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Tuesday, January 23, 2007



Wow, your mom is a dynamo! It must be the generation. My mom will be 83 this year,can still drive the 4-5 hour drive to visit us (although I prefer to pick her up somewhere--my sweet sisters bring her halfway!), never sits down, volunteers for everything, and generally runs circles around me! God bless them both!

Sarah Vrolyk

Aren't moms just the BEST??? :)


Your mom sounds super! My mom is an incredible dynamo, too - we are so lucky to have them for inspiration and example!

Heather Meeson

That's so cool! Mom's rock! =)

Diane McVey

That is so awesome! What a wonderful, fabulous woman!!! I lost my Mom when I was 24, and it's been so sad to not have her in my life. I don't even have a sister, or a daughter! Thank goodness you realize how fortunate you and your girls are to have this treasure in your life. Hugs to all of you, it warms my heart to hear of such a great person! :)


What a fantastic blessing for you and your family!!!

Heather McNally

WOW -what an incredible woman!!!! I so admire that drive in a person. And I wish I had that much energy - LOL!

Michelle M White

You gotta love our moms! I have trouble keeping up with mine!!!


Yay for Vi - she rocks! Can't wait to hear the scoop on the shop curtain panels!


Wow, talk about Supermom!!!! God bless her!

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