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Friday, November 06, 2009



I like the use of the punch with the angel card


Karen's cards have such beautiful detail. My favorite is the mistletoe card! Lovely coloring.

Patty W

Welcome Karen ! Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas ! Very cute cards !


Love the under the mistletoe image and the way Karen stamped it and colored.
Beautiful cards! Thanks for sharing


These are really cute cards!


I really love Karen's simple color combinations. The Juliette paper looks wonderfully vintage when paired with the Swiss red.

jen shears

I love Karen's style!!! Thanks so much for the chance at those FAB products!!


you must have a steady hand to cut that image that close! ;)


Very cute! I'm loving these designs from "across the pond!"


Darling designs!!! YAY, Karen!!!

Sue M

Great cards Karen! Love the colors and layouts!


wow, the detail is amazing! thanks for the inspiration!


These are wonderful, Karen! Love the color combos, as well as, the beautiful details of these designs!


Very cute cards! can't hardly wait to see more :)

Dana Klinkner

Wow - I love Karen's attention to detail! Each little detail really makes the images pop and the cards look amazing. I'm feeling really inspired by her ideas - keep them coming, Karen! Thanks for sharing and as always, for such fun give-aways. :)

Tina Mayo


Teresa Smith

I absolutely love all the detail on the card with the girl pulling the sled. I too wish I had more patience with the scissors. They all look great!


I love the details on these cards...they are GREAT! I really like the angel and her sparkle.

Jane B.

What cute Holiday cards Karen! I think I need to get a few more stamps! =)


so cute! love the added sparkle. wish I could cut like that too.

Alanna (al_silver2)

beautiful cards...love all the "glitteriness"!!


Karen's cards are wonderful; love the colors she has used and the couple under the mistletoe is too cute!


Great cards!!! Love the details! I can't wait to see more!


These cards are so sweet! Love the coloring! Can't wait to see your next post!

Susie P

these cards are so great and very inspiring! I love angel card, I must get that stamp!! can't wait to see what Karen does next:)

Karen M

I love the detail in these cards. Can't wait to see more of Karen's designs.


Although I am now a "resident Alien" in the US, I am British and was born and breed in Kent so I must congratulate my fellow country and County woman love the cards and look forward to seeing more

Donna Hitz

Great layouts, coloring and clean style! Love your work!

Michelle K

Very cute Cards, Thanks for sharing!!

Faith Kim

I love the designs. They are so simple and cute! I cannot wait to start making my christmas cards!


Those cards are beautiful and your cutting skills are phenomenal. Thanks for sharing.

Caren Weinstein

Her talent abounds. Thanks for sharing these beautiful cards! Cheers, Caren


I love all the details in your cards, especially all the scallop effects and border trims!


love your cards! what inspiration!!

Jenn F.

Super cute cards Karen, love 'em! :)

sue wisniewski

Adorable cards. They are perfect for the holidays.
stamping sue

Jo Ann

Karen, I love your beautiful cards. Your attention to detail is amazing!


very detailed and beautiful cards


woo hoo! I need to learn to cut like that. Does Karen have any tips she can share on cutting, or is patience really what it's all about? Can't wait to see more cards! By the way, I just started a blog. Check it out if any of you are interested - stampthisway.blogspot.com. Make it a great weekend :-)


Hello from 'across the pond'. Your cards are beautiful, thanks for sharing!


Beautiful cards!

Kellene P.

Love the holiday card ideas even though it's not even Thanksgiving! Can't wait to start crafting!

Lori Frost

I love guest desginers and I can't wait to see more cards.

Chris Hauck

Just love all her cards. Such adorable details.

Sue Willey

Really enjoy Karen's papers and details - cute cards!

Jennifer Moore

Really fun Christmas cards.


Beautiful cards! You did an awesome job cutting out the girl with sled.


Love the cards ... such great little detail that make the card just pop! I'm looking forward to seeing more ideas!


Very pretty cards Karen! I really like the the angel card!!

Thank you for the chance to win!

Lesley :)


Cute cards!

Erika M

Karen's cards are quite cute!


Love these cards! Adorable!! You have the patience and finesse of a fine surgeon when it comes to cutting. I could never do it that small and close to the lines!

Lori L. from Michigan

I love the detail Karen has added to her cards! Looking forward to seeing more :)


Welcome from across the pond! I love the details on the Angel card - the mixture of ribbon with apron punch. These designs are truely inspiring. Thank you for sharing.


Simply superb Karen! I love your use of color and the whymsy of your desings! Can't wait to see more!


Oh wow! The cutting is amazing! The coloring is superb as well. I'm in awe!

Stephanie Jones

Karen - I love your cards. You've inspired me to get started on my holiday cards. Stephanie


Glad to see your pretty cards. You are doing a great job getting us into the holiday spirit! Look forward to seeing more of your work!

Princess Judy

Beautiful work, Karen! I love this blog for inspiration!

Marcia Butler

These cards are too cute! I may have to CASE some ideas from here!

Lillian Child

Beautiful job, Karen!! And such adorable images to work with!


Love the designs and look forward to seeing more of them.

Samantha Taylor

Welcome! Really lovely work

Beth Rang

What lovely cards! I tend to be afraid of cutting images too, but I love these.

Nancy W

The paper piecing looks so great - what precision!

Janell Blackmer

Wow - wow - wow!! These cards a fantastic!

kandi burke

i love the color combos. all the cards are terrific. i'll be looking at color in a whole new way. great job. kandi in seattle


I have had the opportunity to meet Karen in person, and I must say I do love her cards, and the colouring of her images inspires me to continue my copic colouring!! Well done Karen! stalking you all the way! HUgs always!

Carol O'Leary

What beautiful cards! I would never have thought to punch out a window and put another pattern behind it. I know I'm going to steal that idea!

Raggedy Jan

Very cute cards! I loved what you do with your 'ribbonsnippets' also!

Lucretia M.

Have loved Amuse since I first discovered them in a card making magazine. You have the cutest stamps and they make beautiful cards.

Debbie Martinez

I just love the cards, I am new at cardmaking and I love getting great ideas.
I really need to get a good STASH started.
Thanks for this great website and great guest.

Elizabeth Stewart

Absolutely wonderful!


These are great cards! I agree with others about her cutting skill and I especially like the different techniques and layers on the card of the girl pulling the sled card.

Jenna A

I just love the under the mistletoe card. How much cuter could that get? I tried to buy that stamp, but my local store was sold out on the first day! I also love the sparkle, makes it so much fun.

Tricia Wittenvberg

I love the various techniques used in the process of making the card with the girl pulling the sled. I also am very partial to the kissing under the mistletoe card for my wedding I hid a piece of mistletoe and when my husband and I were dancing I pulled it out so we had to kiss under the mistletoe. Needless to say we were married in December 1998! Beautiful Cards...great ideas! Thanks


Oh what CUTE cards!!


I love the soft green accent used with these red cards - it mutes the holiday color scheme but still looks so festive!


love those cards!

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