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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Michelle M White

Having 3 girls and a boy myself, I think it's so important to make safety talk part of regular conversation so they aren't "freaked-out". My oldest daughter is 15 and I have spoken with her recently about never letting a drink leave your hand at a party or dance. (Don't go to the bathroom and leave your drink sitting on the table and return to drink it.) It's sad but true..and it's our responsibility to educate them!


Always have your keys in your hand. Never stand at your car or house door fumbling for the key. I always have my car key or house key ready before I get to the car or house.

Sarah Vrolyk

Great list, Linda!

I ALWAYS lock my car door as SOON as I get inside. And before I get into my van, I tend to take a quick glance in the back of my van ... just to make sure no one is hiding in it. Isn't that terrible?

I also try to park under a light in a parking lot if I go out at night.


I like the familywatchdog site for checking for sex offenders - was alerted to one in my neighborhood the day we started selling girl scout cookies. My neighbors tease me for using the term "bogeyman," but I think it is a clean way to categorize generally unsavory folks when I talk to my girls about safety, being aware of your surroundings and trusting your instinct.

My daughter already had a girl at school talk about a sex site she had seen on the web - yikes - and I have talked to her about how easy it is to stumble on a porn site without ever meaning to. I would never allow them on the computer without me supervising. It amazes me how often the teachers send home instructions for the kids to do internet research after school.

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