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Monday, August 13, 2007



I guess I don't have a style either, because I love all the art. Your polka dots and scallops make me want to run upstairs and stamp away. Its been a while too. Your cards are just amazing and so beautiful! I love the bright colors and design. They are so eye-catching! I'm sure I didn't use that phrase correctly but you must know its just gorgeous!

june g

i love the the raindrops on seattle girl. your color selection and layers are always so happy. thanks!!

Zoe Gehr

love all of the designs by Novell. Very creative,



I actually let out a little squeal of glee at your La Tour D'Eiffel card. I spent a summer in Paris and I will never forget my view of Paris from the top of the tower at night! I have to make a card similar to yours and send it to my Mom. She visited me for a week of Parisian food and fashion. One of our favorite times together! I too love how you highlighted the scallop with white ink! So clever and adds such a punch to the card. Only one more set of your cards to be inspired by, Oh say it isn't so!

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

Novell, these cards are AWESOME. I love the polka dots!


These are super...so love the use of Dutch Girl DP on the first one!

Melissa Norris

Great cards Novell! I too love using polka dots.

tammy b

cute. cute. cute!
now i want to go get an ice cream soda!


I love the Eiffel Tower card with the different print papers! Tres chic!


The cards are so inspiring! I love the Eiffel Tower card!! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing!


Everything is so wonderful. I love the inspiration of all the A Muse artists!!


Oh yum. Love the cupcake and sundae ones. Great job!


I love the black and white cards with a pop of color! Great cards --- love them all!


I think these last cards by novell are my favorite's!!! So inspiring...

thanks for sharing..

Kim FAucher

this grouping is just awesome... i'm so into polka dots and scallops right now too!
love love em!

Ros Oakes

Loving the cards, the dots and scallops are too cute


The black and white cards are sooo striking!
Love them.


These cards are marvelous! I love all the details and special touches. Thanks, Novell!

Kathy W

This is such a great group of cards. I love the contrast of the white background/black polka dot with the black scallop accented with white dots. Also love on the Paris card the combo of stripes with dots. All of the stamps are so cute! The rain coming down for Seattle girl is perfect. Makes me feel right at home in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.


Great cards!! Where the heck were we before our scallop punches????

tami wood

I love her work. Beautiful card designs.

Jill Grace

Fantastic job! I love how you see scallops in a "new" way, by adding dots, lines, etc. Very clever and out-side-of-the-box!


more awesome cards novell! i love all the polka dots and scallops--and great colors, too!

Kathy D

These cards are so pretty! Gosh, I wish I had more A Muse stamps (I have scallops & polka dots galore...)!


all of these are so cheerful and fun! 'you are sweet' and 'cupcake' are my favs! :)


those little things are so important to making the design pop---like the raindrops, or outlining! just beautiful!


My fave is the Eiffle Tower card, good stuff. They are all so clever!

Michelle R

Fabulous cards. It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite from that fantastic group! Very nice work!


I LOVE all of these - they are great cards!! You are so creative :)


Love the monochromatic look of the last two cards. Very cute!

broni (waterchild12)

I love all the great detail elements Novell has added to these cards. The multiple layers, scallops and polka dots add such interest!


I just love all your cards Novell. Can't wait to see more, you really need to get that blog going.

Rhonda Maynard

HOLY SMOKES!!! We're not worthy!!! ALL of the cards posted today are spectacular!!! They all have that certain something that makes them stand out and look so perfect! I need to be taking some notes here!! :D Thanks for sharing! Completely Awesome!


Oooh, I just love the Eiffel Tower card! Yet another stamp I need to add to my collection!

Melanie aka Batgirl

I love the first card! too cute! and its always rainning around here! lol.

Mary A

Wonderful, wonderful cards! Thanks!

Cindy Vernon

I love these cards, they are fabulous!


Mmmmmm... I'm going to go get myself some ice cream later today... and if I find a yummy looking cupcake, I might have to splurge. Your creations are making me hungry for sweets!


I LOVE the ice cream, cup cake and effle towner cards!!! they are so cute!!! keep up the GREAT work!=]

Linda SS

I really love Norvell's clean style, but she always goes to the next level with something new and different:)


I love the cupcake card! So cute!


Beautiful cards! My fav is the Seattle Girl card...love the raindrops!

Beth m

Novell's cards are wonderful! They inspired me to place my
first Amuse order last week which arrived just yesterday!
Thanks for the inspiration!


I always love the French-inspired cards. They do make me smile. :) I also like the use of the red and white striped paper to simulate a cafe awning - I have used that technique often and tend to be thrilled with the results. These cards really speak to me - clean and classic and cheery!

Kelly Rodgers

I love the colours and all the scallops.
I am CRAZY about scallops!!


Beautiful cards Novell - ah my wish list keeps growing and growing!

N.Yvette P.

Great cards as usual Novell. You give me a lot of inspiration! I can't wait to see more. I'm glad Linda extended your GD spot to share more of your designs with us!


All of your cards are great!!! As always!!! Thanks!!


i think this is my favorite set of cards novell! although, i loved the others as well. the little girl in the rain is so precious! i just love the sweet shop, cupcake and eiffel tower!!! i'm going to be sad when your work is not show cased her anymore...

Janet Allen

You can never go wrong with polka dots & scallops, and Norvell takes them to even greater heights. These are gorgeous!

Melissa R.

What a cute batch of cards!!! I love the black & whites and Seattle girl couldn't get any cuter than this.


Wow! all of these cards have two of my favorite things -- scallops and polka dots. Can't get enough of either!

ann i

Another set of adorable cards! Love the use of all the scallops!


I love how Norvell did the awning on the sweet shop. It's the opposite how I usually see it & it came out so cute this way. Love them all, as usual!


I love all the cards...So cute!!!

Julie Masse

Terrific cards - love that Seattle Girl one - so cute!!


What gorgeous cards. I'm in awe of Norvell's talent.

Gabrielle S.

Great job. These are some of the cutest cards I've ever seen.


Once aain I absulutely loved all of Novell's cards but think I have to choose the cupcake as my favourite!!!


What can I say but tooooo cute!!


I love the cute little girl with the umbrella....So cute! Your layouts are adorable!!


These lovely cards should be called, "Novell and her magical ways of scalloping". Tres chic! Love them.


i love them all. so wish i didn't have to work tomorrow so that i could get creative right now.

Sarah Sheridan

Oh my gosh.... I LOVE these designs! I ADORE the Seattle girl image so I am partial to that card. They are all super cute though!

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