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Tuesday, March 20, 2007



Those are super sweet! My stamp list is growing! :)

Lyndsay Neumann

FABULOUS cards, Elena! WOW!

I'm in love with that idea for using the grass stamp like that.

Great ideas - thanks for sharing!


These are great - love how you tipped the hay wagon and split up the chicks on the 2nd card, Elena!


I love these cards, Elena! I was playing with an almost identical mix over the weekend, and the grass was giving me fits - your solution is perfect! I adore the color palate on the third card - once again, I was fooling around with some yellow cardstck and could not get something I was happy with - your combo is perfect. I love the way you shaded the hay wagon on card #2. May have to add that wagon to the ottchix collection after all!

lexi daly

great cards! i really like that red, yellow, blue combination in the third one.
:) lexi


Neat cards! I'm pretty new to stamping and am inspired by your art.


Beautiful, Elena! I love how you used the stamps in different ways - just goes to show you what an ARTFORM rubberstamping really is!! Thanks for sharing!

S. Patel

so fun! what did you use to colour them in?


These are fantastic! Looks like I have a few more stamps to add to my collection - this place dangerous to my wallet!


Love the farm series!! I love your coloring in the hay wagon with the 2 little chicks - fabulous! Would love to see more!


clever ideas! thanks for sharing!


the colors really pop on the third card.
very vibrant!


I love the 2 chicks with the hay. They totally look like they're up to no good.


I love he chicken on the hay stack! The colours on the other cards are so great!



Such cute cards. Love the chickens in the cart card.

Jacquelyn Rakoski

The chicks are adorable! The layout looks excellent for these cards, you make sure fun cards Elena! Keep up the wonderful work!


What adorable cards. Love those chickens!


Cute, cuter, and cutest! Great job...you are so very creative!

tammy B

what more could a girl ask for!
very cute!

Cindy B

The chicken on top of the hay wagon is my favorite; it's colorful and creative!


I love the centre card, the colours are so striking!


These are all just adorable. Love them all!


Those chicks are toooo cute. The 2nd card is my fav. And the grass tufts on the 1st card is so creative.

Kristi Ferro

FABU cards..........Love them all

Julia Muscari

Yep, gotta get the grass stamp--that's very clever!


So cute and colorful. Nice job, Elena!

Beth Watson

Great designs and I LOVE the chickens with the paisley!

Jackie in NC

Those are just adorable!!


Elena's cards are delightful! She obviously has a great sense of humor.


I love Elena's cards. My favorite has to be the "just sittin' here thinking of you" card. The green wagon sitting unhitched is so clever. The coloring on it is delightfully bold and deliciously blended.

Linda C

Such fun cards!! These will certainly brighten someone's day!


These are super cute. I didn't think I wanted these cards until now.


What great ideas for using the chicks! You're so amazingly creative! TFS!


Love the chicken cards!! So cute! Cookie

Yvette P.

These cards are too cute Elena. I love the attention to detail on all of them. The "Sitting here thinking of you" is too cute. Great use of the "oval" stamp on that one. There are SO many uses for that stamp. That should be a MUST HAVE stamp for any A MUSE fan! I love the colors you have chosen for these cards. Oh, and the way the grass is in spots on the top card has inspired me to try that technique on my cards :) Thank you so much for sharing, we will all miss seeing your cards designs. PLEASE DO feel "a bit of pride"! You deserve it. THANK YOU LINDA FOR SHARING AND FOR ALWAYS KEEPING ALL OF US STAMPERS OUT THERE INVOLVED WITH A MUSE!!

Riza Almanza

I really like the playfulness of these cards. They are soooo cute! I really like the creative use of the grass on the first card. Thanks, again, for sharing your cards.

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