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Thursday, July 15, 2010



YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY! I LOVE your webisodes, just hearing your laugh brightens my day, and the tips are great TOO! Hugs :) Sherry

june g.

love the "fakies" hahaha!!!


I love your laugh...straight from the heart. Thanks for the videos and answering questions. It is a big help.

Brenda U

I don't know what I enjoyed most, your infectious laughter or the actual tips! Today I will go with the laughter, I guess I needed it more. Thank you.

Mary Anne K.

That was fun, and I can just betcha that "Are Ya Wacked" will be part of my vocab today! Hee Hee!


Fabulous tips, Julie. I just wish I'd gotten a cup of coffee before watching.


That was fun! Hey before I got an embossing tool I used to put my iron in a loaf pan so the hot surface was up and then put the back of the card close to or against the iron and melt the powder. I works well and doesn't seem so wacked to me LOL! Try it, you might like it. :)


Another WICKED entertaining and informative video!!! I love these!


Fabulous video! Love your laugh and tips.


gotta love these things!

Debbie Gordon

This is the first time I have watched your videos. You made me laugh. I loved the "alternate" heat embossing methods you shared. I too have a Milwaukee and that thing is a true work horse.


Thanks for the tips! Can't wait to see the next one... It's fun to see you "live" since I've followed your handiwork through amuse! Keep up the great stuff! :)

Mary Anne P.

Thank you. This was my first visit to your site. You did a very informative Q&A video. Looking forward to the next one.


Are you wacked?? Too Funny!! Thanks for sharing all your great tips, Julie! Your laugh makes me laugh right along with'ya!


Really enjoy hearing tips from one of the masters in our field of crafting. Thanks for taking time to share your talent.

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