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Tuesday, March 27, 2007



the "got cookies" was one of the cutest that I've seen using the hostess stamp!

June Link

You may consider a blog to showcase your awesome work. I would love to see your future creations.
Happy stamping,

S. Patel

love the vintage feel of these cards--even though the feel is from totally different eras! so creative!


I have enjoyed seeing Elena's card creations. It's fun getting new ideas! Thank you!


Wow! Elena rocks with your Amuse stamps! I especially love the cookies one.

Lyndsay Neumann

I love the WANTED card - very creative!


I think you should create a blog so we can continue to enjoy your creations! Thank you for sharing your ideas... I'm going to borrow a few. Cheers!

Riza Almanza

I've always been attracted to the simplicity of the A Muse card layouts which is I've taken my 1st class at A Muse store and it was really fun! I really like the cleverness of the wanted card. Thanks for sharing your cards, Elena!


how fun! I love these simple cards! :D


The "wanted" card is precious!


That's awesome how you did the paper on the "wanted" card. And the got cookies? is just the cutiest thing ever!


Super cute...that Christmas card is terrific!


You all are so sweet to give stuff away!! It never ceases to amaze me the giving nature of people...and especailly stampers.

I've been loving seeing all the new cards and images from Elena and all the A Muse designers.


Love your cards Elena. The the polka dot ribbon that matches with the polka dots on the girls dress. It's so cute.


Loved how you brought the polka dots to the dress and ribbon. Something so simple but so adds to the card and something I never would have thought of!


Susan H

Love the cowgirl - I wanted to be one when I grew up but I haven't grown up yet! Great job!

Jenny (penelopepitstop)

These 2 cards are adorable. Love the lady in the dress. love the touch of green with the scallop punch

and that wanted cowgirl sign is fabulous. I love that it looks tatterd and worn like it's been hanging on a tree.


I really like the simplicity of your cards. These are just wonderful!


I love, love, love, love the pink cookies card. I MUST have those stamps! Elena, you are so very talented. And I personally think you should take pride in your work because it's great!


I love the Santa cookie card. The ribbon and her dress are perfect!


I love them both! ... but the wanted card is sooo cute! Love the worn edges of the paper and that cowgirl is adorable! :)


Oooh - the little cowgirl is so cute!


Elena, these were two of my favorite cards from the reader gallery. I started recognizing your name as I made my list of cards to vote for! I would love to see your work on a blog. You have given me lots of great ideas to apply to my stamped creations. Like the entire talented Amuse design team, your colors, compositions, and creativity are a true inspiration to me! Thank you!


Love the details in all of your cards. It is apparent you put a lot of thought in your creations -- love your style and look of your cards!

tammy B

OMG! LOVE the "june cleaver" card....does she vaccum too? hee hee


I love the "got cookies" card! Too cute!


Elena - It has been so much fun to see all your cards! I just love your cowgirl with the fence and the distressed edges! You go girl!!

Lynn Brown

Elena, these cards are so cute! I especially like the "got cookies?" card.


These are cute cards!


Got cookies? Too cute! That is just the most adorable image and I love the oval scalloped punch!!

Cindy B

I love your simple designs and use of color!


So cute! Love the color combinations.

lexi daly

more awesome creations! i especially love the cowgirl and the distressing details for a real wanted poster feel.

now go start an online gallery or blog!
:) lexi


I love that sassy lady in red! What a fun card!

Cindy Keery

Very cute cards, Elena!


These are adorable! I love the Santa cookies card - too cute! Elena needs a gallery of her own somewhere!!!


Adorable cards!! What a great humble attitude to boot, Elena!

Cheryl Sims

Elena, you are a most talented stamper and your humility makes your work even more admirable. Thank you for sharing this and I appreciate Ellen for posting these cards. Absolutly adorable.

Cheryl Sims

Elena, you are a most talented stamper and your humility makes your work even more admirable. Thank you for sharing this and I appreciate Ellen for posting these cards. Absolutly adorable.


Wow!! Great cards!! Thanks, Tracy H.

june gibbons

elena,your designs are fantastic. i think your use of all the different stamps are so imaginative. they spur my creativity on!! i grew up on whidbey island but am on cape cod now. however when i visit i will certainly make a stop to amuse, to see your inspiration. miss the nw!

Barb / GrammaStamper

Great cards. I love the 'cookies' one. This has been great seeing all the wonderful cards that Elena has made. So many ideas, thanks so much, Elena, for all the time and effort that went into creating all your cards.

Claudia F

Wow, you do such beautiful work! I wish I could do the coloring of the images the way you do it. Maybe someone could get you to do a little lesson for us?
Claudia F.


I really like the "clean" look of your creations. It allows us to appreciate the image.

Sharon in NE

Your eye for detail is incredible. You deserve all the accolades. Atta girl.

Kristi Ferro

I LOVE your work. Great cards, and ideas.

Julia Muscari

I ADORE that first argyle card--how clever to use the vellum like that!

Julia Muscari

That "wanted" poster idea is great!

Gina Wrona

Oh, I definately like the cookiebella the best.


Once again the cards are just wonderful and I just WANT all the Amuse stamps, cards so I can play and play


Love theses cards..Especially..Got Cookies? Reminds me of my daughters!! Who both love to make cookies!!


These are cute cards!


I have one word for you, Elena: Sheer Talent. OK. That was two. Hope to see more of your work. Keep us posted.

Jenny W.

Elena, your designs are cute and inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us stampin' community. Thanks Amuse for this showcase treat. Until stamp and pad meet again...Jenny

Beth Watson

Simple and clean cards that really place the spotlight on the stamped images - Linda must be loving you for all the stamps you must be selling!

Jackie in NC

Wonderful creations, Elena! You are very talented and I have enjoyed seeing your artwork :-)

Jan Scholl

What is so great about these stamps is their size. You can pack a huge bunch of them for a trip and not take up a lot os space and still make dozens of cards with no two alike. I am planning on taking some on the trip to son's wedding in April to keep my mind of being in the car for 12 hours.

Erin Vandervelde

Elena, I love the cookie one! How cute! Thanks for sharing all your cards!


Elena makes such cute cards - thanks for the inspiration. I loved the cake!

june gibbons

thanks elena for all the wonderful ideas on your cards. i love the different techniques for the wanted card. i just bought that one and the sheriff stamp. gives me lots to think about.

june gibbons

hey there's another june!! love that, i don't run into to many. i,m june g.!!

Jennifer Hensley

Wow, Elena you do great work, I keep thinking that with all my amuse stamps I should be able to pump out quality work like all of you designers, but it's just not happening. Thanks for sharing.

Linda C

Gee Elena we should be sending you blog candy!! Thanks for sharing your creative art!


LOVE the wanted card. So cute


Such a wonderful cowgirl card. LOVE IT!! Then I'm terribly partial to all amuse images.

Jill Grace

Love the "Wanted" card. Very nice touch to color and wrinkle the edges! Very clever.


Love these cards! So cute!

chelsey navratil

cute cards. thanks for sharing them Elena :-D


Mandy Cheshire

I loved the "got cookies" card from when I first saw it! Be encouraged...you do fantastic work!


Love the use of the silver brad on your cowgirl card!!
Cookie :)

Yvette P.

Elena- I love these 2 cards. The "WANTED" is very creative. Great skin tones on both cards! I wish you would consider a blog so we could continue to enjoy your work. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!! THANKS TO LINDA AS WELL! A Muse has the best stamps :)

Chantale L

I love both cards. They are so cute! Thanks for sharing!


Fun cards! I love that cowgirl!


Such cute cards Elena! I love the hot mama (that is what i imagine her to be) asking "got cookies" to Santa. I think that your style really captures the fun and whimsical spirit of the A Muse line of stams! Thanks for the drawing - who doesn't love to win a prize!!!!

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