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Thursday, July 19, 2007


Claudia F.

What amazing work you do, you both are so inspiring.
Claudia F.


I love love the two trees w/ the hammock card.
I love it when someone challenges me to think outside of the box like that!


Novell wants me to win??? So do I!!! (vigorously waving my arms & jumping up & down over here!! pick me, pick me!!) *wink*. Can't wait to see more of your creations & thanks for the opportunity to win! :)

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

I love Novell's work! It is so original!

Peggy Maier

I really like Novell's card with the hammock on the little island - very cute!
She adds such neat touches like the little crab. She seems to tie elements together so well & adds special extras too.


I love checking out all of Novell's cards.

june g

me in the north carolina heat, wishing i was in one of novell's cards.


Great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win!


love seeing all of the inspiring A Muse cards...thanks for sharing!


Hooray for Novell!


How cool is that!? Kinda like the fishing card that Novell made!! Very cute and clever!!! :)

Laurie H.

I just love the simplicity of your designs. Your work is wonderful.

Tiffany Daniel

Thanks so much for sharing your work. It is so inspiring!
I am giving away blog candy! Check it out!


I love Amuse! And I love seeing all the great creations made by the Design Team. Everyone does such a fabulous job!!! Thank you Design Team for sharing your talents and thank you for the inspiration! :) ~PennyH


Thank you for sharing your work. You are an inspiration!


Cindy Tschider

You are just the best! I knew the minute I meet you, you were destand to be famous!! I love your card and congrats on being choosen to be a Guest designer!
SEE going to Amuse spending money is PRICELESS!!!


I duplicated the Novell cards as best as I could for my daughter and her little friend who is spending the night and they think I am "amazing!" Imagine that! Thank you for allowing me to garner such praise from nine y/o girls! Continue inspiring ...

Linda SS

Novell makes the cutest cards. They always make me want to start packing & going on a tropical vacation:)

fran heupel

great work and a beautiful card.
thanks for the inspiration.

Fran Heupel

Leslie Brown

Gorgeous worrk!
Thanks for sharing with us!


Very creative, thank you for the inspiration!


Really cool designs on the card, Novell.

Nancy M.

Novell, your cards are very whimsical, now there's more Amuse Stamps that are going on my wish list!


Lovin' Novell's stuff!


Novell is a winner...I hope I am, too! I love her whimsical simplicity!

Judy Giluk

Novell: Your card designs are just darling. I want to jump in that hammock hanging from the palm tree and take a little snooze. Judy


I love the use of the double trees with the hammock! I am going to try to use double trees on my next card!


Novell, your work is super. I just love the card with the palm tree and hammock and seaweed at the bottom. That one just says "summer" to me..and it's going by so quickly!!

 Barbara Chase

Love your cards, amuse stamps are so cute but it's wonderful to see them used in different ways. thanks.


I love a-muse cards and supplys!!! they are SO cute! I love how Novell's card samples make a senery with the stamps. PLEASE pick me! i would put it into VERY good use and would share it with my best friend who scrapbooks and makes cards with me! =]

Janet Allen

Since your post says that Norvell wants me to win, I'm entering so that I will have a chance to win:-) Now all you need to do is PICK me, pleeeeese. Norvell's cards are all superb!

Jill Grace

Your cards make me want to stroll the beach, very easy-going. Love the fish!

Melissa Roth

It's terrific designers like Norvell that makes me want more & more & more A*muse stamps. AMAZING!


Love Novell's work! Thanks for a chance to win!!

Carol Murray

I love how whisical your cards are. A touch of sunshine to brilghten ones day! thanks for sharing

kelly s

Thanks for the inspo!


Amazing.............I have loved the 'Palooza and the intro to your company-and the work is, well.......Amazing!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Liz N

Those are some very creative cards! Love the two trees and hammock!


Some people work looks so professional & Norvell is one of those artists. Those little touches make all the difference.

yvonne versloot

one worth WAUW

Dottie K

So cute! Love the double trees with the hammock. Each card has such a unique little accents to pull them together. Love the little fish - TFS! :)


Terrific cards...I quite like this one: http://amusenews.typepad.com/.shared/image.html?/photos/uncategorized/2007/07/24/moms_purse.jpg


I love all of Novell's cards..especially the scarecrow one!

Rhonda L.

Love your simple, yet beautiful cards. Thank you for all the great ideas. RL


What fun samples! Thanks!


I recently took a trip to Seattle and was able to visit your Store - oh what fun I love your cards I wish I had bought more These cards are really cute and are an inspiration - I need to get busy -


I love Novell's cards. I especially like the pocket card she made for Mother's Day. So cute. TFS

Mary Myers

I love your cards, Novell!! The surfer card is perfect--the colors you chose are great and I love the glittery rick-rack for the water. Thanks so much for sharing your talent! :)


You are so very talented. I especially like the mother's day card. Thanks for sharing!

Gabrielle S.

What a delightful set of summer cards. Norvell's style is that of a true artist.

fran heupel

Great work as always!
So much inspiration.



What a cute mother's day card. So simple and yet so elegant.


~love them all


Wonderful, wonderful cards! I wish I had your creativity!


I'd love to win, win, win! Thanks for your great card ideas.


I think your cards are amazing! The one that jumped off the scene and yelled "Favorite" was the lifeguard card! You did an awesome job on that one! Thank you for the chance!

Taishea Welling

I have NEVER even heard of this company until I was browsing a site over on Split Coast Stampers. I only have to say, I am VERY impressed! I likey, I likey! Great work!

Zoe Gehr

Novell - you are so creative.



I love seeing how you use the ovals for "grounding". I have heard about grounding, and I have several of the Amuse Oval stamps, but have yet to use them - NOW, I will. Your samples and ideas are amazing - thank you for sharing! Tina

Stephanie Mayne

You have some really nice card ideas! Please enter me - I'd love to win as I'm in England and the website I bought my Amuse stamps from has shut down!!! :0( (If those in the know are reading this please could you email me and tell me of any websites in the uk that stock amuse?! Thanks so much! - I miss them!!!)
Stephanie x


These are some of the most creative cards I've seen!!! I love, love, love the puppy, furr-ever card! : )



Great cards! You're so creative. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Cindy Vernon

The cards are just outstanding! Love them all.

Robyn Foster

Novell - as always your cards are spectacular. Love your layouts and creativity. Fantastic job on all of the cards.


You are one talented designer, Novell. Great looking cards.


Great cards. Keep up the excellent work and ideas!

Pat J

It's easy to see why you were chosen as guest designer! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creativity using Amuse stamps.

Betty Todd

Novell - what an interesting name! Could it be that's why you are so artistic? I adore the sentiment on the blue polka dot hospitality card!

Karen Challis

Novell, your talent shines thru! Thanks for some great ideas.
Karen Challis


one word fantastic novell

Cheryl Sims

I would like to have just the talent in your little finger. Your cards are amazing. Thanks for sharing your special gift.
Cheryl Sims


I enjoyed the new card ideas!

Melissa R.

Dottie K

Wow what beautiful cards. Each one is just as cute as the next one. TFS :)

mary rose


I've been enjoying your cards on SCS this week. Thanks for sharing some lovelies here, too!
mary rose

Kathy D

Oh, the last batch of cards were beautiful, too!!! I especially loved the sand castle!

Angie DiMeglio

Novell your cards are beautiful and inspiring.

Janet A.

Another spectacular batch of Novell's cards - such amazing talent.


Novell your cards are beautiful! You are so creative!

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