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Friday, September 15, 2006



Now see, pictures like this make me want a daughter! My son doesn't like tutus for some reason. Adorable ballerina!


Go Team Amuse! You're now 1/8 of the way there! I think it's fabulous that you and your company are supporting this great cause!

P.S. Tell Hailey to break a leg!

Kerri Killmer

You are a little closer to your goal, I made a small donation. I know someone affected by this terrible disease, lets pray they find a cure!


Linda, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Information and Education are keys to finding a CURE!

I'm so honored to get a chance to help support this effort and the A Muse team. You do so much for us!

(Hey, and don't worry about the stamping goodies... I already feel so lucky-ducky this week, thanks to y'all!)

Lyndsay Neumann

Happy to make a small donation - wish it could be more! Here's to finding a cure.

How fabulous for Hailey! Very exciting.


Linda, I have been involved in fundraising for CF for over 15 years and I know that there is a lot of awareness about it. I'll split my annual donation this year to help in researching for a cure of Scleroderma. The best of luck!


Yay Team A Muse! My donation is small but it put you at your half-way point to your goal! :)


What a wonderful cause. Good luck with your fundraising effort, you are now 1/2 way there!



Hi Linda - Just wanted to wish you well on your fund raising. I will look forward to your stamping goodies in my mail box!

I have been having lots of fun with all my new stamps that I bought while we were visiting Seattle.



Go AMuse, I'm happy to help out for such a good cause! I love my Seattle AMuse stuff I got!!


Doreen Schostek

Good luck with the walk next weekend! I sure appreciate the time that you spent with the three of us travellin' gals. Your enthusiasm is contagious!



yay! you reached your goal so quickly - maybe you can double it!


Thank you for taking up the cause and matching the donations! Best of luck (and weather)for your walk. I must not have been paying attention earlier - didn't see the note to post here after donation, (and I just live for goodie bags) thank you!

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