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Monday, March 26, 2007


Cheryl Sims

I loved Elenas work with your stamps. They are so creative. The oval stamp is one that I am wanting and will be getting soon. It is so versatile. Thanks for posting these ideas.


All of Elena's designs are inspirational. So simple and clever. Wish I had thought of them! Would love to see more. Hope these really are NOT her final submissions!

S. Patel

i love the graphic quality of all of these cards--and that they look simple enough for newbies like me!


These are fantastic! You have inspired me with tons of new ideas - thank you! The first heart card is adorable. I absolutely love the colors on the strong man. I have never thought to make the mermaid and hula girl "girlfriends" - brilliant! And Linda is right - that spotlight shadow is a stroke of genious. (And, honestly, I am not one to gush, I swear!)

Linda, thanks for this awesome showcase. It has been a real blast.

Julia Sandvoss

Such great cards..love the shadow on the rock star but the Strong Man card is my favorite! The colors are a winner for sure! TFS!

Lyndsay Neumann

WOW! More fabulous cards, Elena!


My fave is the thought to use the strong man to hold balloons of all things...very creative!! It's been fun seeing Elena's (as well as all of the staff's)awesome cards!!


I will miss seeing your work Elena. This group of cards is really great. I love your attention to detail. The "Love" card is very sweet and simple, love that! The "You Rock" card is very creative. I love how you used your stamps so creatively on that one. The "Strong Man" card is nice with a little 'pop' added to the balloons, it gives it that little something extra...great job. The "mermaid friendship card" is just too cute. You give a lot of inspiration with that one! You do great work Elena and I have really enjoyed viewing your samples! Thanks to you and to Linda for sharing! :)


Being new to stamping, simple is so far my favorite method. Your cards look so great but look like they don't require too much effort. I also personally like cards that aren't too busy. I like all of your cards, but the rock star is my favorite of this bunch.

lexi daly

wow--another great batch of cards! i really like the oval spotlight shadow trick! very cool... :) lexi


Oh man, I love that hearts card. It's so simple yet so classy. Good job Elena!

Rachel Goldstein

I have really enjoyed seeing all of Elena's cards in the last few days. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing...

Erin Vandervelde

Great cards Elena! Thanks for sharing them with us.


Ooooo I like these! Clever use of the stamps too. Looks like you had fun creating these! :)


Thank you for sharing more great card ideas!

Julia Stainton

Very cool! Great job Elena! What a great way to showcase your fabulous stamps Linda!


Love all your great cards. I think the strong man is my favorite. I would have never thought to give him balloons. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Yvette P.

You are a very talented designer Elena! I have been given a lot of inspiration from your work. This set of cards is very unique. I like all the creative things you have done with them. They are very nicely done! You have some very inventive ideas on how to use some of these stamps. I love the album that Linda made of all of your samples. Too cool! I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for sharing with all of us. It has been very fun seeing your work. Thank you to LINDA too!


You are so clever Elena! What a good idea to put the spotlight on the rocker! It really makes the stamp come to life! Thanks for sharing all your fresh ideas! I will surely be using them on my own cards :)


Thank you for providing such imaginative yet do-able cards Elena. You have provided much inspiration, Suzy


Your cards are all wonderful, but I especially love how you "shined" the spotlight on the rock star! Simple, but oh so effective!!


the hula girl and mermaid under water is adorable! I would say a new a muse designer has been found!


can the rock guy get any cuter?! geesh! what a fun series!


Absolutely LOVE the heart card (no pun intended!) and how you put the spotlight on the rock star is COOL!! These cards along with all the others are great! :)

Stefanie (ssummerer)

Wow Elena, I love the way you spotlighted the rock star! That oval is so versatile.


I have wanted the YOU ROCK stamp for a while now.
Your card highlights it beautifully.


Love the hearts. So beautiful. And you did a super job on the rock star guy. I would never have thought of doing the spotlight/shadowing. Great work!!


I love that mermaid and hula girl composition...what a neat idea!


What fun cards you've created Elena.


I especially like the rock star perfect for a teenaged or younger guys! Guys are so hard to stamp for! The one with the heart is super sweet, clean and elgant (my favourite type of cards!) Lovely job!


Jacquelyn Rakoski

I really like the You Rock one, it is so much fun! Bright colors, wonderful design. Love it!

Jenny (penelopepitstop)

I love how you spotlighted the rock star guy. I was trying to think of a way to do something very similar, but you have definately done it in a better way than I pictured in my mind


These cards are so cute. I like the strong man.

kathy foy

Love that mermaid myh granddaughter Ariel would love it too. You have quite a talent. I love the way you did the hearts


All of those are simply fantastic! But without a doubt my favorite is the hearts. I love the simplicity of it, which is one of the reasons I love A Muse Artstamps! Great job, Elena!

tammy B

adore the heart card....totally something i would do....thanks for making me think my style is pretty darn good!


Really like the spotlight card....must give that a try! Also, the mermaid card is adorable....my ll year old granddaughter would just love this. Lots of talent on these cards!!

Cindy B

These cards are attention-grabbing and colorful! Congratulations on coming up with great designs.


I love the heart card. It is so simple, but the colors are terrific. All your work is so fun, keep it up.


Using the oval stamp as a shadow like that is brilliant! Each card is so well thought out and designed.


That heart card is simply awesome!


the simple hearts in a row is one of my favorite cards in the group!! FAB!!


Oh... I love the "YOU ROCK!" card. The shading to simulate a spotlight is awesome!

Sharon in NE

YOU, girl, are going to sell LOTS of stamps. Just looking at the cards has me drooling.

Kristi Ferro

Holy cow they get better and better....LOVE them

Julia Muscari

I'm going to use the shadow idea from the "rock" card!!! Thanks!!!


Oh boy I love all these wonderful ideas. It's impossible to chose a favourite

Big Sis

These are the most stupendous cards in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE! I swear I am not even a little bit biased :)


I like the guy on the bottom how you used the orange stripes going horizontal.

Beth Watson

Elena - I love your attention to the little details that end up making the card really sparkle and shine!

Jackie in NC

The mermaid is so cute but my favorite is the hearts - so simple but really pretty!


Elena, your cards are wonderful and so creative. I am glad Linda introduced you to us.


Love all Elena's work! This is so fun to see so much in one place. In this set the heart one is my favorite. So simply yet so unique. Next is the You rock. Only my 2nd fav because I'm not sure who I'd send a card like that too - but it's stamping genius for sure!


Absolutely lovely! The "love" card is so simple but wonderful!


Your cards are adorable I especially like the Mermaids on the Island...and the Muscle Guy holding the ballons! Great job!

Bethany Paull

Oh my gosh! Those sparkly little hearts are so darling!


LOVE that mermaid card! Too cute.

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