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Thursday, August 23, 2007



Oh yeah my space looks just like that. I would be afraid to work in that space... I wouldn't want to mess it up.


Well, while that desk she's at is not huge, she does have separate desks for each type of crafting (i.e. sewing, scrapbooking, etc.). So she ends up with a lot of space. I thought she had some neat ideas but I cannot ever see myself storing my fabric in flat drawers (maybe I have too much?). I also think that she has so much going on professionally that I cannot see her having much crafting time available! But I think she's a collector and organizer and probablty had a lot of fun designing her room. Whether it gets used much is another issue! :-)

Zoe Gehr

I love Martha too -

I have always said that instead of Martha doing time in 'the big house' she should have had to come clean and organize my house. That would have been a real punishment for her!!

scoopy (Emily)

I am a Martha fan too, but I know what you mean! When I saw this in the latest issue, I thought "there is no way I could work in that space!" It's nice that she has a table and spot for everything, but the low angled ceilings would drive me crazy... and I could almost feel my head getting bonked on the ceiling everytime I stood up! I like to stand and stamp too - so there is no way it would work for me - lol!


That craft space looks like it is for someone who is anal retentive or doesn't craft much. It also looks like they stuck the desk in the darkest corner of the space.

My craft space is an organized mess. Every nook and cranny is jammed with tools, ribbon, stamps and paper. :)

Lynn Mercurio

Looks like she would have to crawl on her hands and knees to get out of that chair without conkin' her head on the ceiling....hummmm....that may explain a few things.


Hmm...it's a great room, but for really crafting in? I'm not so sure. Whether it's really her actual crafting space or not...it looks completely staged for the photo shoot. And also specifically done to highlight her new line at Michael's.

broni (waterchild12)

ROTFLMAO!!!!! I do believe you're right! NO ONE has ever really crafted in this room! I'd love to break it in for her though!

Jill Grace

Seriously, it takes just as much time to be that organized as it would to actually produce a crafty product. Although, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I wish I was so organized.


I don't think that space is BIG enough for Martha! Looks like she has been shopping at Michaels though ;)


I have to say that I vastly prefer to do all my crafting at "counter hieght", at least 35" off the floor. I like, at least, that the drawers are shallow - you could conceivably have things one-deep and not be tempted to cram a bunch of stuff in there.

I am still shopping for the perfect stamp drawers, but I am definitely leaning toward a nice, multiple shallow-drawer tool box from sears with a big flat table top on it!


As much as I admire Martha I don't think that room has been USED. It's too pretty!!


I do like Martha, but...ummm, a cat? I don't think I'd like cat fur all over my space. However I do love (rolling my eyes) to craft in my high heel espadrilles!

Julie  Phillips

Nope! Looks like a photo shoot to me. The precision on the way the cutting tools are placed in the drawer is almost silly.


Michelle R

All the comments here are too funny. But no.........there is NO WAY she really crafts in that room.


Hahahahaha! Where are the paper scraps and bits of glitter? Inspiration and half finished projects? No stray brads and eyelets rolling around? Give me a break, a whole drawer for a few pair of scissors? Honestly, I COULDN'T craft in that space if you paid me!


I thought this was a joke too - till I saw the setup in the recent MS Living mag - that room is actually 42 FEET long!! She has like 5 different desks (ALL custom of course) and a center table and all that - each one for a different type of craft. So after seeing that then YES I do believe she actually uses the room (tho I too wonder if it ever gets messy - in the mag it says she loves having a separate craft room so that she doesn't have to put things away - uh Martha NOT putting things away?? Not possible!! LOL)


This room stresses me out! I would get lost in all that organization. My craft space looks like there was an explosion. Once upon a time I kept it super clean but never felt inspired. The day I dumped all of my Amuse stamps out of the bin is the day I started taking off!

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