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Wednesday, May 30, 2007



I love Amy's work!!!! I can totally relate to the 'less is more' motto.

Susie Burke

I love the flower drinks with the "if friends were flowers, i'd pick you" sentiment. What a cute idea!

Susie Burke

I also *love* the chairs in a line stamp. Amy did a great job coloring the chairs, yet the look is simple and clean. Super job!


very cute ... simply sweet! :)


Man, why don't I think of these things?? How crisp those cards look...I think I need to stop trying so hard! They look great Amy!


Could you possibly tell me the color name of the marker you used on the chair card? It matches the card perfectly. Thanks.


Man... that's amazing... how does she make the black ink stand out so well and sharp? Well done!


Amy does beautiful work!


The flower drinks stamp is one of my favorites!! I'd love to get it off my wish list and onto my shelf :) Great work, Amy!


wow... i'm already amazed at her work on her blog (which i visit daily, sometimes more)...

i love the the chairs card!! so simple, so cute! :)

Rachel Hope

Pretty! I love Amy's work!!!

Sharon Harnist

Oh, I like the blues & chairs especially, Amy -- great cards!

Jody L

As usual Amy's work is awesome, love her style.

Kristin O

Amy, I am always so impressed by your work, keep it up!! I love the work you've been doing with the A Muse stamps lately!

Jennifer Hensley

As always Amy has such a clean crisp style. I love it, and as hard as I try to duplicate it, it never seems to work for me!! I guess I'll just continue to drool over Amy's!


I love how simple but beautiful the cards are and the ribbon used.


Simple, yet gorgeous!!! I love everything Amy creates :) Keep them coming!

Linda Palmer

I love Amy's cards. Mine always look plain when I stamp small items like these. They are both awesome cards.


Great cards, Amy's work is fantastic.


What great cards, Amy's work is fantastic


I love when just 2 colors are used with such an amazing effect. The blue & black chairs are adorable!

Cheryl Sims

What incredible talent Amy has. I love both these cards and the little touches really make them pop.
Cheryl Sims

Bernice D

I love the: simple, yet elegant!

Bernice D

I love the: simple, yet elegant!

Bernice D

I love the: simple, yet elegant!

Heather McIntyre

Amy's style works so well with Amuse stamps! So clean and elegant. These are both fantastic cards with such great details. Wow. Fabulous!

Bernice D

I love it: simple but elegant...my kinda card!

Regina D.

Oooohhh, I love those chairs! Awesome cards Amy.


I love that chair stamp - it is so cute!!


I really like the blues on the second card - beautiful!


very pretty cards, my favorite colors too :)


I love all Amy's cards; simple, clean lines. She really showcases the Amuse line in her works. Cool giveaway!


Wow! More AWESOME cards! I love the simple images! These cards are so cute! Great use of accessories to tie it all together!

Elizabeth Glass

Wonderful! I just Love them!!!!!!!!Elizabeth Glass


Wow! More AWESOME cards! I love the simple images! These cards are so cute! Great use of accessories to tie it all together!


I love Amy's cards! The prizes she picked are wonderful...love that drinks stamp.


Amy's cards are the cutest, love them!

Jackie Pedro

I love the simple look and I love Amy's style. Great cards!


Cool cards as always Amy! Fresh I think is the word I'm looking for.

Melissa Norris

These are great Amy. I have the flower drinks stamp but haven't had any ideas for it yet. Thanks for inspring me!


I love the fun drinks card. It reminds me of a summer day just kicked back with a couple of friends sitting outside talking about life. Really cute card. And i love the stamps you are giving away. I am such a new stamper I have learned so much here!

Jenifer Rhoden

These cards are absolutely awesome! Simple but very eye catching! I am always looking for new ideas and I think these have definately made it to my idea book! :)


Love Amy's style.
The chair card is my favorite.


Love Amy's style.
The chair card is my favorite.

Linda SS

Amy's cards are both fabulous, as always. She is a true artist. Thanks for sharing her work with us.

Cindy Keery

Adorable cards Amy!!


Great work, Amy! The chair card is stunning!

Lorien Clark

Love Amy's cards!

Lorien Clark

I love amy's cards!

Tracey O'Kane

All the sudden I have this urge to go make a cosmopolitan!
Love the cards, but then again Amy, I love all your cards (and Amuse stamps)!



Great cards Amy!! I love how you used the frame with the sentiment!! Very cute!


Amy's work is always an inspiration, keep them coming Amy! ;)


I just love your cards, they are so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us!

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

Amy, I love your style. It is so refreshing to see your elegant work.

Kathleen Curry

Love all Amy's cards. Why can't I think of ideas like this? You're an inspiration, Amy!


You are so creative! Love your style!

Michelle R

Absolutely awesome! But then everything Amy does IS fabulous!


Great Cards Amy!


I love pink and blue used together. Great job again Amy.

june g

thanks for the great inspiration. your blog has tons of info too.

Carrie C

I love Amy's cards. She always pays such attention to the smallest details. I have to visit her blog daily to see what great new card she's come up with! Thanks Amy!


That girl has an eye!


Absolutely fabulous! I really like the sentiment in the frame on the chair card - and the blue is just gorgeous! Is that a Prismacolor marker?? Lovely!

Riza Almanza

Great cards! I am always attracted to simple cards. By the way, what is the marker color you used for the purple card?


Fun cards! I just love the sentiment in the first card, the one with the flowers. I put it on my wish list for my birtday (which is tomorrow!): I hope my hubby was listening ... Cheers, Antonella

salla wagner

i love anything with polka dots!!!!
so cute

Penny H

Cute cards, Amy! I love Amuse!

Penny H

Cute cards, Amy! I love Amuse!


Oh, I really love that second card. How did she get the purples to match so perfectly?!


the drinks would be fantastic for a cocktail party invite!


I love the perfect match of colours in the second card!

Heather B

Amy's cards are always the best. I get her blog e-mailed to me becuase I don't to miss one single thing. Her style really works well with the Amuse stamps. A match made in heaven I would say. Thanks for the chance to win,
Heather B


Great cards! I love Amy's design style...it's so fun! I would love to meet her IRL someday.

Diane Lapointe

Amy is a perfectionist I'm sure, her cards are all beautiful,she inspires me everytime!!! You go girl!!


Great cards!! Love the "little" touches that finish the cards "just right"

Jewell Robson

Love them! Amy has such great ideas, the chairs appear to be sitting on cute patterned flooring.

Diane Lapointe

Amy must be a perfectionist I'm sure,these cards are just beautiful,she inspires me everytime!!! You go girl!!!


Those cards are great, I love that cocktails stamp, perfect in so many ways.


these are perfect! And I too love AmyR's work

Elizabeth Royalty

Awesome as always!!! love how all the elements come together and really like the double colors of ribbon!

Dawn T

Wow she amazes me yet again. Amy has so much talent I love seeing her work!!


Love the cards and love the stamps. What more can be said.

Jenn Cornell

I just love the Flower Drinks card... I am going to have to get that stamp!

Kristina Lewis

Amy, you are seriously talented! I love both cards! The chairs are darling and you are great with color!

Kristina Lewis

AMy, you are seriously talented! I love both card! The chairs are darling and you are great with color! http://www.kristinaalewis.blogspot.com

Cathy (stamper-c)

Awesome Amy - love your work - I'm a big fan!!! What a great opportunity for you - you deserve it!!! Keep those awesome pieces of art comin'!!!

Bev R

That flower drinks stamp is just adorable! OMgoodness Amy! You did a good job on these cards! :)

Angela Fisk

Great cards. Simplicity is always the best.

Mo Moss

Amy , oh, Amy. They both are beautiful but I am partial, if possible, to the blue and black. Just a wonderful, happy stamp. I love all of your work and feel as if I know you.


Love the cards! I love the mix of blues and black on that second card.

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Fabulous work! I love how crisp and clean everything looks!

Lisa Venancio

Love them! Amy is SO talented!


You're so right, it's all in the little touches - both cards are ADORABLE!!


I love the flower card! It is the only A Muse stamp I have - but it is well loved. It is great to get more ideas on how to use it.


Amy's work is fab fab fab!!! Did I mention her blog was the first one I ever put into my favs? I really could learn form these designs for simplicity-they look so great! Thank you Amy

Kathy Jackson

I always Amy's cards, "their great"!!! I really like simple - it seems better sometimes than when I keep trying to add just one more thing!!! The drink with the flowers is my favorite!!


Amy does great work. I love the blue in the second card.

Cori Bravo

I love the chair stamp. It's one of my fav's too!

tammy b

hee hee, could have used on of those cocktails today! cute card ;)


Another round and two more home runs! Nice work!

I also so enjoy the comments that introduce Amy's work... I agree... Simplicity is NOT always so simple! Thanks again for the inspiration!

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