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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Riza Almanza

Oh...those bees are really adorable. I like the use of even just a small piece of ribbon which softens the look of the card. Thanks for sharing your cards and ideas.

Angie DiMeglio

What beautful cards -- I love all 3 -- the polka dot card is my favorite however. I also love your clever idea with the square scallop punch ... I would have never thought of that. Thanks for sharing your cards and ideas.


Whoooooohooo love the cards, they are great can't wait to get to my stash and start stamping again!


Simply adorable and bee-autiful! Love how Amy accented the cards with ribbon.


Wonderful creations! I am partial to the bees (and the bright colors), but I think Amy has really hit this out of the park. She has created adorable cards that anyone would be thrilled to receive -- with relatively simple designs and minimal supplies -- cleverly put together. Beautiful, clever, and easy to reproduce? Inspiring to the recipient and to other stampers! Thanks for sharing!


cute ... cute ... & cute! :)

Kristin Z.

Love, love, LOVE these!!! Thanks for the great tip on making a scalloped rectangle!


Love all of them! I like idea of using the gel pen on the bee's wings to make them pop ~ cute!! Looking forward to more creations! :)


These cards are just lovely. That little bee is irristible! I love the white gel pen idea - perfect for setting him off. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Melissa Norris

Wonderful cards Amy! I love the beez!


I am so excited to see Amy as a guest designer. I've been a long time reader of her blog and she definitely has a certain style and creativity. So it's great to see the things she can do with a muse stamps!!


so adorable! i love the polka dot card the very best. but i am partial to polka dots!!!!


I am so using that scalloped rectangle idea! So clever!

Cori Bravo

very cute! guess i need some more new stamps. (**wink**)


I love the flower as the sun! That whole card has tons of great details.
But they are all great.


Great cards...I so enjoy reading your blog and am thrilled for you getting this Guest Designer role! It is always great to see what you create next! Keep up the great work!

Michelle R

It would certainly be hard to pick a favorite. But I DO love the daisy stamp used as the sunshine. Very cool idea!


Oh my goodness! I am so impressed that you got so many cards out of so few stamps! Talk about versatile!

Charlene H.

As always, beautiful cards Amy. You are such an inspiration to us all. Thanks.

Barb g

Oh my Amy...these are just the cutest I've seen....You are to much of an enabler!!! Bad girl, you are, but you sure do ROCK! Thanks for sharing, Barb g

Amanda Pedro

Oh Amy,
I'm always amazed at the forethought involved to do masking. I'd have to redo the card a few times before that thought would strike me.:}
Awesome Amy, Inspiring Amy, Un-Bee-lievable~!

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

Now, I *need* the bee stamp! Those cards are awesome!

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

Now, I *need* the bee stamp! Those cards are awesome!


I don't have the bee or bee hive, but now...hmmm... I really like the multiple beehive card (yellow is my favorite color) :)

Pamela Smerker

Love them love them love them. I am a complete newbie to A Muse stamps. I don't have any as of yet. I absolutely love how clean and simple they are. Great job!! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Knitter

I have a "real" beeskeep - that's what they called them in earlier times - in my garden. I think they are so pretty and add texture and sculptural elements to my garden. Therefore, I think I NEED these stamps.

Pamela Smerker

Love them love them love them. I am a complete newbie to A Muse stamps. I don't have any as of yet. I absolutely love how clean and simple they are. Great job!! Thanks for sharing!

Sharon Harnist

Oh, my -- what adorable bee cards, Amy!!

Shannon G

Great stuff Amy! I always love your ideas. Glad to see you on some design teams!


soooooooooo cute and sooooooooo tiny. I love what Amy did with these. But she always does. Such talent!

Heather Byrne

How awesome those cards are...I love the polka-dots so cute. Great job Amy.

Stephanie King

I'm in love with the polka dots! Amy, oh how I wish I could be like you when I grow up!

Elizabeth Glass

These cards are wonderful! Anyone who knows Amy knows of her talent and her willingness to share all she knows!!! I get up in the morning have a diet coke and go to her blog!!!! What a great way to start my morning!!!!!!


These are just too cute! Especially love the 3rd one, all the happy little bees with their dotted trails are just adorable. :-)


Very beeutiful as always Amy!!!


Congrats on the Guest Designer Amy! These are beautiful cards - you are so talented!

Rachel Goldstein

I just bought the tiny bee 2 weeks ago and it is already one of my favorites, but you showed me some great new ways to use it. I especially love the trails of dot to show movement! All the cards are great, but I particularly like the one with the beehives.


I read Amy's blog daily and can't get over her creativity. It never seems to leave her!
Wonderful things...as usual! :)
Congrats on being the guest designer for May!


Love all the cards that Amy creates!!! That bee stamp is too cute:)


Love all the bee-utiful cards, Amy!

Erin Kellogg

It's wonderful you have Amy, I love all her work and these are no exception! That bee is too cute!


Un-bee-lievably cute. Way to go, Amy!

Sarah Spencer

Very Cute!

Sarah Spencer

Very Cute!

Janet D (BC, Canada)

Amy - congrats on being A Muse's Guest Designer for May!

The cards are fantastic! Keep up the great work! Your talent/creativity never ceases to amaze me!


I love Amy R! :-) Super cute bees!


Great cards, Amy! That tiny bee is one of my fave A Muse stamps!

A. Sanborn

Congratulations on your Guest Designer appearance with supah BEE-utiful ideas for your cards. *wink*

A. :)

Alanna Hillis

WOW these are such wonderful cards...I get such inspiration from you....you go girl!

Dawn T

Way to go girl these are great your talent continues to amaze me


those cards are BEE-uuu-ti-ful! so so cute.

congrats amy on being the guest designer! i can't wait to see more of your cute creations. :)


Sure glad I got the little bee stamp...I knew he'd come in handy!! Fun cards!!

Amanda Beers

Really cute! The little bee and the beehive are one of my favorites too!!

Amanda Beers

Really cute!! The bees are one of my favortie too!

Kim FAucher

these are absolutely darling.. you are really making me want to go and buy this bee stamp! love your designs!

Cheryl Sims

The second card is my favorite, but really like all of them. The bees are adorable.
Cheryl Sims


Cute cute cute! I love the black and white polka dots.


Amy as always bee..utiful cards, I love them all


I love the square into a rectangle technique! I really need more punches. LOL


Amy just makes the greatest cards! I love all of the little bees coming out of their hives.


Those are just too cute! I have never "bee"n a big fan of bees (the stamping kind or the flying kind) but I may have to rethink that - these cards are great!


Wow! What a great way to make bee's friendly and to make me want to order too!! Very cheerful, happy, and fun! Luv your creations.

Lisa Hoekstra

Those bees are too cute! I love all the cards you made, Amy! I really like the "sending you sunshine" card, with the daisy for the sun. It's adorable! :)

Kelly R

I love them all. So cute and fun.
It sure would make me smile to get one of those in the mail ;o)


Amy's cards are so creative and cute. It is always fun to see her ideas.


Amazing as always, Amy! I am such a fan. I think you've managed to influence me to purchase more stamps this month than the rest of the year combined! Ahh!!! The bees are just adorable!


Amazing as always, Amy! I am such a fan. I think you've managed to influence me to purchase more stamps this month than the rest of the year combined! Ahh!!! The bees are just adorable!


The 'rectangle' technique is really clever! Now... if I just had that square punch! :)

Dottie K

Amy, your cards are amazing! I enjoy your blog and glad to see you get the attention your work deserves. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. Congrats!!!! Dottie K

Ann I

Absolutely love love love these cards!! I was soooo trying to be good and stay on a spending freeze but these little images are calling my name!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with us!

tammy b

this IS brilliant!


wow! I love them all. I like the last one the best. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Suzanne Moore

If I had to pick a favorite I would choose the Sending You Sunshine. It is such a happy cheery card! But of course they are all fantastic. Amy, thanks for sharing your creativity with us! You never cease to amaze me with your talent :)

Sarah Vrolyk

Love the designs, Amy!


I love Amy's blog and she is very talented.


I love Amy's blog and she is very talented.


Simply adorable cards! Congrats on being selected this month's Guest Designer Amy. You're an inspiration!


I love all of Amy's creations - her blog is great!

Rachel Hope

OH OH!!! I love them!!!! ENABLERS!!! Now I MUST HAVE the Bee and the Hive, I must!

Gina K

Yes, that card is awesome and I would HAVE to say that scalloped rectangle technique is brilliant, LOL!
Gina K.
Gina K. Designs

Yvette P.

Amy- Your cards are absolutely adorable. I love how you made a sun with the new daisy stamp. I have that stamp, so it gave me some inspiration for other things to do with it. Keep up the great work. I'll look forward to seeing more of your designs!!:)


Amy, just love all your cards!!! What great ideas!!!


Love these! They are so happy and sunny...perfect for summer.


The scalloped rectangle is sheer genius, Amy! Looking forward to viewing more of your designs.


Amy your cards are lovely. It's nice to see your bees haven't mysteriously disappeared like the real ones. Keep up the great work.


I can't really pick a favorite because I think they all are adorable, but I have to say I just LOVE how classic the colors of yellow and black are together. Yes, they are bee colors, but the way you use them on the card, too, is just so clean and warm looking. I love it!

Angela H.

LOVE the bees. Amy is one of my favorites!! All 3 are adorable!


I love the black and white with the bees theme. What darling cards. Amy, you are the best. Thanks,

Hampton VA


I love the cards. I would have to agree with some of the others, I love the polka dot card. I love polka dots.

Nicki Lundeen


I love Amy's creativity, and I love what she did with the square scallop punches, making them a rectangle. Quite ingenious.

Nicki Lundeen

Penny H

You do such an amazing job creating the cutest things! I recently purchased a LOT of Amuse stamps and the beehive and tiny bee were the very first ones I used to make a card.

broni (waterchild12)

Of course these cards are remarkable! That's Amy's style! I love them. What a wise choice for Guest Designer!!

Michelle R

I really love the first card, probably because I love the yellow and black together. And I LOVE the trail from those adorable little bees. I desperately need those stamps! :-)

Elizabeth Royalty

These are awesome! Didn't think I needed that bee stamp until I saw this... guess that's what you're designers are for! LOL!


awesome series! it's so hard to pick a favorite!


I LOVE the little bee's! My favorite would be the middle one with the bee's flitting around the flowers,bright cheery colors and oh so fun!

Great job Amy - I enjoy looking at your work and getting inspiration!


Melissa Ferr

Great job. I am so excited for you. Your future looks great.

Regina Davis

Love, love, love them all! Amy's creativity is outstanding!


Wow Amy... you have been SO BEEzy heheheh. Love that baby bee. Great job on these cards. Very impressive! Keep'em coming!


Kerri Killmer

Un-BEE-lievable! How cute, your creativity is truly inspiring. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your talent!

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