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Wednesday, August 29, 2007



Linda -
I love that owl t-shirt, too! Did you ask her where she got it? I want one! Thanks for your comment on my post about my new ride, you'll have to come see it! Nina


Excited you have new supplies in! I'm stopping by next week or over the weekend. Can't get enough of those prismacolor pens! That owl tshirt has an Element wind water fire earth logo on it. Skate/Snowboarding/Surf clothing line. They make great stuff you would find something like that at PacSun or Zumiez.


cute photos!

Ellie Kingsley

Really liked your idea of having a birthday party at Amuse. Love the "Ellie" card (due to the stamp name--Hah!)

Bonnie aka raduse

Wish I lived closer. Would love to stop by sometime. Looks like you've gotten some cool goodies in.


The owl-shirt girl and the blue dress girl are my cool stamp friends from LA!!! Wish I were there!! I couldn't make it this time. See you next time, Linda!!!(^^)

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