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Friday, May 15, 2009



I use the recliner stamp and the sentement "Relax, it's your day!" All the men in my life would relish spending a few hours in a soft comfortable leather recliner, with the sports on tv, a cuppa coffee in their hand, and a newspaper in their lap!

Thanks for all the fun celebrating A Muse's Eighth Birthday! We should be showering you with gifts not the other way around!


Rock star

Christina Slaton

I think it would have to be Boris, because the men in my life are all a little crazy.

Molly K.

I tend to use the Rock Star or Super Hero stamps time and time again for boys.

Yay! A Muse, it has been fun playing along. I will miss the daily contests.


I <3 the recliner for masculine cards.


Definitely the recliner with the "Relax, it's your day" sentiment.


i've been using the couch stamp for my masculine cards! all of my guy friends say their favorite thing to do is vegge on the couch, so this tends to be the perfect stamp for them:)


I second the vote for the recliner image! How about the golfer or golf cart, too?


I think any of the surfer/island images work really well!

Jen T

I make masculine cards all the time.

Hands down, it's the Rock Star/You Rock because I think all men secretly wish they were rock stars.


Most of my manly cards tend to be outdoor themed so I love the hiker, fishing trip, three trees and of course, anything grill related!

Amy L. Weber

I love to use the little guitar with the sentiment "you rock."

Jenn E.

I'm another one who used the guitar guy a lot for my guy cards - it's a classic!

Kelly Braund

I definitely make some masculine cards. I've used the rockstar, boris, the Mainly Men clear set (love that!) and the bomb with "you're da bomb!".


Happy 8th Anniversary to YOU!
What a fun and awesome celebrate you have shared with us. I would have to say the Rock Star for me. All man think they are Rock Stars in one way or another. LOL
Thanks for a chance.

Nathalie V. in CA

For masculine cards, I love all the stamps related to golf!

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

Mine is definitely the "IPod" or "You Rock" sentiment (my absolute A Muse favorite stamp!)

Awesome birthday card!


I love the rockstar!!

Drea B.

I'd have to join the recliner with "Relax, it's your day" camp. This so reminds me of my dad!

Tina  Mayo

the grill usually does it for me..all the men in my family are grillers so they get a kick out of it.


I make masculine cards every now and then. So my "go-to" masculine stamps are the SUPER HERO, RECLINER, and the RELAX..IT'S YOUR DAY. Very versatile stamps!! Thanks A Muse for the chance to win! :o)


My old standby is the tire swing tree. I used the canoe topped car and camper a lot this year, and just bought the salmon and the recliner!

Denise T.

I have used lawn mower a bunch of times; love that stamp! :)

Susan N.

Since our family and friends love baseball I use the baseball player all the time. I think it might be retired. I also use the super hero, muscle guy, announcer, I-pod and best fishes with the retired fish stamp. I recently purchased the rock star and can't wait to use him. Happy 8th Anniversary A Muse!

Robyn M.

I like the golfer or the grill. Thanks!


I like the tent with the feet sticking out and of course the rock star. Thanks!

Tina W

I like to use the computer or golfing stamps to make masculine cards! :o)

Susie P

I love the golfer, he is one of my favorites. I just made one with the BBQ man and turned out very cute too!


The golfer. =)

Cat Lail

well, i purposely purchased the 'briefs' just for masculine cards - but i haven't even inked it yet!


I've been using the rock star a lot and the golfer for my hubby. My father-in-law is a big fisherman so the fish stamps work for him and I also love the recliner with "Relax, it's your day.". I know you said what's your favorite, but when it comes to A muse, it's hard to pick just one.


I use the Starbucks cup or the golfer for my masculine cards.


I have 2 girls but have needed one or two boys cards recently. I used the rocket stamp for an "out of this world" birthday card.

Crafty Karin

I borrowed a cute bbq stamp from a girlfriend and it was really cute for male cards!


A Muse has so many cute options... I love that "happy birthday, little dude" sentiment, and also the recliner! Thanks!


I occasionally need a masculine card and love using the rock star with you rock - it works well for many different types of situations. I also like the campers in the tent and the coffee set with "thanks a latte."


I think the rockstar is a perfect stamp and the second runner up would be the mariachi man. They are both so cute!

Gerianne Patti

I love the Recliner stamp!!


Amanda Beers

Is there any question? It's the rock star!! He's AWESOME!


Has to be the Grill and the recliner!! I also love the fishing stamp, I used to fish with my dad all the time.
Happy 8th!!!! Thank you for all the fun challenges!!!

Kellene P.

Anything BBQ related and I love the thermos and hardhat from the "mainly men" clear set.

Patty W

I need to make some masculine cards, but sad to say I don't have any of the Amuse masculine stamps ..but I love the grill one so very much!

Debby W.

I dont have it yet, but I NEED the grill for masculine cards! It will be on my next order! I also like the recliner ...

Doreen Schostek

It's between the recliner and the rock star...great stamps!!


The bandit or the lion!


Simply the grill!

Denise Bryant

I like the grill and BBQ related stamps for masculine cards also.


I love to use anything golf-related b/c I have a many golfers in the family. And, the lawn mower comes in handy, too.

Karen M.

I work with a bunch of computer nerds and the little laptop from the Mainly Men set has been my go-to stamp for office birthdays. I use it with "another birthday?" and "that bytes" - the guys love it. I keep wishing for a good motorcycle stamp because my DH and his friends love Harleys.

Erika M

The grill or the golfer are both great for masculine cards


I love the grillmaster - have used that with the "my heart flips for you" sentiment! Thanx for sharing and thanx for the blog candy opp!


I have 1 young boy and I too see to make more boy cards than any others! I would have to say my favourite A Muse stamp for masculine cards is the rocker and the you rock sentiment. I also tend to make a lot of invitations, birthday cards and gifts and it seems that I keep going back to my little rocker dude!!!


It is more rare for me to make masculine cards, but I find the Trees I and II sets always do the trick with the right "manly" color-combo.


I would have to say the recliner and the Relax...it's your day sentiment.


Recliner chair and golfer stamps...Two things my hubby like playing golf and relaxing...lol

Donna Hitz

If I needed to make a boy card...w/stamps I have now, I'd probably use my tent, campfire and roasty marshmellow...

Kelly Marie

Either the golf bag (lots of golfers in my family!) or the recliner. I've never met a man that doesn't like recliners! :)


This little cowboy is adorable! I have the farmer (with the barn, tractor, haywagon) that I use for male-themed cards. I got them especially for my brother!

Ann I.

The grill is my go to masculine stamp!


Having boys I like a lot of the masculine stamps. Favorite would be the golfer and cart, no the grill, no no the fishing trip and camper. Having motocross riders I need a motorbike and that would be my fav.


I love the golf themed stamps. Especially the golf carts!


I like the recliner and also the gymnasts, I think men do a balancing act in lots of areas of their lives. Thanks Geeta, this card is so cute.


i love the golfer and putter, and i usually pair the golfcart with them, for the envelope.


For manly cards I've used the super hero and strong man and usually use bright bold colors.

Suzie Padrick

I love to use the rocket ship for the boys. There are so many cute ways to use it with all the fun sayings.

Jo Ann Fannon

I use cruisin' a lot for men, especially since many family members work for General Motors.

Brenda H.

My fave Amuse stamp for masculine cards would be Rock Star. Thanks for this chance to win!

nancy l.

I really like the 'to go coffee cup' stamp for masculine cards. Oh, and the super hero stamp too. It's so hard to choose just one!!

Connie NH

My favorite masculine stamps are the outdoor focus stamps-the hiker, the scout, the trees, campfire, tent, fish, etc. The acrylic set with the laptop and thermo was great too. Stars are always good too. Now if we just had mountains and hill stamps.

K Crum

My favorite stamp to use for men is the golfer and golf cart. My favorite to use for boys is the rocket. I think this stamp would be alot of fun also. Thanks for the chance to win.

Rachel Shirk

I have used the folded dress shirt from Mainly Men a ton of times for my boy cards. It is super fun to stamp onto patterned paper! :D

Shannon C

I love the rocker (as in the guy with the guitar, not the new chair!) It can be used for boys and grown ups alike!

Super cute card, btw!

Mary Driggs

There are so many great stamps. I prefer the robot kid stamp for my nephew and husband.

And for my step-dad and father-in-law, I prefer the ties stamp.

And the Mariachi Man for my step-brother, since he was in a Mariachi band.

And the lawn mower is great for all of them.



My favorite stamp for masculine cards has to be a tie between the rockstar and the recliner. They are both so great! Its hard to choose!!


The rocket for boys and the guy rocker for men.


My favourite male stamp from A Muse is one I just ordered!!! I am going to use it for my dad's birthday. It is the golf clubs and "Best Wishes FORE your Birthday!" I thought that was so cute!!

When I visited your blog today I saw that Lesley had won!! I was jumping up and down!!! Then I realized that I was the Lesley at 11pm not 9:56pm...LOL!!!

My toes are crossed!

Lesley :)

Jean in NH

I'm a big fan of Henry. It's my son's name and reminds me of the time when a towel safety pinned to his shirt shoulders made him the Super Hero he will always be to me!

Doris G.

I just love the hammock. That, with the "Relax it's your day" sentiment is a winner every time.


I love the recliner chair w/ the relax it's your day stamps. Thanks for the chance to win

Lori Frost

I really like Happy Birthday little dude.

Sheri Eichar

I like the super hero or the circus announcer with animals. thanks for asking?


Ooooh...so many to choose from! I like the rocket and robot, the strong man (for manly man cards!) and the golf cart/clubs for all the duffers in the family. Thank you Geeta for a cute card and all your inspiration!

Sharon Knitter

Definitely the little rocker boy is my favorite for cards for both boys and men. Who doesn't want to be a rock star????


My favorites are the rock star and the strong man. My little boy thinks the strong man is his grandpa.

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

I love the little robber guy!

Nancy W

The rock star stamp is an absolute must for the guys cuz they (mostly) do.


I like Fishy and Fishy background for masculine cards along with the Fishing pole. Thanks for the chance!!


For guy cards, I love to use any of the animals. Throw on a party hat and they're ready for just about anything!


I found out this week I don't have any A Muse stamps for a masculine card :( So I better get on it & order one. It will probably be the golfer.

Amy Y.

I love the Rock Star guy, but also the computer from the Men's Clear Set.

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