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Saturday, July 08, 2006



Oooh - it looks very nice - I am looking forward to visiting when I am in Washington state next month!



Heather Meeson

Sooooo pretty! I LOVE the artwork! Everything looks so nice - such happy colors!

Lyndsay Neumann

Linda! It looks FABULOUS! Can't wait to see it sometime - Seattle is on my list of places to visit again. :)

Sarah Vrolyk

Linda, the store looks amazing! Love the colors and the sleek, clean design of the store. WOW! Can't wait to come for a visit sometime. :)


I wish you were in Indiana! Your store looks so inviting!


It looks fantastic! Too bad I live on the opposite side of the country!


Yay! I've been waiting and plan to visit soon (and often)!


This sounds just nifty! I punched into mapquest.com, and I'm only 1,888.73 miles from your location. How long will that take? Hmmm. Better pack some lollies for the trip!


FUN FUN FUN!!!! I wanna shop in that shoppe!!!! ;^) Nina's artwork is so *uber* cool and inspiring!!!! What a pretty shade of green on the walls . . . makes all the other colors just POP. YEA!!!! It's FANSTAMPMAGORICAL!!!!


Oh this looks SO amazing !!!!! I would love to see it in person !
Can you tell me the name (and maker)of the green that you used on the walls? This is the most beautiful color and I would love to have it in my dining room .


Hope Conerly

Is your retail store open for business yet or will it be open the week of 8/19 as I will be in Seattle that week. :=)


Thanks everyone for the nice comments about our new store. I just realized that the photos do not show all of the detail unless you click on them to open them in a new window. So, give this a try to see a bit more detail.

For those of you that have asked if we are open - we are, we are! Since our shop is a retail outlet for A Muse, we are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you desperately need to shop outside those hours, please call us at 206-783-4882. If we are there, we would be happy to open the shop for you!

Have a beautiful day!


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