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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Cute cards!! Makes me wish I was laying in that hammock on vacation right now!!


great cards!


very cute ... love them all!


great cards novell--love the hammock between the trees! :) lexi

Julie Masse

The perfect cards for summer!! So cute!


Such cute cards and I love the fishy it looks just like the edible goldfish-yum!


Nice. Really like how I'm swept away as an imaginary participant in each card just by the simple way you staged each scene.

Andrea Bentz

Novell, these all rock!!! Super, super cute cards!!!


Great summer cards...the hammock on the beach is calling my name!!

Kristin Z.

I love the seaweed detail on the first card! All your cards are great and just scream SUMMER!

Melissa Norris

Great work Novell! I love the little goldfish!

N.Yvette P.

These cards are all so "relaxing"!! That is really cool had you made the hammock hang between the 2 trees. I love had they all make up a summer scene. Thanks so much for sharing. Your designs are awesome!


nice cards, thanks for the ideas.

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

Novell, I love your stuff. Your style is very clean and fun! TFS!


I am so inspired! I LOVE the hammock inbetween the two trees! Everytime I am at my local stamp store I keep looking for the little crab. My mom is turning sixty this month and her astrological sign is Cancer (the crab), I have been toying with the idea of stamping sixty crabs! Beautiful cards Novell! Thanks for the inspiration!


That hammock looks so comfy!


Super cute cards. I love the bottom fishing one. You are one talented gal!!


Cute cards!

Riza Almanza

I didn't realize that one of the girl in the class I took at Monkey Love Rubber Stamp was you. You seem so familiar and now I see you as the guest designer! Great cards! I'm looking forward to seeing more!


Your work is so incredibly good. Thanks for picking Novel as a guest designer and thanks to Novel for creating such beauties!!


Novell's use of the hammock between so trees is so creative and clever!


I enjoy all of the cards shared by all of your designers! They provide such great inspiration!


I love the hammock between the two trees! Novell is amazing!

Rachel Hope

Love the hammock in the two trees! Makes me sleepy :D


Novell, that hammock-between-two-trees concept is super-cute. Go you!

Cindy Vernon

Wonderful cards! Makes me feel inspired! I think that I'll have to get that hammock!


Novell, that hammock-between-two-trees concept is super-cute. Go you!


Love these summer scenes. Perfect little vignettes of what it summer should be!


I have to get that "dropping you a line" stamp now.


I have to have that dropping you a line stamp now.


I LOVE the Paml Tree with the Hammock card. This would have to be my all time favorite A Muse stamp right now. it is so beautiful! These cards turned out great!


Now I have to buy the tree - that card is so cute!


oh i LOVE the one with the hammock between the two palm trees! it's ADORABLE and it makes me want to jump right in that card and relax! :)

Kathy W

Thanks for the idea using the skinny oval to create landscapes. What a handy stamp! I also love the hammock because it can be used for guys or gals. These are great cards; thanks for sharing!

Anouk Martin

These cards are great. Love the one with the boy fishing. Reminds me of my son!

tammy b

hee hee, love the sea weed, very clever!


Love the hammock stamp. Love the crab stamp.
Such cute summery images!

Cindy B

These card themes are "pure summer"!

Kerry J

Love the layering of the ovals - what a great idea and adds so much to the card!


Those are too cute - I love the hammock ones!

Regina D.

Oh my gosh, Novell, your cards are great. I especially love the added touch of seaweed at the bottom of the ocean on your first card.

Tina L

love the cards they are so cute thanks for the inspiration.

Aura Flora

I love the card with the hammock between two trees. Thanks for the inspiration!

yvonne versloot

my summer spirit is coming thanks to you novel

Debbie Neverkovec

I love your summertime cards Novell. Great inspiration. Thank you!!

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

I love the hammock on the tree! Super cute!


I love the little boy fishing! So cute!!


The hammock card is super cute.


I'm loving these new cards. The temptation is getting to be too much.


What cute cards!!! I love the fishing boy.


The 2nd Hammock in the Tree is my fav. :)

june g

very clever cards! i love our color selection.


I love the fish! It makes me want to eat those Goldfish snacks... yum. Super cute, creativeness!

Melanie aka Batgirl

These are really relaxing cards! thanks for sharing!


I love love love the scenes you've made for these cards Novell! They're perfect! Oh, so cute!


Bethany Paull

I love the seaweed in the water and that tiny crab. How cute!

Heather C

Love the fishing card --- the little fish reminds me of the ones my kids eat --- too cute!


Love the cards - especially the hammock between the trees. TFS!

Amanda B.

Love the hammock between the two trees! Very cleaver!!


These are FAN-Freakin'-Tastic!!!


Love these, Novell!! They make me want to go someplace tropical, kick back and go fishing!


Love these cards...very happy designs!


I love the "relax it's your day", the 2nd one - I think a day off from work swinging in a hammock would be a good way to go today. Great cards, Novell!


Gorgeous cards Novell I just love your work!
Suzy in Halifax


Great way to use the hammocks. Really nice cards.

Anne Marie

So cute! Love the hammock. Makes me want to lie down and take a nap!


These are gret! Novell is so good at making the scenes! This is something I need practice with! Have you picked me for the grand prize yet?

Stamps&Cars (Ann)

The one with the two trees! Such a great guy card. REally love the plaid! Great job, Novell! Does this mean you'll have an Amuse card for our swap?

Heather B

I love this hammock stamp and the island.
Heather B

Linda SS

I love A*Muse stamps and adore all the cards that Novell has created. She makes me want to grab a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, & take a tropical vacation:)

Jennifer Moore

The hut in the fishing card looks three dimensional. Pretty cool.

fran heupel

Wonderful cards makes me want to sit back and enjoy the summertime.

Fran Heupel

Mary-Jane Downey

What fun cards - gotta love those stamps - bought some at the local amuse card making event here last week!

Claire Bzdega

Relaxing day at the beach..... ahhh makes me just want to be there. Beautiful work


I love the hammock in between the 2 trees!! Very cute cards! Thanks for sharing with us!


Novell...what great cards! congrats on being guest designer! I love the different looks you achieved with the hammock stamp.

Tandra Boyer

Yah, Im thinkin' the Hammock on the little island is where Id like to be....
LOVE the underwater "seaweed"!!! Too cute!!


Cute cards, love them all

Joella Jarvi

Oh! That hammock makes me wish I had one set-up in my backyard!


great cards, AWESOME techniques!


Great cards. I wish I was sitting in the hammock!

Toni K

Cute Cute Cute cards. I really need a vacation!

Chris Hauck

These are just so cute. I have the palm tree with hammock stamp and have never considered stamping just the hammock without the palm tree. Very clever! Thanks for sharing!
Chris Hauck


Love, love LOVE the "relax" cards - I've gotta have that hammock. I'm SO in trouble :) Beautiful Novell!

Jennifer S

these hammock cards are just the cutest!! :D they make me smile and want to grab a nice big glass of cool lemonade and head outside! thanks for the inspiration! the one with the droopy palm tree looks as if I had just gotten up from it - maybe should have the DIET lemonade instead!! ;)

Jo Ann

A hammock at the beach - what could be more relaxing! Thanks for sharing these cards with us.


Great summer cards! Puts me in a relaxed, "lazy days of summer" kind of feeling!!


Super cute card! I like the little details, like the crab! Great job, Novell!


I love the crab on the little island! He looks so happy. I also like how you perched the hammock between the two trees, very fun!


Amazing work hanging the hammock between two trees. That is my favorite place to be - in the hammock!

Julia S

So love the "relax it's your day" card..it's just adorable and my daily motto!!LOL

Pat J

I so enjoy seeing fresh ideas using amuse stamps! Especially love the seaweed detail on the first card.

Linda Deline

I love the 'relax it's your day' card! It's great. So pleased to meet you Novell.

Melissa Roth

I love the little extra's that Norvell adds to her cards. It's the detail that makes her's a notch above so many others. That little hutch next to the fisherman is so cute.

Janet Allen

What fun cards. I love the doodle waves & that hammock looks so inviting.. Thanks, Norvell, for sharing your talent with us.


The hammock between the two trees offers one of the more relaxing (and therefore wonderful!) cards I have seen recently. I just love it and wish I had the outdoor setting at my house to match!

Liz N

Love these! Such great talent!

Tina Mayo

really cute cards!! Really like the summer one.

Donna Degen

Oh, the perfect pasttime for the dogdays of summer!


These cute cards have had me dreaming about lying around in a hammock. I went to Wally's to check them out and found one for $5. I didn't think it would be much of a hammock since it was so inexpensive, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have Norvell to thank because my dream has now become a reality:)

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