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Monday, March 05, 2007



Wow! Great give-away! I would have to say my biggest source of inspiration would be all of the wonderful stampin'bloggers! I just love seeing all the new designs posted each day!


Pick me! Pick me! These look yummy!

I get most of my inspiration online these days. I used to look at galleries a LOT but now I stick to my favorite blogs - so many creative ideas... so little time.

Thanks for the chance to win these magazines!


My main inspiration is online galleries.


I began stamping after going to a Stampin Up party & have been addicted ever since. I had never stamped before that. I get most of my inspiration from online galleries and blogs since they are always available to look at. Unforturnately, living in a small town, I don't have much options for stamping stores. I love the simple designs of A Muse and became my favorites early on!!


Oh I would love to get those magazines! My stampin' inspirations come from blogs and magazines but most importantly they come from family celebrations and momentous occassions and whatever comes to heart!!!

Denise (imchatty)

Lately, I have been getting lots of inspiration reading blogs! There are so many very talented people out on the WEB and it's nice to connect to everyone.


My inspiration comes mainly from blogs and scrapbooking message boards.
LOVE surfing the blogs!!!


I get most of my inspiration from magazines and books. I look for new colors combos or little details that I could add to my work. Sometimes I take a layout but I very seldom will case a complete card. Blessings


I get my inspiration from online gallaries and magazines. I love seeing how people put different designs and colors together.


Interesting magazines!


My main inspiration has to be blogs...I used to be on SCS all the time but I have fallen hard for the blogs since there is so much more personality to them. And, truth be told, save a few people I can think of off the top of my head, most of the greats "blog". TFS!

Jackie  in NC

Since I discovered blogs, they are my main source of inspiration but I also visit Spitcoaststampers and work at a local stamp store part time and see some cool stuff that the customers have created. I love these magazines and haven't seen them anywhere locally!

Riza Almanza

I've always been a subscriber to Paper Crafts Magazine and have just recently discovered the blogs from your designers and other designers and they're really great for ideas. I also frequent Impress Rubber Stamps Store and see all their display cards that are also great inspirations. Thank you for this opportunity to win some inspiring magazines.


Until recently, I would have said magazines....but after doing some web surfin'...I'd say anything on line that's easy to reference. Some blogs organize photos by category (ie: cards) for easy viewing. Some stamp mfgs have incredible galleries (ie: amuse). I think it would be fun to visit a web site where you could look at card samples according to the amuse stamp (similar to splitcoaststamper). That is such a wealth of information complied in the most effecient way!! (this might already exist... fill me in if it does!)
LOVE and ADORE the simple amuse style. Can't get enough of it! Thanks :-)


My inspiration lately has come from blogs... with help from Cards magazine!


I love getting inspiration from online blogs because the content is always fresh!

Melissa Norris

I definitely think that blogs and online galleries are my biggest inspriation. All these artists do wonderful work and inspire me in so many ways!

Melissa Norris

I definitely think that blogs and online galleries are my biggest inspriation. All these artists do wonderful work and inspire me in so many ways!


Oh, I love magazines!!! My primary source for stamping inspiration... magazines, online galleries, blogs, local stamp store, etc. ***ALL of the above!!***. Why? never can have enought inspiration. Well, maybe you can. So much that you don't spend time crafting because you're too busy at looking at all the inspiration. Oh, wow! I think I just discovered something about myself. LOL! Pick me! Pick me!!


ooh! I would love to have some new magazines! I get most of my inspiration from Splitcoaststampers & blogs... but I am also inspired by creations I've seen in my LSS & in magazines ;) :D


Wow! I didn't even know that magazine existed! My primary source for inspiration used to my demo and split coast! Now it's those two and everyones blogs! There are some beautiful creations out there. I love the different designs and the different card folds!


Rachel Goldstein

I have really come to look forward to reading stamping blogs becasue there is something new almost every day. I particularly like the blogs of the A Muse instructors because I love A Muse so much!!


My primary source for inspiration; patterned paper. In terms of designs, I'd say splitcoaststampers.com...and I have bookmarked galleries from some of my favourite stampers there.
Thanks for this chance!


My primary source of inspiration is SCS and other stamping blogs. I love to see how people use things in creative ways and combine elements and images I wouldn't even have considered. The challenge is taking this inspiration and trying to improve upon or recreate it so that it really is my piece of art and not just a reproduction of someone elses. (I guess it would be easier if I was more inspired by paper, hey?)


I would have to say my greatest inspiration comes from SCS and all the blogs I read every day. I get so many ideas from these sources. I just wish I had more time to stamp.

Dina Anderson

Most of my inspiration comes from SCS and I've recently become terribly addicted to surfing all the great stamping blogs!!!



What a great giveaway. I would have to say that my biggest source of inspiration these days comes from blogs & online galleries. As much as I'd love to buy all the magazine's they just aren't in the budget right now.


This is fun!
My source of inspiration, like others, are blogs like yours and SCS. You see variety of styles, colors, papers. People can be so creative and you can always learn something new to incorporate with your own sense of style and taste...


At the present time, my primary source of inspiration (and of ideas of stamps and paper to purchase) are personal blogs. So many creative people are willing to share their time and ideas. The blogs are like a visit with a good friend. I would love to win one of your magazines.

Diane McCaffrey

I get most of my inspiration from on-line stamping groups (SCS, Ink-Stains, Stamp-Shack) but since I have discovered blogs I am enjoying visiting them and getting my inspiration from people all over the world through their blogs. In addition to inspiration, you learn so much about people through their blogs.

You have a great blog BTW,


My biggest source of inspirations are blogs...I think they're awesome, and The Splitcoast Gallery...which has cost me tons and tons of money, by the way. I always think I don't really like a set, but then see some of the awesome samples on the gallery, and before I know it, I have to buy that set too!!

Lisa M

Awesome giveaway.. Thank's for offering. I must confess, I don't have a creative bone in my body so I soak it up from anywhere I can get it.. SCS's gallery, blogging, magazines.. I take it all in :)


My main inspiration is from gallery websites and personal blogs. I love to explore how other people use their stamps and supplies and I love the challenges posted on websites too. It is fun to be challenged when you can't decide what to do on your own. My other inpiration is out of need...who's birthday is coming up? who do I owe a thank-you to? what showers am I attending soon? Since I need cards for these, they inspire me to GET TO IT! hehehe. Thanks for the chance to win a fun present!

Mo Moss

I just received my stamp sets that I ordered from you and I am really liking them. It has kept me busy making cards. I want to thank you for your fast delivery. I will be ordering again soon. Have a great day. Mo

Jackie Chaffin

Please choose me! I get inspiration from Take 10 Magazines, Splitcoast, Gingerwood, and a total of 9 blogs I check everyday - of which this is one.


lexi daly

my primary source of inspiration are magazines--i love getting my hands on the glossy pages and i'm quite addicted to several! online sources are a close second, though, from scs galleries to specific stamp company galleries (yours is great!) to individual blogs.

:) lexi


I get inspired by who I am making a card/project for. I like to pick the ideas/colors/embellishments based on what I think they'd like.

S. Patel

my primary source of inspiration is everyday life! at any moment i could be struck by a the angles of buildings, a tree branch, the colour of a car, what someone is wearing, etc, and want to create something!

Cindy Keery

Nice give away! My primary source of stamping inspiration has got to be stamping blogs! I have over 100 that I check on a regular basis and just love seeing all the latest things that people are stamping.

Rachel Hope

OOOO, Great giveaway! I get Most of my inspiration from SCS (splitcoaststampers) but I also get Paper Crafts Magazine


My primary source of inspiration is SplitCoastStampers. I'd never have known about A Muse products if not for Julie Ebersole!

Heather Stevens

My favorite sources are SCS and bloggers. I get so many more up to date ideas off of blogs.

Heather S.

Lynn in St. Louis

What fabulous sources of inspiration YOU are giving away. How fun. My greatest source of inspiration are two-fold...the stamps themselves and the person for whom I am making the card. So much of what goes into a card I create is determined by the personality of the person it is going to! Thanks for such a great blog!


My favorite resourse is SCS. After that it would be Take 10 and Rubber Stamper and a close third would be stamping blogs.

SCS is my favorite because I can look at the galleries for a specific stamp set and get ideas. I like Take 10 & RS for design layout ideas.

Jen del Muro (genie1314)

i get my inspiration from a variety of resources. splitcoast (my main resource) always gives me inspiration on the extras on a card, you know, the finishing touches. i take a lot of my layouts from magazines, though.

Barb Schmitz

Hi Linda! It was great meeting you at Ink About It! when you were on your whirlwind east coast trip. Love your blog :-)

Inspiration - hm - a bunch of sources. I love the Stampington mags, especially Take Ten and Stamper's Sampler. I also regularly look at what's happening on Split Coast (seems like a lot of others do that too.) But my fav is to hang out with other stampers and feed off of each other. The most unexpected things turn up!

Now, how about YOU...where do you get inspiration?!


Wow, another cool giveaway! My favorite source of inspiration would be all those blogs - it's not just a photo and supplies, but you also get the design process, technique tips, etc. So wonderful!


My favorite source of inspiration has fast become stamping blogs. There is so much talent out there.



These magazines look awesome! Where are they from? I have never seen them anywhere near me! I get inspiration from many things. Life, nature, people, blogs, SCS, magazines. I work with 1st graders on reading enrichment so children's books have fantastic colors and pictures! I recently went to the Art Institute and found many things that inspired me there! Thanks for sharing! Christine

Jessica (jessrose21)

My favorite source of inspiration is the gallery on Splitcoaststampers! Thanks for the drawing!


At the moment I would have to say I find the most inspiration from a few magazines (not all stamping related), blogs and SCS. Thanks for the opportunity to win!! Have a great day!

Beth Rang

Hi! Love those magazines! My favorite sources of inspiration are magazines and stamping blogs, but strangely enough I also get ideas from fiction too. Some of my favorite ideas came from books I love.


Love your products!! Aside from my PaperCrafts magazing I get alot of my inspiration from SCS!! They have such talented designers.


i get tons of inspiration for stamping right here on the amuse blog, at all the designers blogs as well as the design studio on the A Muse website, but I have to say I get the MOST inspiration from my local srapbooking store {Colorful Creations} in Hyannis, MA where there are always TONS of great samples and product to look at.

Linda Shaw

Thank you for offering the magazines to a lucky winner. I'm inspired by a piece of paper, a ribbon, an embellishment, etc...then I work with the colors in it & see what transpires. I enjoy looking at the work of others on blogs or websites, and get ideas from them on which stamps I'd like to purchase or cute sentiments I may want to remember. LindaSue


Wow, how I would love to lay in bed before I go to sleep reading these magazines. I have not bought any (have restrained myself from it), so these would be fantastic. Thanks for an awesome giveaway.
Without mags, my inspiration comes from folks like you and their blogs. I love reading them and seeing what you are crafty ideas you have.


I get most of my inspiration from reading blogs. I also get inspiration from SCS and stamping magazines.

Kristi Ferro

Great give away...thanks. I love these books....great ideas.....


I go to SCS galleries at least 2 times a day on a busy day .......SO much talent there and of course all my favorite blogs ......Im new to this but I m getting better trying out diff techniques .Thanks so much for the Chance to win this awsome blog candy!!!!!!!

Claudia F.

The best source of inspiration for me lately has been blogs. You guys have an amazing talent and to see a new idea every day is so much fun.
Claudia F.

Amy Hoogstad

Thanks for the great giveaway!

My main source of inspiration is definitely Splitcoaststampers, and also the hordes of stamping blogs that are cropping up out of the woodwork!


My biggest source of inspiration is my local stamp store, Angela's Happy Stamper! Second to that, I would say my beautiful magazines. I visited the UK last summer and had a blast getting current copies of all the card & stamping magainzes.


Wow ... fun giveaway!! I would say online as my primary, but I also peruse through magazines & catalogs daily too. :)


Online blogs and communities

~Lana B.~

What a fun give away!
I would have to say my main inspiration comes from a combination of online blogs and galleries. A lot of times I will print out a variety of samples, pick elements I want to incorporate into a design, put the paper away, and go stamp til I get the look I'm after.
~Lana B.~
ps..I have to say I used my tiny Amuse elephant, giraffe, and baby pea stamps to make my daughters birth anouncements...RAVE reviews! But I'm heartbroken I seem to have lost them!!! I hope to someday run across those stamps again!


Without a doubt, online blogs and SCS. That site is amazing for inspiration and I love that it allows you to refine your search in the galleries if you are looking for something specific. Great giveaway. I'd just love to check out those mags!


my main source of inspirations are online blogs. they are so creative, but most of all, u get to see where the creativity comes from, and it's special and unique to each. =)


I am a blogaholic... that is where I get a lot of my ideas... and magazines - but they only come out once a month and blogs are updated all the time!!


My biggest source of inspiration comes from blogs. I am able to frequent those whose style I like. This does limit my exposure to other styles and techniques so I do also subscribe to Paper Crafts.

I have never seen these magazines so I would love to get my hands on them! :-D

Nancy Grant

Yes, what a great give-away! My source of biggest sources of inspirations are both magazines and blogs. I must say checking blogs is a lot cheaper than keeping lots of magazine articles but there is nothing like having something in your hands to look over again and again.
Thank you,
Nancy Grant


I love blogs, Splitcoast stampers, and magazines. It's hard to pick a favorite for I couldn't do without a one!

I love British magazines, too!
Thank you for this chance to win a new magazine.


WOW! I would love those magazines!! My primary source for inspiration is definately magazines and blogs.


love blogs, but magazines work best for me!! Thanks for sharing!


Count me in!!! Get my inspiration at our local stamp store. The gals are great and always full of new ideas. Thanks for giving me a chance at these fun magazines.


Inspiration hmmmmmm?????
Well I get it lot's of places.
SCS, LSS, magazines, blogs. There are all kinds of resources, thank heavens for that because I sure do have a hard time coming up w/ something on my own. Thanks for the chance to win some inspiration.

anne sheridan

Mainly blogs! I love magazines but am more inspired by all the wonderful blogs!

Jan Scholl

I love to peruse th card samples at my local stamp stores and take classes when something is offered that is new to me. But by far, the most inspiration comes from the stamping blogs! I recieve over 100 by email every day (I would have more but they don't have anyway to pick up their feeds). I probably forward at least 5 or more a day to my daughter and then we cell phone each other and discuss and experiment. These blogs are a teasure!

Julie G

my primary source of inspiration, especially for amuse ;) is none other than...
jenn shurkus, cape cod's own amuse creative chick. she honestly has creativity exuding from every pore! we are always amazed at the ideas she comes up with. way to go jenn!!!


Great magazines! My inspiration for making cards comes mostly from magazines and the internet. Usually it starts with what colors I want to mix and match and from there I can add images and embellishments. I especially love ribbon and brads!

Lisa H

Oh my gosh, I wish we got magazines like that out here! I think my primary source of inspiration has to be blogs now.

laura  j

Very nice giveaway! My biggest source of inspiration is from on-line galleries....mostly through SCS! Have a great day!

Sharon Knitter

I have 2 "best" sources - Amuseartstamps.com and SCS!


My very first comment! I was so excited to find this website and even more excited to get my first of many purchases of Marvy stamps. I get most of my inspirations from the web! SCS, amuse, etc..... Addiction. keep up the great work!


I get my inspiration from amusenews.com, SCS, and from the many bloggers who contribute to creating the beautiful cards I see using Amuse stamps. Sometimes I am inspired from magazines, but mostly by online sources.

tammy B

do you mean besides the fabulous store in greenwood? i would have to say most of it comes from great online resources like, blogs, galleries like SCS, an even some great video podcasts. isn't it great how small the world has gotten with the explosion of the internet?


I am constantly finding inspiration from other blog sites and SCS. I am starting to turn to magazines and idea books more and more though


I get my inspiration from all the above..magazines, blogs, online galleries, etc. I L~0~V~E it ALL!!


Hello! Along with online blogs, SCS & company websites (like Amuse) for inspiration, I love to check out the latest in stationery design, like www.erincondren.com and letterpressed papers. Would love to look through these magazines since they aren't available here (I live in Okinawa). Thanks!


I'd have to say... Everywhere! I love going online and checking out the blogs, stamping, and scrapbooking sites. But I feel like a kid at Christmas time when the magazines that I subscribe to come in the mail. I love being able to have a few choices from quite literally all over the world, and then being able to create my own 'works of art'.


I get inspired by magazines, blogs and the Splitcoast site. Those magazines look wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Tsoniki Crazy Bull

Very cool giveaway! My inspiration comes from seeing pictures online from other bloggers. Everyone seems to post such beautiful cards and shares such great ideas.


I love SCS for inspiration as well, plus random stamper blogs and stampers sampler as well. Also love some of my local scrap/stamp stores that have killer samples (lots of amuse stuff there!!)


Thanks for the give away! Inspiration - SCS, blogs, my SU demo, designs I see on shopping bags, advertisements and company logos......

Starr Mercer

BLOGS! I stumbled upon stamping blogs about 6 months ago and have been hooked. Whenever I'm stumped, I just surf and it takes no time for me to become inspired.

Starr Mercer


I love your contests! I am new to the stamping world and have found great inspiration through your website, A Muse News, and from your famous design team. Thank you for guiding me through this new world of creative expression! I am an Interior Decorator, so I find great inspiration working with my fabric samples.

Thank you for everything you do!


My inspiration and motivation mostly come from my favorite stamping/scrapbooking studio, Colorful Creations, in Hyannis, MA. Jenn Shurkus, someone we both know and admire, is another major source of my creativity. Of course, I'm a stamping/scrapping magazine and book junkie, so I guess I can say I surround myself with many beautiful paper craft ideas.


Wow! Look at all the comments. Obviously, A Muse is a great source of inspiration for everyone! My biggest source of inspiration for the last year and a half has been Splitcoaststampers.com. The artists are amazing and so gracious. Just recently the blogger community (which is growing by leaps and bounds) has also been a large influence. Thanks so much for keeping us up-to-date on the paper craft industry!!

Jennifer S.

Hi Linda. Great blog giveaway. I think I get most of my inspiration from online galleries, but I love to see all the fantastic cards you have there at the store. I need to make a trip there today, actually. Thank you!!
Jennifer S

Jenn Cornell

I get my inspiration from blogs and and other a few books. When I see something I think.. "what can I do to make it mine?" and go from there.


I get inspiration from magazines, catalogs, online blogs...basically everywhere. Looking at "eye candy" in all forms inspires me.

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