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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Linda SS

They are all so cute, and as usual Novell has added the perfect touches to make them extra-special. The flippers on the beach card are so funny, I love the puffiness on the santa coat, and the glazed shine on the elephants balloon really proves to me once again how talented Novell is.


as always ... great designs! :)


All of these cards are so cute! My favorite is the Santa Coat Card! Its adorable...I love the scalloped edge the striped paper and the puffy detail on the coat! Great job!


really vibrant colours! and no detail is left out!


Beautiful cards, yet again! I really like the baby announcement! The layout is awesome!! Thanks for sharing this last bunch!

june g

i love the birth announcement!! the cards make me very happy and fired up to stamp away!! thanks novell!


I love that birth announcement...what a Novell idea! Sorry for the pun!

Connie Heitner

Love all the cards but the birth announcement is my very favorite! Novell has designed some great cards.

Connie Heitner

Loved all the cards but the birth announcement is my favorite. Novell is a great designer.

Connie Heitner

Love all the cards but the birth announcement is my favorite. Novell is a great card designer.


Novell just shows us why we love the A Muse cards and stamps so much. There are a zillion ways to use them all !!!!


Nice cards to end with, love that ellie!!!


more great cards novell! looks like you had fun with your time as gd! :) lexi


Oh, the Santa's coat card is so nice. Love your work Novell!

tammy b

hee hee, i love that little crab.
great cards - as always novell!


I really enjoyed all of novell's cards!! I hope to see more of her work in the future!

Melanie aka Batgirl

I love the baby card! great ideas!

Riza Almanza

Great cards, again! I really like the boy card, myself, since I have 2 boys and I'm always looking for ideas on boy cards. I also like the simplicity of the christmas card which would be quick and easy to mass produce.

Thanks for sharing your cards, Novell!


I LOVE these cards. My favorite is the baby announcement....almost made me want to have another one (but not quite *wink*). Great work, Novell!!


the baby announcement is adorable, but i love the elephant card. i need to learn how to tie nice, neat knots like yours... cheers!

Cindy Vernon

Wow! These cards are spectacular!

Kathy W

Another round of wonderful cards. Absolutely love the Ellie birthday card. Too cute! Thanks for sharing all of your creative designs this month.

aileen (inkydiva cards)

all the cards are absolutely lovely. I really like the santa coat! :)


Love the Santa one. Great idea to use the fluff stuff on the trim.

carol :)

These cards are so cute! I love that you can use one design for so many different occasions.


GREAT cards!!! I LOVE the liquid applique on Santa's suit! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! :)

Mary A

With each post, a new stamp on my wishlist... :)



Oh, is it over already? Summer and Novell's adorable cards ?!? Thank you for sharing all your great ideas! I love being able to come, read this blog and gather so much inspiration! Thanks Linda and Novell!


Your color combos of blue and orange look so fresh and eye-catching. The elephant card is truly darling, and the little additions to each card really make them stand out from the norm... excellent job!


i am SOOO going to miss seeing your cards novell!
i especially like the christmas card... and of course, i love that you used my favorite amuse stamp: ellie for your final card. :)


Wonderful work Novell - so inspiring and wallet draining LOL


The baby announcement is simply adorable!!!
Love Love Love it!


These cards are all so cute! You are truly talented, Novell. Thanks for sharing them here with all of us.

ann i

Absolutely adorable as always! All of them are too cute but the last elephant card is darling ~ love the fun hats and gifts and the bright colors!


These are all adorable... as usual! I love the sandcastle one - so unique, and I am in LOOOOVE with that cutie little elephant!

Melissa Roth

These are all extremely cute & I really admire Novell's talent.


These cards are awesome! Each one a treat and a delight to study. Thank you for sharing!


I will miss seeing your designs Novell. I will check you gallery often at SCS. I love the colors you used in the summer card. The "Santa Coat" card is adorable. They are all so wonderful. Your designs are always so fun to look at!


Novell you did a fantastic job. I have loved looking at all your creations...you are a very talented lady! (cute too!)

Rhonda Maynard

These are all perfect Novell! You're so creative! I absolutely love the circus invites and the Festive bday Ellie card! They're all great though! :D

Kimberly Gajewski

I think that you've saved some of your best work for last! I've enjoyed all of your creations Novell! The baby announcement is so darling and quite clever too, and the Ellie birthday card is just too darn cute!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely work with us! :D


Love all of the cards - especially the birth announcement! Love that pocket card idea which reveals all the info... SO FUN!


Thanks for sharing your talent Novell! Your cards are such an inspiration! I love the Ellie one the best, the colors are perfect!!
Jennie (mocjen)


She is a color wizard! Love the variety and her designs are always eyecatching. Beautiful work!

Janet Allen

All are very cute and wonderful color combo and coloring. I'll really miss Novell's work on here.


I love them all. They're so inspiring. I so wish that I didn't live cross country so that I could visit your store. Maybe next summer.

Sarah Sheridan

Adorable designs! I've been looking for ways to use my sandcastle image... this is so cute!

Lynn Mercurio

All of these are fabulous, but I would say that I love the Santa coat card the best. I am drawn to added dimension on a card and the puffy collar and trim on the coat adds so very much!


Just love all these wonderful cards!!!
So cute!

Cass M

Yes, the baby announcement card is ingenious! Wonderful job!!!
Love the colors and the care put into each one. Keep them comin'...


I really like your cards. Thanks for sharing.


nice cards! love the Ahh nouncing one!


Cute, cute, CUUUUTE! I just love Novell's clean style. And, I'm lovin' the Amuse summer-like stamps.

Jacque Hartlaub

I love all of Novell's designs, but my all time fav has to be the Santa coat ! Liquid applique is 1 of my favorite "old school" embellishments! (It seems like it's been out FOREVER, but I never get tired of it). I all really in love with scalloped edges too. Great cards!

Cindy B

Cute, eye-catching cards!


I don't see where to order a stamp...I want the frosted cupcake, 9-7105C...help!


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