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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Laurie Blau-Marshall

Hi Linda - I was mystified at first when I received your A Muse newsletter - and then I checked out your blog and realized Oh! It's that cute Greenwood store! I stopped in a few weeks ago with my husband and you were so kind and helpful, thank you. I really enjoyed meeting you and checking out your store. I will definitely be heading down there soon.

Your daughter is adorable - and so funny (can't we go to a bar?)!

Thanks for the newsletter - keep 'em coming!
Laurie Blau-Marshall

P.S. I'll put a link to your store site on my blog.


I just got this stamp a few weeks ago and I've used it 2x.
Thanks for your cute card...now I'm singing the Partridge Family theme song!! :D


So cute! I had to chirp in!


Yeah I do. Check my blog (via the link on my name) you'll see what I mean. =D


Lovely! I have been playing with that stamp as well, and after several failed attempts at lining it up across the width of the card, I settled on the single, simple stamp. I had not thought to vary the color of the birds - the result is very nice!

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