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Thursday, March 15, 2007


Michelle M White

You poor thing! All our kids had it while Scott and I were in Hawaii...then Scott got it the day we returned home! Take care!!!

S. Patel

feel better soon!


ahhh! i hope everyone gets to feeling all better very soon! :)


Take good care and feel better soon!!!


Talk about a yikers! I have missed you - hope you can all get better soon. The flu has been rampant here the last two weeks - I guess it is a late season this year. > ((chicken soup))


Hope you all feel better soon!


fell better soon linda we miss you ;)


feel or fell whats the difference LOL!!


blankets, tip-toeing, lots of rest,
Do get well soon.


Its sure making its way around isnt it!? Im up in Everett and have had it for 2 weeks. Finally went to the doctor and Im on Amox. and 3 other medications :/
My doc said 80% of people getting it get over it just fine. 20% are coming and needing to be treated. Im one of the 20%. So much for not getting the flu shot because I never get the flu...lol
Take care of you and your kiddos. Hope youre feeling better soon!


shucks, linda, that is the pits! It's not the flu at our house, it is AWFUL allergies. First, my older daughter, then my younger, now me. UGH.

Get well soon, and hope sprint gets here soon!

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