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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Kim Howard

Fabulous tip!!! I love it!!

Frances M

Can't wait to try this.

Karen M

Cool idea! We used that HandiTac putty to put posters on our walls in college. It's great stuff. Didn't damage any walls either!

Donna Hitz

Shared it with the ladies in my class last night and they loved it! Such a cool trick!

Janna L

Thank you for sharing this fabu tip! I dug around in my junk drawer and found a package of putty unopened! Wahoo! Now I have to get Twinkles in every color just to play! So fun!

MichelleH in Illinois

What a great tip ! Have a class tonite & can't wait to share with others. Thanks so much !

Mary Ann

I have something from QuicKutz called a QuickStik. It has the tacky stuff inside and you twist the tip, similar to a mechanical pencil, to get some of the tacky to stick out of the hole in the tip. Then you use it just like you described to pick up tiny embellies. The other end has a flat tip to use to push things where you want them. You get 3 or 4 of these sticks in a pack. They work great!

Mary Ann

I just checked and now the QuickStik is sold individually for $6.99. It lasts forever.

Joan Bams rjbams@shaw.ca

sounds like a smart way to go about tings - shall try it one of these days. Enjoyed your class in Nanaimo.
Joan Bams


I have putty, now why did I go and buy a Quik-thingy-ma-jiggy for 6 bucks! You ladies give the best tips!!!!

Bonnie Weyhing

Thank you for making it step by step. I wondered how my fumbly fingers would ever allow me to use these twinkle stickers.
Bonnie W

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