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Monday, April 02, 2007


Dara Malone

Hallelujah, sister! I'll continue to buy my cute, unique and ORIGINAL stamps from Amuse Art Stamps!!! While this "copying" is definitely flattering, I understand it's not so flattering when the financial reports come in. Keep your chin up...you have a devoted base of customers who adore your original! In fact, I'm traveling from Indy to Seattle at the end of the month and and am planning my trip around my visit to your store!


I love your stamps and will definitely purchase them (when my LSS has them in stock). I'm sorry this is happening to you but next time my best friend goes to Seattle (her brother lives there and she visits frequently) I will send her over to your store to buy me some stuff (even though she has probably never entered a stamping/scrapbooking type store in her life)!
Keep up the super work!

Amanda Beers

A Muse is the company that turned me on to art stamps! Shame on the imposters. What goes around comes around... They won't succeed on your merit. Olympia loves you!!


What an apalling thing to do. Since discovering A Muse stamps a few years ago, these have become my favorite, most often used (and most often purchased!) stamps. My daddy always told me that supporting the small business owner is important and I, for one, will continue to do so! Thanks for the hard work you put into it, too, Linda!

Jill Grace

It really is unfortunate that such things are going on. The funny thing is, I probably wouldn't notice (unless it was quite blatant) if you hadn't brought it to our attention. Have you considered teaming with other companies like yours for some advocacy? I say, get the word out there and educate people, on a large scale.


Ack - how frustrating!


I remember this topic came up about a year ago with and A*Muse giraffe (or something like it). I have too noticed that there are quite a few stamps looking like yours lately, but I am happy to say that I only purchase your stamps - not only because they are great quality, but because I have never had anything but AWESOME service from you guys, and you are great people too!!

Michelle R

What a shame that you even have to deal with that! I am a small stamp store owner, and I know the importance of supporting the "little guy". I will ALWAYS have your stamps in my store. Besides...my customers love them!

Keep up the good work!

Lyndsay Neumann

This is so frustrating - what is wrong with some people?!

Lyndsay Neumann

This is so frustrating - what is wrong with some people?!

Riza Almanza

I agree w/ everyone that your stamps are really great! This is the reason why I continue to buy them and can't seem to get enough of them. Keep up the great work!

Jessica (jessrose21)

I think it's pathetic that companies are so lazy that they can't even think up their own ideas. I found a small company a couple days ago that looked like an Amuse knock-off, and a very poor one, at that! It disgusted me how blatant their stealing is. I promise I will never buy from a company that steals your images. I hope you can get these situations resolved.


I am very sad and angry that these companies are stealing your ideas. I hope that you can find a way to conquer them efficiently - many, many evil deeds are perpetrated because the cowards know the cost of a fight. I will continue to vote with my wallet. I am very proud of my beautiful collection of ORIGINAL amuse art stamps.


This sucks on so many levels! I hope that you can find a way to fight this that is effective and not too costly! You have absolutely amazing products and anyone that knows anything would not buy a cheap knock-off!! Know that you and your images are well loved!! Keep smiling!

june gibbons

it's funny that you have this post. i was at one of the big craft stores yesterday looking for inkpads. when i saw some amuse stamps or so i thought!! what a lazy way to do business. thanks for all of your inspiration.

Jenny (penelopepitstop)

Voting for A Muse with my Money--you better believe it! I love A Muse, the stamps, the company, the design team.... Sorry to hear that people aren't playing fair.

If I see a knock off, be sure that the owner/manager of the craft/scrap/stamp store will be getting a big ole ear full from me. And after that I'll be emailing or calling those nasty companies in question and talking them too.


Get out! That stinks. You must be so frustrated. A few years ago I discovered your stamps and I have to say I have fallen head over heels for A MUSE stamps! :) I look for them anytime I come across a LSS whether we are vacationing or just out for the day and happen by one and I always ask them if they have any a muse stamps. Someday I hope to visit the Seattle store ... in fact my brother lives in Seattle and I told him to stop in there for me! (Still waiting!) I am with the others ... a devoted customer to A MUSE! Your stamps and customer service are phenomenal! :)


Linda, you can count on my dollars.

Beth Rang

I've definitely noticed certain other companies which seem to come out with A Muse style designs. I thought those companies were dying out because A Muse was so much better. Sorry to hear it's still a problem. :(

On the other hand, sometimes I think it might just be a case of reading trends, and coming up with the similar ideas. For instance, the company The Cat's Pajamas did a love robot, then A Muse did a valentine's robot. This year TCP released mariachis, sombrero and margarita stamps, then about a month or so later, A Muse did. So, I think sometimes it isn't a matter of copying, but more a matter of thinking "where are the gaps? what would people like to stamp right now?" and different companies trying to fill those gaps.

Beth Rang

Oops, I noticed another example in the opposite direction, where A Muse did the superhero, and recently TCP did a superhero too.


That is just mean. I have noticed some of the imposters in my LSS. I can spot your stamps from across the store; my LSS carries very few Amuse stamps. I have to travel about an hour to a LSS that carries a large variety of your stamps. I will try to go soon and "vote". It is my civic duty. Thank your for your great stamps!!!

Yvette P.

I would like to share with everyone why I think A Muse stands out as an exceptional company (from other stamping companies) in my mind. They offer a very high quality product that is made in North America (Canada) :). I think that is awsome. I have been very disappointed in some stamp companies now having their stamps made in Taiwan for example. It is very hard to find ANY products that are still made in North America. I applaud A Muse for having a superior product! I was also very pleased to learn from Sarah Vrolyk's blog that A Muse uses birchwood blocks on their stamps which is a renewable resource..how great is that! A Muse REALLY involves their customers with the company (web page, card of the week, newsletters, blogs, contests, designers across the country & now guest designers, etc.). That really helps in the inspiration department and makes stamping with A Muse products so much fun!! I love how all of their stamps are meant to work so nicely together. Their customer service is phenominal. Everytime I have had a question, it has been answered. They offer mail order for all of their products. I am not able to buy A Muse locally where I live :( which is very frustrating since they are, by far, my FAVORITE stamp company. I just can't say enough good things. I will always be there to support A Muse. LINDA, you are an INCREDIBLE woman...keep up the fabulous work!!

Antonella Bartel

I am very sorry this is happening. I can imagine how mad and frustrated you & your team must feel. All I can say is that other companies are copying you because you have been setting a trend. This means that you are talented and popular and hopefully your sales will be growing accordingly. You have many faithful customers and we all know which designs are original and which have been copied! Also, I must say, I feel lucky to live in the same general neighborhood of your store. I can stop-by any time I want and see what's new:) Just this morning I was walking around with my youngest daughter, enjoying the beautiful sun, and I came in to see if I would get inspired. The lady that was manding the cash register kept my daughter busy (and yes, she touched all the ribbon spools and checked out all the ink pads and still got treated very nicely) while I picked-up a couple of stamps and some ribbon. I don't get this treatment in very many stamping stores (especially a particular one located ... well, I'll be polite and not say) and I feel lucky for this.
Keep-up the good work and keep inpsiring us with your talent!
Cheers, Antonella


I see it more and more. Especially with the different, clever subject matter. Like your shops for instance. their is some small company that must have sat down with your catalog and emulated each and every shop for themselves. Not just that, but, they tried to draw it and name them all the same. She has no drawing talent either.

Julie G

it's great that your designs are soooo fabulous, that people want to copy them...but they should know better. epecailly people in the same trade! shame on them and their tactics. bad karma will get you nowhere and they will suffer in their business, as people will not buy from them!

Cape Cod *hearts* amuse stamps!

Mo Moss

I will continue to buy your stamps. I am sort of new to all of this so like to hear things that I should be aware of. I have always had good service with you and really like your stamps.


You make super sweet stuff.
I personally thought they were amazing when I first discovered your cutie of a site.
I totally get where these other companies are coming from, but they shouldn't clone your goods for one very obvious reason- they are totally different and stand out. Therefore, unlike super plain stuff like squares and circles you can really tell when someone is knocking off the designs.
I actually do not own any of the stamps, but be assured I am compiling a list and testing myself to see what I can stuff into my budget.
Good luck chasing down your problems.


Amuse stamps - there is NO substitute! Linda, I just love your stamps so much! I will continue to buy only GENUINE Amuse goods.


Any chance you will ever have online ordering? It would be so much better for those impulse buying sprees. I have to take the time to think it over, write it out and send it to work with my husband to fax it - and then he has to look at what I spent!!!

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