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Thursday, January 25, 2007


Sarah Vrolyk

Wow. The window turned out awesome! Great job, Nina!

And I love the cards you posted. Looks like I may need to invest in a few new punches, LOL! :)

Lyndsay Neumann

Beautiful window display! Nina is so talented.

Love the new Argyle Band notecards!


The window looks great and I love the cards - especially the one with the glittery heart!

Diane McVey

I wish I could see that display in real life! Too bad I am many states away...it looks great, as do the cards and everything else! You must be so proud!!!


Oh I wish that we had an A Muse store near me, I live in NH. Any chance that might ever happen. ? :)Love the display in the window.


A. Sanborn

Hi Mary... PRETTY PLEASE LINDA, can you move your store to the East Coast. New Hampshire is a lovely place to raise your family! *wink* I'm looking in the window at all the fun yummies!

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