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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


N.Yvette P.

I'm glad everyone made it home safely & you got your luggage back. I hope you had a wonderful vacation. You certainly deserve it!! We've missed you!!!


Welcome home! Thank goodness the cookies are ok - spoken by one who brings food back from everywhere! (no one understands a suitcase full of rhubarb, but that is ok. I am secure.)

We have been having a blast in the new amuse addict forum over at SCS! You'll have to pop in some time for a celbrity appearance!


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Fudge-Os!!!! Gotta love Canada for things like that!

But then you have people like me... Canadians in Canada... who can't wait to check out the treats in the US!

Glad you had a good trip (and that the cookies arrived safely!)


Welcome back, Linda!


glad you are safe. call me soon. let me know if you are receiving my emails...


Welcome home Linda. I visited The Paper Tree today in Manchester, NH and it was fun seeing all the A Muse goodies. What a nice shop!!! The chocolate cookies sound yummy. Glad you had a nice vacation in Quebec. Back to work on Monday?

Regina D.

On my gosh...I just love the card with the ice cream sundaes and red & white overhang. So cute!

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