back in high school. Double meaning, as in temperature cool during the heat of summer and cool as in awesome, rad, etc.


Kick me out the back door! My cousin and I always said that!!

Lesley :)

Chichi Labamba

Easily the most used phrase as a kid was "mom, can I...." Usually followed by "why not?" Hee hee.


I can't remember anything I said all the time, but I do remember one time before dinner, I told my mom I was starving. She looked at me (being a bit chubby at the time)& said, "I doubt it!" LOL

Ellen Smith

I was sent to your blog by Kelly Braund , When I was little I said "NOBODY" a lot! My MOM wanted to wring "NOBODY"S little neck!! LOL

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