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Wednesday, August 22, 2007



Well I'm positive mine wasn't pink but YOU'RE KILLING US HERE!!

Rhonda Maynard

How exciting! Congrats to whoever wins!! :D Can't wait to find out who and be super jealous!! :D


I never win anything so I KNOW it's not me! But I'm excited to hear who the winner is and congratulate her!!


I'm with Novell, mine wasn't pink either but I really want to know who's was!!


How long do we have to wait?? I am with Novell; you're killing us!!


I can't remember what color mine was, but I'm sure I would've remembered if mine were pink :)Congrats to the lucky winner! Every stampers dream!!


Wow...what if? It would feel like winning the lottery for me!! I really don't remember what color my entry blank was, but green is sticking out in my mind for some reason. I can't wait to hear who that extremely LUCKY person is!! :)


I don't suppose anyone is coming ot Atlanta to award my grand prize?! Can't wait to see the lucky winner!

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