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Thursday, April 26, 2007


S. Patel

my fun fact...in my former life i worked for volkswagen. now i'm getting a masters of social work.

i like coming here because i deal with really depressing issues every day, and doing artsy/creative stuff is my outlet for being able to do that kind of work and not get depressed myself!


Something about me...I secretely love Michael Bolton, hahaha! Don't tell!

I LOVE coming here to see what's the lastest with the A Muse gals. Plus the cards are always so cute!


Humm.... let's see..... I was born and raised in Calfornia. I visit your blog everyday for the latest and greatest in A Muse and for inspiration. I hope to be good enough one day to actually send you something so I can get one of those awesome A Muse t-shirts! LOL :)

Melissa Norris

Wow you've done some fun stuff Linda. I'm Melissa, I live in upstate NY, and I'm afraid of revolving doors. *hehe* It sounds so silly when I type it. I love reading your blog and seeing the beautiful AMuse stamps. The only store near me just doesn't have enough of your stuff in stock. I just think the simplicity is beautiful! Keep up the super work!

Amanda Beers

I run marathons... I started running after I had my first child 8 years ago, and now I'm addicted! I live in Olympia and drive up to your store whenever I can. My husband is a fellow Microsoft nerd! I keep a list of stamps that I would like to have and sooner or later A Muse comes up with most of what's on my list!


Hi Linda, my name is Susie Burke and I live in Minnesota. I am very new to the stamping world and fell in love with your stamps, cards, and ideas. I felt an instant connection to A Muse when I discovered that you are located in Seattle....my husband, kids, and I used to live in Issaquah! Your blog is inspiring and keeps me connected to a city that I will always love. I hope to visit you and the store when we are in Seattle this summer.


I love reading your blog - I'm a daily addict! I love seeing your creations and all the new happenings with Amuse. I am an Amuse "virgin"...just received my first Amuse stamps! Something you don't know about me...well I guess that would include everything hehe, but here it goes...I am in love with Tom Selleck a.k.a. hairy chests. Great, now you are going to think I'm a freak and won't want to know anything else about me! lol

Nicki Lundeen


i *love* lilacs too... i wish they were around longer, and lasted longer once in your house!!!


Here's one for you... My grandma taught me how to catch escaped chickens (which had flown up into a tree) when I was a young girl. She could hold about four chickens, too! I love the farm series of stamps because these remind me of the times I spent in Arkansas at my grandparents farm - one of these days I am going to stamp a card with the wee chickies in a tree! Looking forward to seeing what you have coming out soon, too :)

Jill Grace

This is a fun idea... I live too far away from your store, in California. I used to want to be a pilot, but got a degree in marine biology, even worked on a boat for a while, and now I love working as a science teacher (except for all the grading... after 170 papers I want to poke out my eyeballs). I'm still trying to dabble in my marine bio roots, and am hoping I'll get to be a "teacher at sea" for a great NSF funded program I have my students participate in. My secret wish in life is to get close enough to lava to feel slightly threatened for my safety :) But, what gives me therapy in life is to make cards. I've really enjoyed using your Boris stamp lately to send thank you's to my students and families.


Ah the clutter ... I wish I could occasionally see the tablecloth on my dinner table:)I confess, it's mostly covered with the girls' artwork!
One thing you don't know about me is that, the first time I was invited to a Stampin'Up party (when Martina was just a baby), I told the demonstrator that I didn't think stamping was for me ... and I proceeded to order an address stamp!! Funny where life takes you sometimes.
Ciao, Antonella

Jen B

i love visiting this site (nearly every day!) because i'm always impressed by your work. i love the simple & beautiful designs!

one thing about me--things work differently in our house. my husband is the one that knows how to sew. i can't sew, but i'm a really good welder!

Gretchen Linggi


I love visiting your blog and being inspired by your images of your stamps. I was first introduced to your stamps by a friend of mine, Christina Fulkerson. Of course, I fell in love with your stamps because they are high quality, simple and classy. Living in the area allows me to make frequent stops to your store. Your employees are always very welcoming and helpful.

I have only met you a few times and each time I walk away being so impressed by the way you run your business. You are intelligent, honest, hard working, creative and passionate about life. These are all awesome qualities and the same qualities I strive for in my life. It makes me so excited when I meet other people which share the same amount of excitement for life and creating art with stamps. Thanks for your hard work and willingness to share your wonderful ideas.

Lastly, I went to school in Nebraska at Creighton University. While attending school, I worked as a referee for intramural basketball and volleyball. It was also during this time that I ran my first marathon. This was an amazing experience which taught me to strive after my goals regardless of how big they may seem. I have continued to run and would love to do a triathalon at some point. Lilacs are among one of my favorite flowers as well as Gerber Daisys since they are so cheery and bright.

Thanks for inspirating me to get back into stamping and making cards again. Have a great day!

Gretchen Linggi :)

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