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Wednesday, August 22, 2007



What a cute little dog & the girls look darling as well!


What kind of dog is it? Looks like it's at least part Pekingese...

I have a lab mix and a little Shih Tzu that my youngest son and I got for our birthday last year. She's been such a great addition to our family and we love her to death!!! She thinks everyone is her best friend and has been great with our kids. I think all kids need a dog so I vote *YES*!!!


Since I too am dog sitting I feel comfortable telling you to just say NO. Of course the dog I have right now is huge and hairy. Seriously huge and hairy. He's a great big goofball who has no idea how big he is. I love him to death but my house is full of hair and my vaccumn is begging for mercy.


Very cute photo! So my question for you is...what are mom & dad saying?????


We LOVE to dog sit - all the benefits of having a dog, no pet hair to clean up! Enjoy it!


What a beautiful photo! Your daughters are so pretty and the dog is so cute. Thanks for sharing this great photo Linda!

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