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Friday, November 27, 2009



Thanks Karen for sharing your talents with us! Love the today's cards as well as all the rest!


The winter stag card is just beautiful. Thanks to Karen for sharing some great ideas and thanks to a muse for having the drawing! Best wishes to all for a joyful holiday season.


Too cute, Karen! I just love the polar bear and juggling snowman card! I think I'm ready to buy that cuttlebug now :) Thank you for the inspiration.

Lori Frost

Thanks Karen for sharing you designs.

Susie P

Wow, so cool! I am going to have lots of new ideas to try out!

jen shears

I've loved Karen's cards this month! They've all been so inspiring! Thanks for all the tips on new techniques!

Alanna (al_silver2)

very beautiful cards...thanks for the inspiration!!


OMG-love the winter stag card! It is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing them all with us!!

Chris Hauck

Wow these are amazing!!!! I love what you did with the stag card...really all of them. Makes me feel in the spirit of creating so thank you for the inspiration.


LOVE all of these! My favorite is the Polar Bear going down the snowy hill...Genius using that notecard! Perfect snowy sky!!

Erika M

Such lovely cards!

Lori from Michigan

More creative cards! Just love 'em! Way to go Karen! Thanks for sharing them!

steph in

totally cute polar bear! love the cutting technique too - will try with my christmas cards too!!


Great cards and ideas. Thanks for sharing with us!

Dana Klinkner

Wow - once again your cards are amazing! Love your use of the kitchen note cards for snow. Thanks for sharing your inspiring ideas with us.


Really great cards! I like how the polka dotted card really looks like snow.


Ah, polka dot snow!!! Pure genius!!!


wonderful ideas! tfs!

Nancy W

The torn paper idea for the snowy ground is terrific. Thanks for sharing your cards with us.


Wow! More beautiful cards! I love how you "flipped" the embossed dots and then inked it. Such a cool technique! Thanks for sharing all of your designs...I've enjoyed seeing them all.


I've flipped the dotted swiss to make golf ball impressions but not for snow - TFS and thanx for the blog candy opp! I'll have to try this technique for snow today!


The deer card is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the directions.

Tara Sroka

Very cute cards. Love that bear on the sleigh. Makes me giggle every time I see it =)


I'm so inspired! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work with us!

Julie in Edmonds

Beautiful cards!


Oh so cute! Love the ideas!

Joanne Kaleita

Fantastic card!! I LOVE that juggling snowman!!!

Joanne Kaleita

Why have I never torn paper for snow? The polar bear looks like he is having fun!!

Joanne Kaleita

I cannot wait to try the stag card with a pale yellow moon!! Thanks



Tracey A

All 3 cards are FABULOUS!! Happy Holidays!!


I LOVE the deer card-gorgeous~
Thanks for sharing,


The Winter Stag card is just gorgeous and what a great trick of using the debossed side! Thanks for sharing that technique! Just another reason to adore the A Muse muses! Cheers!

Jo Ann

All the cards are awesome. I love the idea of using the blueberry polka dot cardstock as snow. Thanks, Karen.

Tara G

I love the cuddlebug's effects on the cards!


The Stag card is a stunner, love it


Wonderful cards you've shared, Karen! I especially like the various ideas for creating snow... the spotted note cards, torn and glittered white paper and the very striking debossed snow on the stag card!


great cards!

Jenna A

These are great. I love the idea of using the polka dot theme. It really does make me think of snow falling. The snowflake on the snowman card is a great touch!


I just love her style...beautiful cards!

Michelle K

I really have enjoyed all your card posts. What a great job on all of them. Thanks for sharing.


gorgeous stag in front of the moon!

Lillian Child

Absolutely stunning creations!

Donna Hitz

Very beautiful cards Karen! Love your debossing on the Stag background.

Caren Weinstein

These are amazing. The Winter Stag may be one of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen!!! Thanks for the inspiration - although sadly I will never live up to such talent!


Wow, that Winter Stag card is exquisite! Beautiful beautiful work!

Fran Weinberg

Wow, beautiful cards! Truly an inspiration.


Very Clever work! I love the snowman card.

Denise Bryant

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!


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