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Monday, April 23, 2007


scoopy (Emily)

Love the banner! Happy Birthday Makenna!!!


ahhh ... happy birthday! my youngest turned 5 in Sept. and I just can't believe how fast that 5 years went by! :)

Michelle M White

Soooo sweet! Love the bar story and new shoes. Congratulations to you too...on having that cute kid!!!


what a funny story--she'd fit in nicely here in new orleans! and i love the banner!

Sarah Vrolyk

We just had a little boy turn five at our house last week as well! Such a fun age! Happy Birthday, Makenna! :)


How cute! I love the story about the bar and those shoes are to die for. Makenna is such a character!


A bar? What a hoot! And those shoes! Looks like you had a grand time :)

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