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Friday, May 04, 2007


Rachel Hope

They are all so wonderful!! I can only vote for 1????


Great cards!!! I had planned to post, but the time got away from me. I had a difficult time choosing just one; they were all so wonderful.

Sarah Moore

hmm... is it just me? The link to vote isn't workin' for me! :(


I loved looking through these cars today - they are so beautiful! I like the recurring themes of coffee and tropical drinks - I'll drink to that!


Wow. These are super and so clean in design (I wish I had their skills!)...


Beutiful cards stampers. You made your moms proud!

Heather P

I am so disappointed. My card entry for this contest was sent via email well before the deadline and met the required specifications, but it does not appear in the gallery. Are other entries missing as well? I was so looking forward to seeing my card online... Does anyone know what happened?

Lynn Jackson

All the cards are wonderful! The card I picked reminded me of how my best friend occasionally coped when she was raising her daughter.
Question--the card that has the three dress forms in the center of the card, is that an Amuse stamp and if so how do I get one. I looked on the site and did not see it. Any information is appreciated. Happy Mothers Day to all. Thanks Lynn


Hi Heather,

I checked and double-checked that all the cards that were emailed to [email protected] were entered into the gallery. Can you please let me know if this is the email address you used?



To answer Lynn's question:

The dress form used is a new A Muse stamp. At this point, this stamp is only available at AC Moore stores (chain on East coast) and also at the A Muse shop. You may order one directly from us - the item code is 9-6089D and the price is $7.25.


Heather F.

I posted the dress card. If you want, I can pick up one of the dress stamps for you. It is the best! I fell in love with it when I saw it.

Lyndsay Neumann

Wow - amazing cards! Lots of inspiration!

Sharon Yarbrough

I like number 24; 32; 33; and 34.

Nice job ladies.

Heather P

Hi Linda.

I hadn't heard back from my direct reply to your email, so I thought I would post another comment to say that I verified my entry was sent to the correct address before the deadline. How disappointing that it wasn't found and posted with the rest. Hopefully things will work better next time. It's great to see the other entries, though - fabulous cards. I just wish mine had been included, too. Good luck, everyone!

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