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Tuesday, July 24, 2007



The surfer dude is so cute. How did she cut the orange part that looks like the sun? Did she use special scissors or a punch?

june g

the scarecrow is one of my fav stamps. so simple but really says it all about fall.

Anouk Martin

Love the surfer dude. Way cool!


i love how all of the little details she uses really take the cards to the next level!

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

Love the swirl mom card. That has to be my favorite stamp!


I love the coloring detail in the Fleur shop card, so inviting! The mom card is my favorite, but I love them all!


Novell has such talent!!! I hope we get to see more of her work!


That mother's day card is a beauty! I love cards that open in an unexpected way! Great work, Novell!!


I love the brownstones!! It looks like Brooklyn! :) Great cards -- such gorgeous work!

Fjola D

I am so inspired to grab my stamps! Have to wait 'til the end of August though, when I get home again.

Melissa Norris

Great as usual Novell!!


I love these cards- love the colors on the surfer card and the lovely combo of the mother's day card, in particular. I am enjoying all the decorative edges on her mounts - I am never pleased with the results from my decorative scissors - maybe I need to revisit this! Thanks, Novell!


Wow, these cards are all great, but I especially like the scarecrow one. How cute and fall-ish!


cute, Cute, CUTE! More awesome cards, Norvell!

Linda SS

Norvell is such an impressive stamper and is always able to vision the "big picture" so she gets just the right amount of detail to create something wonderful.

tammy b

don't know which i like more, the flower store or the welcome card...they're all adorable!

N.Yvette P.

These cards are so inspiring! I love the "shop" stamps. I want every one of them. The purse card is such a clever idea with a pocket inside for a goodie...what fun!!

Riza Almanza

Again, awesome cards! I really like your creativity in all the cards you've shared w/ us. Thank you!


I love the surfer card and the scarecrow card!! So simple but so cute!!


i SOOOO love the flower shop and the mother's day card!! i think i will just HAVE to purchase some of those tiny flowers pretty little paper after all... :)

Kathy McDonald

Just when I think I own EVERY Amuse stamp you post another darling card using one I haven't yet added to my collection! I am SO grateful that your retail store is just a short drive away! I'm heading there now. . .

Adelina Starace

I love these cards! That's a great idea to use a velcro spot to keep the card closed.

Regina D.

Oh my gosh...That scarecrow is awesome. Love it!

Kristin Z.

Another round of wonderful cards! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


I've never paid much attention to the brownstone image but I think I HAVE to have it now! I LOVE this card!


More great cards!!!! I love the scarecrow one!


Love the pretty flower shop card....thanks for sharing your cards, Novell!


I love the lined up Brownstones - so quaint!


Love the cards....they are all SO unique!! The brownstone definitely would make a great new neighbor card!! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Melanie aka Batgirl

oh I love the colours for the first card and I love the one coloured house on the other card! great cards!


Very cute, as usual!


Love them all!


The scarecrow is just too cute.

Kathy W

What great cards! My favorites are the surfer, the welcome house and the purse card (so pretty). What a talented stamper; thanks for sharing.

ann i

can't choose a personal favorite cuz i'm loving all of them!


The flower shop card is my fav. Love all the special little details in each card!

Renee Vroman

Novell is wonderful! I love *all* her cards especially the 'purse' one. They're all fantastic.


I love Novell's cards! I think my favorite is the flower shop card. She is soooo talented!


more awesome cards novell! i *love* the colors on the surfer card!


Novell is so versatile! I think my favorite this time is the Brownstone- so clever! Thanks for sharing!

fran heupel

those cards are so wonderful. Love all the details and the colors.



I have a friend who just moved to a new house and the three brownstones in a row gave me the inspiration I was waiting for!! Thanks Novell! And the Fleurs with the scalloped edge is adorable! How did you do that?


Another selection of all inspiring cards.


Another selection of all inspiring cards, love them.

Melissa R.

I'm loving the bonus cards. What a cute scarecrow & the surfer dude is really adorable too. Norvell's cards are priceless.


That scarecrow is awesome, great card!


Love the Mothers Day card - could we have the dimensions??
Nancy S


Hello, everyone! Thanks for all the nice comments. Here are some answers to some questions asked here: Dimensions for the Mom's Day pocket card...4.25 x 4.25 just like a regular A Muse notecard. The scallops behind the flowershop stamp were done using my scallop scissors and the wavy edges behind the surfer are done with my waves scissors. I never used to give my decorative scissors much love but the A Muse cards just scream for them! Great and quick way to add a little something!


The scarecrow card is adorable! It's a good thing that he doesn't have a crow sitting on his shoulder... he's doing his job.


Can't decide which one of these I like the best , they are all so awesome!!

Janet Allen

Norvell's cards never fail to amaze. This batch is all different from one another & all just as spectacular as the next.


The Yo, Dude! card is so fun!


How cute are these!! I love each and every one :)


Must have the brownstone house it is so perfect ah the things I could do. Imagine a Christmas scene with liquid applique ahhhh must have


I just love the combination of patterns on the Mom card - at first I didn't notice the white polka dots in the background of the daisy circle. Adorable!


These are all great cards, but I especially love that scarecrow.

Mary A

A few more images were just added to my wish list... :) Nice work!

Cindy Vernon

I have some of these stamps! It makes me feel inspired to pull them out and see what I can do!


I love the Mom card. I like cards with unusual closures.


I'm tied here between the scarecrow (because I love fall/autumn cards) and the one with the buildings. It's so simple but would be loved by a new addition to the neighborhood...or could even be used as a "we've moved" card.

Great stuff!



Awwww, I love that MOM card! So sweet....and the surfer dude is so fun! Thanks for sharing!


The mom card is so ingenious! Would love to see the inside! For the enclosure is that two sizes of the circle punch where the flower motif on the front is a rubber stamp? Nice touch touch on the jewel embelishment in the center. Is that a brad?

Lisa B

Fantastic cards, and what great creative inspiration! I especially love the simple elegance of the "mom" card--just the right accents!


what beautiful cards.love the color combinations and simple , striking designs.


just luv the scarecrow and the mom card oh and the brownstone one and .....


The shape of the mom card is wonderful!
I also love the surfer w/ dark hair. I always make him blonde...nice to be challenged to think outside of my box!
Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Ros Oakes

I love the "Yo Dude" boyish cards are always so much harder!


These cards demonstrate Novell's ability to really apply contrast to her work. Love it! That Brownstone is simply and ingenius.... sometimes it's hard to start a card and then stop with coloring just one. Wow, how it pops!


I don't own any of the Amuse buildings... and I just LOVE them :)

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