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Wednesday, August 01, 2007



Novell - More amazing cards!! I think the lifeguard chair is my favorite! I love the colors and the addition of the twine - so summery!! Can't wait to see the rest!

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

Novell, these are so clever! I love the baseball one and I'm not even a baseball fan! :)


Wow Novell! So creative and fun! Being a baseball fan, I love the baseball card! The Sniffer card is adorable and I really like how you used the mod dots card too. All are really creative! :)


Love the baseball card as well as the others! Novell is so creative.


I love all the details in each card -- it teaches me to think about all elements. The cards are quite stunning -- every element adds to the design without it being too much! Thanks for sharing!!


again, i just love all the thought and details!


The baseball card and the lifeguard chair card are real standouts to me. Great job on these.


These are all great!!! Love the lifeguard chair card.

Melanie aka Batgirl

I love the Dog card! and the baseball one is cool too!


wow novell! i love all of them--the colors on the lifeguard one are one of my fave combos and that baseball is just so awesome!

N.Yvette P.

Hi Novell...Hi Linda....Novell, I love the "hospitatlity" card! What a great card to use the slippers on! I also really like the colors you chose. The "sniffer" card is super cute as well. It's so true to how a dog would really be!! The "lifesaver" card is wonderful with the striped notecard. Again, I love the colors you chose for that card...perfect! The baseball card is just too cute...thanks for sharing. I'm going to miss seeing your designs..they are fabulous! Pretty please..would you start a blog?


Oh, the lifeguard one is too sweet. Love it!


Very cute!!


Novell ~ I love ALL 4 cards!! I'm partial to sniffer but the baseball card is absolutely adorable!! Can't wait to see more!!

salla wagner

i do love that hospitality stamp, so the card looks great! thanks for the inspiration


WOW that baseball card is just FABULOUS!!!

Kristin Z.

I love, love, love the Sniffer card!

tammy b

they're all so amazing, but i must confess, i'm partial to the hospitality card! thanks for sharing your talent


Loving all these adorable little cards!!


novell, those cards are gorgeous!! i love the last circle baseball card! the little "yahoo" adds such an adorable touch.


The baseball card is a home run! Way to go Novell.

Julie Masse

Super cards - love that baseball one, how cute!!


Thanks for all the new card ideas!


Great cards!!!!! I especially love the "hospitality" card .....thanks for the good ideas!!

.june gibbons

you're baseball card is awesome, love the detail.


LOVE all the cards! Especially the baseball card - great idea!


I want that Sniffer card - he is so cute... :)

ann i

as always love them all but i must have that "you're a lifesaver stamp". is it discontinued, because i can't seem to find it on the website. will have to go check again. anyways, more stamps to add to the next wish list!


thanks for sharing all of the great cards! I love the sniffer one!

Melissa Roth

I'm in AWE again! More brilliant work by Norvell & I love them all.


Sniffer is cute! My fav however is the lifeguard chair/life saver card. The colors and the jewel and the crab make me happy and want to get on a yacht.


I really love all your cards.

Kelly Rodgers

Novell - I am in awe! Love that baseball card!!

fran heupel

Thanks for posting more of your wonderful cards.



Very cute cards Novell! My favorite is the little sniffinf doggy because she reminds me of mine :)


Ooh I just love the puppy dog card! So cute! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

Kathy W

Another set of wonderful cards. The hospitality card is so perfect to thank hosts after a pleasant stay.

Cathy (stamper-c)

Love all the cards - hard to pick a favorite! I'm really enjoying your guest designer program - what a great idea and what fun!!! TFS


Wow! I love your Sniffer card and The Lifeguard Stand! Love how you layed them out and everything about them!!CUTE

Regina D.

I'm so diggin' that puppy card! So cute. Oh my, that baseball card is awesome, too!


My favorite is the hospitality one...love the colour scheme and the embellies! TFS!

Jill Grace

LOVE the baseball card - great job thinking outside the box. I challenge myself to come up with cards that have different shapes - yours is an inspiration

Joyce Wheeler

Thanks for posting more of Novell's lovely creations! I especially like the hospitality card but they are all awesome, she does great work!


These may be my favorites also, they are so great! I love that baseball card.


Novell's designs are fresh and clean. It amazes me that these simple lines pack such a whallop to the eye!


My favorite card is Sniffer. I have tons of dog stamps and this one is so cute...gonna have to add it to my collection!


I love the baseball one! Lezlye


These cards are awesome. Thanks for sharing them!

Linda SS

Wow...another batch of cuteness:) Sniffer and the baseball are as good as it gets, AMAZING!

kim lenhart

I just love the baseball player card!!
Both my boys play, and this would be
cute in a scrapbook or frame as well!!
YOU are 2 talented*!


'I'll love you fur-ever is the bestest one ever!

Janet Allen

Norvell's cards are so amazing - her mind is so creative to come up with such ingenious ideas.

Gabrielle S.

I need that dog stamp!!! In face, I need them all. The stamps are toooooo cute and boy does Norvell know how to work them.

Mary A

Wonderful! I LOVE the lifesaver card, and will have to file that design away as I happily already own the lifeguard chair... What I really like is that so many of Novell's designs are quite different from the others -- that's talent in MANY different formats and color combos. :) Thanks!

Michaela A.

Glad to see even more of Norvell's cards...I'm one of her fans and love everything she does.

Cindy Vernon

I just love these! She has such a unique way of utilizing the stamps.


I LOVE the baseball card! The other cards are really cute too, Sniffer is sweet and the lifeguard card I really like too! My daughter plays ball as well so hopefully one day there will be a female slugger to go with the male slugger. Great cards!


what GREAT cards and great use of these wonderful stamps--I believe my next amuse shopping list just got longer :)


My favorite is a tie between the lifeguard one and the baseball one. The main reason I like the baseball one is the card shape...the main reason I like the lifeguard one is the clear crisp lines/design. So I can't choose one favorite!



love them all! It seems my amuse shopping/want list just got longer!!

Bonnie aka raduse

These are all just too cute. Wow! I really like the doggie and the lifeguard chair cards.

Cindee Stacey

My favorite is the baseball card!! Although I love them all! VERY cute!


Novell, I really like your design style. It's really fun!! I really love the hospitality card. It's so fun using the dot card as a base. I also like the "sniffer" card. He is just too cute! Thanks for sharing your crativity with us and congratulations on being guest designer!!


we are baseball nuts so that baseball card just sent me over the edge! I really like the lifeguard chair because I'm also a swimming freak! Great cards TFS!

Mary C. Anderson

I really like all of your cards. But I sgree with you about the card that has the dog sniffer in it. It is an adroable card. Ilove that you added the flowers.


Shannon McGann

Beautiful cards! I love the "love you fur-ever" sentiment! Too cute!

Kathy Steele

I LOVE the hospitality card and what a cute idea with the slippers! The lifesaver card and guard stand is also a fav!


These cards are all so cute but I think my fav is sniffer! So adorable sniffing the flowers and the oval looks perfect there to ground hom!


I LOVE the hanging scallop frame. It is so cute!


Novell - The baseball card is so creative and the Mom card is so simple, but elegant. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.


Novell - You're so creative! I love all your cards. It's hard to pick a favorite. I look forward to seeing more.


I agree with everyone that Sniffer is an adorable dog, but my favorite is the Life saver card. The little crab hanging off on the side is such a great touch Novell! The nautical colors makes such an impact, and the twine reminds me of rope. All in all, I can smell the sea when I look at the card! Thanks Novell for sharing!


These cards are great, great, great...great! Like the shape of the baseball card.

Rhonda Maynard

Novell, all these cards are so wonderful, it's hard to pick one, but I absolutely love the Hospitality card. It makes me think of a nice realxing spa getaway, with the Cabana Blue and the slippers! Very nice! I love the Baseball card too, it's too cool! Who am I kidding, I love them all!!! :D


Another set of wonderful, inspiring cards I reall can't decide which is my fav.


The card with Sniffer is adorable (as they ALL are). I love how the ribbon looks like it's holding a picture up. Excellent!

Ros Oakes

Great theamed cards something I never word have thought of!


I love the soft subtle colors of the 1st cards, they are gentle notes. And then how Novell shifts to bold brights for the beach and baseball. The clever shape of the baseball card is bound to be a favorite to the receiving end.


these designs are so inspiring. want to buy more a muse stamps now just to make all your lovely designs.

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